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Power Wheelchair Lifts

When you use a power wheelchair to get around, it is essential that you find a convenient way to get the wheelchair from place to place with you. One of the most convenient ways to do this is by purchasing a power chair lift. READ MORE

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Power Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles

If you are fortunate to have an electric wheelchair that folds and can lift around 50lbs then you may not need a vehicle lift. However, the vast majority of users cannot lift 50+ lbs to put a folding or travel power chair into their vehicle. Also, with travel power chairs, you must disassemble it. This can sometimes be complicated depending on the type of power wheelchair you have. If you own a pickup truck, the last thing you want to do is just throw your power chair in the bed. Doing so can cause it to roll around and easily damage it. Repairs can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars should something break. The better option is to invest in a power wheelchair lift for vehicles that are meant to transport your specific type of power chair. 

With an electric wheelchair lift, you can transport your power chair safely with your vehicle. Some power wheelchair lifts for vehicles are lightweight, some can handle heavy-duty power wheelchairs, it all depends on your actual needs which are based on your product and vehicle.

We have several vehicle lift options to choose from to suit various vehicle types and wheelchair types. We have electric wheelchair lifts for small cars, HD lifts for pick up truck, inside hoist lifts and more. It's important that you speak with a sales representative to choose a lift that is compatible and suitable for your vehicle and wheelchair type. Please call or chat with a sales representative and please have the following information handy: 

  • Your Vehicle's Make (i.e. Ford, Chevy, VolksWagen, Cadillac, Honda)
  • Your Vehicle's Model (i.e. F-150, Mustang, Silverado, Jetta, Escalade, Accord)
  • Your Vehicle's Year (i.e. - 2000, 2007, 2018)
  • Your Power Wheelchair Make (i.e. Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, Golden Technologies)
  • Your Power Wheelchair Model (i.e. Jazzy 614, Titan AXS, Compass HD, Passport)

The lift systems that we offer for sale are manufactured by the most reputable manufacturers in the industry such as Harmar which has been in business since 1998 and has been known for producing the best vehicle lifts on the market. Harmar lift's come with a limited 3-year warranty and they provide excellent support to our customers.

Below, we will review each type of power wheelchairs lifts for each type of vehicle:

Power Wheelchair Lifts for Cars

Power wheelchair lifts for cars range from lightweight to heavy-duty. The limitations of how large a power wheelchair you can transport with your car depend on the hitch rating. Each make and model of a car is typically assigned a hitch class rating. You can learn more about hitch class ratings here. Typically speaking smaller cars like a Ford Focus will not be able to handle a heavy-duty power chair. Smaller cars usually have Class 1 & Class 2 hitch ratings that are typically found on smaller cars.

Another factor that is of critical importance is tongue weight. The manufacturer of your car will have tongue weights listed. If you would like to learn more about tongue weight, go here. You might be wondering, "So what if I go over the tongue weight, what is the big deal?" It can be very dangerous. Exceeding the manufacturer's tongue weight can cause you to lose control of your car while you are driving. This is why it is critical you work with an experienced sales rep prior to finding power wheelchair lifts for cars. For sale, you will find many different options but you must find one that is meant to work with your car & your power wheelchair. We list many specifications on all major power wheelchairs so feel free to search for your power wheelchair to obtain specifications of weight.

Power Wheelchair Lifts for SUV

Now if you do not have a car you may be interested in a power wheelchair lifts for SUVs. You have a couple of different options. First, you might have heard of an inside vehicle lift for SUV. Unlike a traditional power wheelchair lift for SUVs, you will not see this externally. On the road when you are driving you typically will see a hitch vehicle lift for SUV. This is where you see a platform attached to the back of an SUV on a hitch with a power wheelchair sitting on it. There are different types of hitch based power wheelchair lifts for SUVs. Some are designed to carry lightweight travel power wheelchairs while others are meant to carry the biggest power wheelchairs being manufactured.

