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Mobility Scooter Lifts

Some of the best mobility scooter lifts for cars or trucks can be found right here on our website. We offer discounted vehicle lifts for scooters designed by the most trusted manufacturers. READ MORE

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Vehicle lifts are categorized into 4 main categories which are platform lifts, hoist lifts, curbside lifts, and trailers. All of these options make it easy to take your scooter along when you are going to the grocery store or visiting friends or family. Here on our website, you'll only find products made by reputable manufacturers like Harmar - a manufacturer that has been manufacturing lifts since 1998. All of the lifts that we carry come with a great warranty and excellent customer support.

Vehicle lifts are compatible with certain scooters and vehicles depending on what type of vehicle you have (i.e. car, SUV, truck, van) and what type of mobility scooter you have. For example, if you have a smaller car you may only be able to use a lightweight lift because your vehicle may not have the structural strength to support a heavy lift. Trucks are usually best paired with curbside hoist lifts that attach to the truck bed and allow the user to hoist the mobility scooter into the back of the truck bed. We highly recommend speaking with our knowledgeable sales staff about what options you have when it comes to purchasing a lift that will work with your vehicle and scooter.

Mobility Scooter Vehicle Lifts For Various Scooter Types

If you are interested in a lift to place on your vehicle for your mobility scooter, are a few options to choose from ranging from outside lifts, inside lifts and even trailers.

One type of lift that is very convenient is the hoist list which in most cases is referred to as an inside lift. The inside mobility scooter lift offers a number of advantages, including that it will protect your scooter from the weather. It will not cause your vehicle to be longer, so there will be no alteration to the way it drives. This is perfect for those who frequently park their vehicle inside their garage. 

There are four basic types of mobility scooter lifts for cars, trucks, vans, or other vehicles, which include:

• The platform mobility scooter lift

• The hoist mobility scooter lift

• The truck bed mobility scooter lift (AKA curbside lift)

• The mobility scooter trailer

Platform Hitch Lifts

The mobility scooter platform hitch lift, which is a more common option, does not require much modification to your vehicle, the installation is inexpensive and easy and it will not take up room inside of your vehicle. The platform lift will typically attach to a trailer hitch that is on the back of your vehicle, making it easy to install. If your vehicle has a tailgate or rear hatch, then you may be able to purchase a swing away lift or adapter that will allow you to access even when the lift is attached. To view all of our mobility scooter platform hitch lifts, click here. Below is a video demo of the AL100 micro scooter platform lift, it's one of our top selling lifts made by Harmar.

Hoist Lifts

Hoist lifts are great if you have ample cargo space in the back of your hatchback, SUV, Van, Truck or Crossover. Most inside lifts are mounted to your vehicle in the cargo space and these require professional installation. They have either 2 or 3 axis points that allow you to maneuver the scooter in and out of your vehicle with ease. There are several different types of hoist lifts, some work with power wheelchairs and scooters. To view our complete line-up of hoist lifts for mobility scooters, click here. Below is a video demo of a hoist lift in action.

Curbside Lifts (AKA Truck Bed Lifts)

Truck owners will find that the curbside lifts are great to use as a mobility scooter carrier. These heavy-duty vehicle lifts attach to the back of a truck bed and are able to hoist the mobility scooter up off of the ground and then move it onto the truck bed for transport. Mobility scooter lifts for truck beds will not work with any other type of vehicle, they only work with trucks and you will need to verify the compatibility of your scooter the type of truck you have. To view, all of our mobility scooter lifts for trucks click here. Below is a video demo of a mobility scooter truck bed lift in action, this is the AL435T model.

Mobility Scooter Trailers

Mobility scooter trailers are great alternatives to traditional lifts as you can easily switch them out from one vehicle to another because there is no battery connection or intricate installation required.  Simply attach the trailer to the hitch of your vehicle and start towing! Loading your mobility scooter on to the trailer is typically done with a ramp that folds down and is part of the trailer for mobility scooters to ride up. To view our complete list of trailers made for mobility scooters, click here.

Manual or Automatic Lifts For Mobility Scooters

A factor that can significantly affect mobility scooter lift prices is whether you choose a manual or a power lift. A manual handicap scooter lift will be far cheaper than an equivalent model that is powered. Powered units are much more convenient but typically cost more due to the fact that they are mechanically operated with low voltage electricity (your car battery). Most of the hitch lifts and hoist lifts are automatic, all of the trailer lifts are manual. Our sales representatives can help you find the right product for you, simply call or chat with us today to learn more.

Manual Chair Lifts

The manual mobility scooter lifts for sale are obviously going to be more affordable than the power options. When they are not being used, there are some lifts that will detach and can be left behind, while others will fold up, but remain attached to the vehicle. If you do not have someone strong and able-bodied to remove the lift, then the removable option may not be right for you.

Power Chair Lifts

A majority of disabled people prefer the power wheelchair lifts. These are usually more expensive, but easier for disabled or older individuals to operate. When looking for mobility scooter lifts for vehicles, there are typically more options with powerful ones as well.

The mobility scooter lifts have come a long way in just the past few years. Additionally, our direct relationship with mobility scooter lift manufacturers means that we are able to offer wholesale pricing to the public. When looking for the best mobility scooter lifts for you, you have to consider your needs and abilities in order to find the right one for you.

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