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Travel Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

Lightweight power wheelchairs are designed for travel and portability. They disassemble conveniently and can be transported in the trunk of most automobiles. READ MORE

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Electric Wheelchair Made For Traveling

Unlike a folding power wheelchair that can fold up, the chairs you see on this page are lightweight, and most of them disassemble into a few small pieces that make it easy to travel with.

For people who have issues with mobility, travel power wheelchairs can be a lifesaver. Bulky mobility scooters are not always the best solution for people who love going out and getting the most out of life. Even smaller power scooter designs can have their flaws during travel, leading many people to start searching specifically for travel power wheelchairs for sale. Mobility Scooters Direct knows that specially sized scooters can help remove many of the challenges senior or disabled people face when traveling. Learn more about affordable travel power wheelchairs and how they can help improve your mobility with their compact design. Below you'll find an image of a lightweight power wheelchair known as the EZ Go Deluxe by Merits. As you can see it breaks down into 3 smaller pieces that are easier to manage. 

electric wheelchair that disassembles into pieces

What makes these models travel-friendly? The models you find on this page are all going to be considered lightweight electric wheelchairs that either fold or disassembly easily into lightweight pieces. The 5-star travel electric wheelchair known as the Go Chair by Pride Mobility is one of the best models we carry. It's very affordable, super easy to take apart and the heaviest piece weighs only 36 lbs. Check out the review video of the Go-Chair made by Andrew Fatalo - CEO of

For individuals who would prefer a folding model, be sure to visit our folding electric wheelchairs category to view all of the models that are capable of folding up into a compact shape. 

Best Power Wheelchairs to Take on Planes

Unlike many power wheelchairs made for traveling, only a few are actually good for airplane travel. These airplane friendly power chairs work well for going down narrow aisles or storing in a compartment. Because of their size, these small power wheelchairs that check-in on planes can be a great investment for anyone who loves to travel but has mobility issues. There are plenty of different designs and features available, making it easy to find the best power wheelchairs to take on planes.

Travel-sized power wheelchairs have the same features as full-sized power wheelchair versions. The biggest difference is in their compact size. You may notice smaller seats or footrests; however, you will still find long battery life, high weight capacities, and durable frames. In fact, many of the manufacturers make both full and travel-sized power wheelchairs. If you find a brand or features you like in a full-size power chair, you will likely be able to find a similar travel-sized version. If you are interested in seeing every single power wheelchair for sale, click here.

Don’t sacrifice your comfort during travel by using a manual wheelchair. Power wheelchairs are faster, allow you to move independently, and have plush seats. Not only will you feel like you are traveling in style with one of these compact chairs, but you also won’t have to worry about leaving it at the airport either. If you are planning a trip, start browsing our inventory of airplane-friendly power wheelchairs today.

Factory-Authorized Dealer of Travel Power Wheelchairs

There are a lot of benefits to working with a factory authorized dealer as opposed to a medical supplies store. We have one of the largest selection of travel power chairs in the area, making it more likely you will find what you are looking for. Our connections to the manufacturers also allow you to get better prices and more affordable travel power wheelchairs with our lowest price guarantee.

light weight electric wheelchairs

The LiteRider PTC power wheelchair is an excellent example of a practical model. This power wheelchair offers a low price point, but it still includes everything you need to travel comfortably. A 9.5-mile travel range allows you to travel through most airports and get to your hotel before needing a charge. The foldable design and flip-back armrests allow you to easily store the chair.

Travel Power Wheelchairs have a lot to offer the average buyer. To find travel power wheelchairs for sale in your area, browse our online store today. Our selection of airplane friendly power wheelchairs will surely help you find the perfect chair for your lifestyle.

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andrew fatalo

Andrew Fatalo is the CEO of Statewide Mobility & Mobility Scooters Direct. He has been gaining mobility product experience since 2005 by repairing Mobility Scooters & Power Wheelchairs early in his career. He has since then been running one of the nation's largest online dealers for mobility products. Andrew gives back to the handicap community by hosting mobility scooter and electric wheelchair give-aways which you can learn more about by following our Facebook page.