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Batteries & Chargers

View batteries and battery boxes for mobility scooters and power wheelchairs as well as chargers for various products. Call 877-321-3421 if you have questions about compatibility. We highly recommend watching the tutorial videos at the bottom of this page before ordering. READ MORE

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How to Buy The Right Batteries

If you need a set of replacement batteries for a mobility scooter or power wheelchair, this is the right place to be. On this page, you'll find various types of batteries ranging from Sealed Lead Acid to Lithium chemistry types. We also carry battery boxes for mobility scooters and power chairs that are used to encase a pair of batteries which are commonly found on travel mobility scooters like the Go Go scooter. Battery cases can also be found on many lightweight electric wheelchairs that disassembly for convenient transportation. 

Most of the mobile devices that you find for sale on our website work with a pair of 12-volt SLA batteries to deliver 24 volts to the motor. This is why we sell our batteries in pairs, not single units. Some mobility devices will work with higher voltage (i.e. 36 or 48 volts) and our parts specialists are trained to help you identify the type of batteries your mobility device is compatible with. Please call 877-460-1646 to get help with battery replacement purchases to ensure that you're ordering the right type of batteries. 

Lithium Batteries 

Folding electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters that fold up, usually work with lithium batteries. When traveling on an airplane, you need to check with the airline regarding the restrictions for traveling with Lithium batteries. Per the FAA any lithium battery for mobility purposes larger than 300 Watt-Hours is not in compliance. If you're looking for a replacement battery for a Transformer scooter or something similar, you will need to look at our Lithium scooter battery page. If you own a Passport folding wheelchair, we carry a replacement battery for the Passport wheelchair on our website in the Lithium section as well. 

SLA Batteries 

If you own a mobility scooter, it most likely uses 2 Sealed Lead Acid batteries. To confirm, you should check the specifications of the mobility scooter or power chair that you own by looking up the model name (or model #) using our website's product search feature. 12 volt SLA batteries range in capacity amount, which is rated by the "Amp Hour Rating" (AH). Smaller scooters generally have smaller batteries so you can expect a smaller scooter to work with either 12 AH, 15 AH, 18 AH, or even as high as 20 AH batteries. When you get a mid-size scooter, you should expect the unit to be compatible with higher AH rated batteries ranging from 20 AH, 25 AH, 30 AH, 33 AH, or even 35 AH batteries. Heavy duty mobility scooters and power chairs are going to require bigger batteries that can range in AH rating (some as high as 100 AH). Again, the best thing to do is to contact our parts specialists to have them confirm the type of batteries your mobility device is compatible with. 

Mobility Scooter & Power Wheelchair Chargers 

We also carry battery chargers for virtually every type of mobility scooter or power wheelchair that we offer for sale on this website. Whether you need a charger for a scooter that uses Lithium or SLA batteries, we have them available for sale at a fair price. Our customer service specialists will gladly work with you to verify the type of charger that would be compatible with your mobility device. All mobility scooter chargers are classified by AMPS or Voltage to make it easy to find the type that is compatible with your mobility device. Check the product page on our website to see the AMP rating for the charger to ensure the one you buy is compatible. Just like batteries, smaller scooters require a smaller charger. With small scooters, you can expect to use a 2 amp or 3 amp charger. For heavy duty power wheelchairs or scooters, they can use chargers that have an 8 amp charge or higher.