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Curbside Lifts For Truck Beds

Mobility scooter hoist lifts are generally installed in the back of a truck bed and make it possible to transport your scooter safely. Tax-free & Free Shipping. READ MORE

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Curbside Hoist Truck Lifts for Mobility Scooters

If you seek out a curbside hoise truck lift for mobility scooter scooters, you are making a great decision. After all, owning a truck allows you the most options in terms of transporting your mobility scooter. Many people are not comfortable with using a ramp to bring their mobility scooter into the bed of their truck. The main reason would be because the ADA has recommended ramp lengths for each inch of height which is one foot. This means that if the bed of your truck is 24 inches, you'd need a 24-foot ramp. That is very long and not really doable if you are in a parking lot at a supermarket. There are other options you have at your disposal rather than using an unusually long ramp.

Some people opt for exterior platform lifts for trucks. This is the type of lift that allows you to load the scooter on the rear of the vehicle. The downside to this type of mobility scooter lift is that it is permanently affixed to the vehicle. It will extend the length of the vehicle so if you park inside a garage or do not have much length in your typical parking spots, this may be a bad choice. Below is an image of a mobility scooter lift made for trucks that can also carry power wheelchairs.

mobility scooter lifts for trucks

Benefits of the Mobility Scooter Lifts For Trucks

The main benefit of a hoise lift for mobility scooters is that you do not change the dimensions of your vehicle. This means driving the vehicle and parking is easier when compared to having a platform lift attached. Imagine not being able to use your garage! Secondly, you do not alter the appearance of your vehicle. Nothing is affixed to the exterior.

The cost is usually a bit cheaper as well with the cheapest hoist lift for mobility scooters with the Paragon Commander 200 coming in at $1,299.00 There is not as much material that is typically found with platforms. Platforms are usually made of high-quality material and this quickly increases the cost of the lift by a few hundred dollars. The electric lifting mechanism and motor are what the most costly parts are. So a hoist is able to lift the mobility scooter with fewer parts. This equates to a lower-priced solution to getting your mobility in your truck.

Installing the Hoist Truck Lifts for Mobility Scooters

Installing the hoise truck lift for mobility scooters should be performed by an authorized provider. Because the hoists work via electric power, tapping into the vehicle's power system is a requirement. Further, for safety reasons, you will want to ensure that the hoist is installed to prevent malfunctions. If you are lifting a full-size mobility scooter or even a heavy-duty scooter, they can weigh in excess of 250lbs. If it were to drop, it can damage your vehicle and be a potential safety hazard. While saving money always sounds great, safety should always be the number one priority.

Getting the Best Prices on Truck Bed Lifts

Shopping online generally is the best way to save big. Mobility Scooters Direct has direct relationships with the manufacturers along with minimal overhead. This allows us to offer aggressive pricing on all of our products. Many times, you can get an even better deal than what is advertised on this page! All you have to do is call us and ask if there are currently any promotions or coupon codes available for any curbside hoist lift for mobility scooters that you are interested in!