Yearly Giveaway by Mobility Direct - Details & Information

2021 Mobility Direct Give-Away

Mobility Scooters Direct believes in giving back to those in need. Our next Mobility Scooter Giveaway will be announced on Jan 1st, 2022. Registrants who apply will be entered into a list, and after December 31st at midnight (EST), the entries will no longer be valid. Please read all of the information below to understand how the giveaway works. 

2021 Mobility Direct Giveaway Details

We will randomly select one entrant to receive a Travel Pro by Pride Mobility. The video below will show you how the Travel-Pro scooter works and what you can expect when it's shipped if you win or order one for yourself. 

The Travel Pro is a 3-wheel mobility scooter capable of supporting up to 275 lbs. Due to supply chain issues, we did not have the option to give away any other scooters this year. If you apply for the giveaway, please be aware that the user must weigh less than 275 lbs, or else it can and likely will be a danger to the person who uses it. 

How to Register

Please register once by following the steps below, duplicate entries will not be counted. Registrants who apply multiple times will be disqualified, please don't apply more than once intentionally. 

Please also be aware that by joining the giveaway, we will protect your information and not sell it to any other third party. Your information will not be entered into a list or sold to any solicitation companies. We will only contact you to let you know about the giveaway as we release updates. 

If you want to register for the giveaway, please follow the 3 simple steps below:


1. Request a free catalog by filling out our catalog request form on this page:


2. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:


3. Leave a comment on our new company video by mentioning your name AND "2021 Giveaway":


We will announce the winner of the Travel Pro scooter by Pride Mobility on January 1st, 2022. 

2021 Giveaway: Pride Travel-Pro Mobility Scooter

This year, we will be giving away a Travel-Pro mobility scooter which is made by Pride Mobility. For anyone who wants to apply, please follow the instructions at the top of this page. The scooter will be shipped to the winner or if the winner is local, they can pick it up from one of our locations. The Travel Pro by Pride Mobility is a travel-friendly mobility scooter that is lightweight and very comfortable. To learn more about the Travel pro, visit the product page on our website by clicking here

2020 Giveaway: Pride Go-Go Ultra X Mobility Scooter

Unfortunately, the recipient of the 2020 giveaway chose to remain anonymous and did not approve of us adding pictures or videos. The winner was very grateful for the scooter and we were very grateful for the opportunity to give someone the gift of mobility. 

2019 Giveaway: Pride Go-Chair

The 2019 Giveaway winner was announced in the first week of November and was done on our Facebook page. The winner was very grateful and even offered to take pictures of her and her husband in her new Go-Chair! Elizabeth and her husband were extremely excited to have a new travel power wheelchair and we were just as happy to give one to them. 

2019 Giveaway winner

2018 Giveaway: Go-Go LX 

This one is great. We had done a Facebook Giveaway for a mobility scooter. We had several people participate, over 100. We at random on FACEBOOK Live selected a random winner who is a member of the American Legion Post 303 in Bonita Springs, FL. Our winner Larry a Navy Veteran of Vietnam was selected on behalf of a woman who helps run this post. The CEO of Mobility Scooters Direct went and personally delivered it to him. Check out the video below for the whole story!

 Mobility Scooter Giveaway For Veterans

How to enter the mobility scooter contest.

The model we choose to give away to one in need is subject to change.

3 Easy Steps to Enter Give-Away:

1)     Like Our Page on Facebook

2)     Share our website on one of the following: Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. 

3)     Send an email with your situation or a loved one’s situation to:

  1. Include:

                                               i.    Address:

                                             ii.     Name:

                                            iii.     Phone Number:

                                            iv.     Photo of Recipient

                                              v.    Brief Summary as to Why They Should be Chosen

Mobility Scooter Give-Away Right View


By entering into this giveaway, you agree:

1) You have liked & shared the website to be eligible for the give-away. 

2) The Winner must consent to a videographer recording the giveaway (if chosen as the winner).

3) Multiple submissions will disqualify the entry.

4) Only one winner is chosen annually. after the official PR announcement.

5) The Winner must consent to being listed on the website as a winner with the video being shared over the internet.

If any of the above requirements are not met, dis-qualification may occur at the discretion of Mobility Scooters Direct.