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Off-Road Mobility Scooters

View our line-up of off-road mobility scooters below and click on any of the images to learn more about that product. These scooters generally provide suspension and rugged tires. READ MORE

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Off-road mobility scooters that can handle various terrains such as hiking trails, dry grass, compact dirt, or other types of similar surfaces are generally equipped with bigger tires and suspension. The scooters that you see here are classified as multi-terrain disability scooters and are selected based on our experience and customer feedback. Below is a prime example of an off-road scooter capable of going on grass, gravel, dirt, and more. It's known as the Afikim S4 scooter and it features full suspension as well as big rugged tires. 

If you're looking for a mobility scooter with a high weight capacity but that is meant for indoor and outdoor use, we recommend visiting our full-size mobility scooter page" or heavy-duty mobility scooter page. Keep in mind that these scooters not water-resistant whatsoever as they are powered by batteries and many electronic components. While these offroad scooters are capable of going on various terrains, they are NOT all-terrain mobility scooters, they are not made to travel on any type of wet, moist, damp, or even highly humid terrains.

Mobility Scooters That Can Handle Dirt Roads

If you're looking for a scooter that can handle dirt roads, we recommend the Wrangler by Pride Mobility. Pride made the Wrangler Scooter for people that spend time on ranches, farms, trails, and other types of rugged terrain. The Wrangler Mobility Scooter is a very sharp looking 4 wheel scooter that has huge tires. Check out the video below to see a complete demonstration of the Wrangler from top to bottom. It features a digital dash, full suspension, advanced brakes, and much more. 

Handicap Scooters For Nature Trails & Grassy Areas

If you're eager to get outdoors and ride your mobility scooter in parks without sidewalks then these scooters would be an ideal choice. The models found on this page are all capable of handling dirt roads (dry dirt only) and other common types of terrains like short grass or mulch trails. Terrains with a lot of fine debris like sand or clay fields that can create build up in the trans-axle are not recommended. We strongly recommend calling or chatting with our experienced sales representatives to discuss the type of scooter that is right for you. Our mobility experts are very familiar with each of the models listed on this page and can help you locate the perfect scooter for your needs. We even have some mobility scooters that can go on puddles and that have rain canopies. 

mobility scooter than can go in the rain

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andrew fatalo

Andrew Fatalo is the CEO of Statewide Mobility & Mobility Scooters Direct. He has been gaining mobility product experience since 2005 by repairing Mobility Scooters & Power Wheelchairs early in his career. He has since then been running one of the nation's largest online dealers for mobility products. Andrew gives back to the handicapped community by hosting mobility scooter and electric wheelchair give-aways which you can learn more about by following our Facebook page.