Inside power wheelchair vehicle lifts for SUVs are mounted inside of the vehicle. These are ideal if you need to keep the original dimensions of your SUV. Vehicle lifts that are hitch based can sometimes prevent you from being able to park your vehicle in your garage. If parking in the garage is important to you, then an inside vehicle lift for SUVs will be a better solution. The prices are similar because both mechanisms use a similar approach/motor to lift the power chair from the ground onto the platform or into the SUV. Have no preference with regards to a hitch vehicle lift for SUV vs. inside vehicle lift for SUV? Then give one of our friendly sales consultants a ring today so we can help guide you and ensure you are getting the right lift for your needs.

Power Wheelchair Lifts for Vans

Power wheelchair lifts for vans are very similar to power wheelchair lifts for trucks. You can opt for both inside vehicle lifts or hitch based vehicle lifts for vans. If you currently need to keep your original van dimensions than a hitch based vehicle lift for vans would not be an ideal choice for you. You would want to look into an inside vehicle lift for vans.

However, some people find it easier to load and unload on a hitch based power wheelchair lift for vans. So if convenience is high on your must-have list, then you should consider the hitch based. Each type of power chair lift for vans has its pros and cons and it is entirely dependent on your expectations as well as your preferences.

Power Wheelchair Lifts for Trucks

This is the last type of power wheelchair lifts for vehicles. They are the power wheelchair lifts for trucks. Trucks are a bit better for transporting of power wheelchairs because with mid-size trucks to full-size trucks you will have a greater tongue weight capacity compared to cars. This additional strength allows you to move heavy-duty power wheelchairs when it is simply not possible with cars. This makes trucks the supreme vehicle for transporting power wheelchairs.

After heavy research, you may need to speak with one of our friendly sales reps to find a power wheelchair lift for pickup trucks that is right for you. This is only because each make and model will have different class hitches, different tongue weights, and each person can have one of many power wheelchairs. There are so many variables that finding the right power wheelchair can be difficult so we try to give you as much information as possible to make this experience an easy one for you. To take a headache away you can simply give us a call and tell us exactly what you are trying to accomplish and we'll get you a power wheelchair lift for trucks that works well for you.

Features of the Power Chair Lift

What to look for in power wheelchair lifts is largely dependent on who is going to use it and how often. The functionalities and features will vary from lift to lift. Some basic features that may be found include the platform’s dimension, a sensor for preventing the platform from going up if it is not properly positioned, handheld buttons, and devices for the wheelchair user or alerts and warnings that indicate unsafe conditions. Although it is not necessary to have all of these features on one lift, purchasing one that includes the features most useful for the user is important.

Power Wheelchair Lift Operation

It is also important to consider the way the power wheelchair lifts for vehicles are operated. Due to the wide array of options, there are lifts that can be controlled manually, hydraulically or electrically. There are also options regarding the way the lift is operated, referring to if the controls are on the lift, on remote or other handheld devices. It is helpful to have the controls in both locations for back up purposes. In most cases, the fewer functionalities and features the lift has, the less complicated it will be to operate.

Power Wheelchair Lift Installation

There are some lift models that claim to offer an easy installation. However, choosing a power wheelchair lift that comes with adequate instructions to ensure the installation process goes smoothly. The instructions should state where the lift can be installed, the amount of space the power wheelchair lift for cars will take, and the things that need to be remembered after it is installed.

Power Wheelchair Lift Specifications

It is important to also understand the technical specifications of the specific lift you are purchasing. Ask questions if you find something to be vague. When you have basic information about what you are purchasing, it will provide you with a clearer idea of what you need.

We offer the right power wheelchair lift for your needs. Additionally, due to the fact that we have direct relationships with manufacturers, we have the ability to offer manufacturer direct pricing. Since your wheelchair is an intricate part of your mobility, finding the right lift is essential. With the options out there it can be difficult to know what to choose. However, we offer the best power wheelchair lifts for you to choose from, which will ensure ease of use, superior functionality, and affordable prices.

This page's content was written by:

andrew fatalo

Andrew Fatalo is the CEO of Statewide Mobility & Mobility Scooters Direct. He has been gaining mobility product experience since 2005 by repairing Mobility Scooters & Power Wheelchairs early in his career. He has since then been running one of the nation's largest online dealers for mobility products. Andrew gives back to the handicap community by hosting mobility scooter and electric wheelchair give-aways which you can learn more about by following our Facebook page.