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Lift Chairs

The best lift chairs for sale by Mobility Scooters Direct are always offered at the lowest price online. See our wide selection of lift chairs below or watch our lift chair buyers guide video towards the bottom of this page. READ MORE

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What is a Lift Chair?

If you're wondering what a lift chair is, the answer can be made clear by watching the short video below. A lift chair basically is like a reclining sofa chair but it will tilt forward in order to help users enter and exit the chair with minimal strength required. These chairs are very helpful for certain users that have bad knees, back pain and various other types of ailments.

First Time Shopping For a Lift Chair?

If this is your first time searching for lift chairs online, you likely have no idea where to start. There are so many options it can feel overwhelming. The expert staff at Mobility Scooters Direct have plenty of experience to match you with the right lift chair so do not hesitate to call us. This will allow you to narrow down the vast selection and compare power lift chairs. However, many people like to do their own research. Like reviews? You can find our lift chair reviews in the product description tab of the product you are interested in. Our staff spends the time necessary to convey the important features of each product so you can make an informed decision.

Since we are a factory authorized dealer, the recliner lift chairs we offer are only crafted from high-quality materials that are designed to last. The chairs are available in a number of colors and sizes as well, to accommodate any preference or need. Just because this is a functional purchase, it does not mean that it has to clash with the remainder of the home’s décor. This makes our chairs a practical purchase for anyone who needs mobility assistance.

lift chair with full recline

There are some power lift chairs that are limited in the features and options offered; however, not the ones offered here. The recliners offer all types of options, from a basic model, which will be the most affordable option, to one that offers soothing massage and heat. Users of the chairs can go from the sitting to the standing position to a full reclining position in just seconds. For those looking for a Sunday afternoon snooze, there is no longer an issue having to get up and down from the bed. The automatic recliner settings allow them to sit, to adjust their position and nap without stress or hassle.

The Benefits of Lift Chairs

Recliner lift chairs offer a number of benefits for the elderly and disabled. They offer effortless comfort at an affordable price. With these devices getting up and down out of the chair has never been simpler. In fact, no effort is needed from the user, besides the press of a button. Additionally, the majority of these chairs can be positioned with the touch of a button to ensure ultimate comfort. Did you know lift chairs for the elderly are sometimes referred to as lift seats for the elderly? Do not let this confuse you like both of these terms are both referring to the same exact product.

medical recliner

Lift chairs for elderly individuals offer the ability to get in and out of a chair without any type of assistance. With state of the art technology, these chairs offer the person the freedom and ability to stand up and sit down easily. The actual design of the chair provides the accommodation necessary to raise the person into a standing position, removing all stress and strain from their bodies. Additionally, the chair moves safely and slowly in order to provide the ability to sit and stand on the user’s own terms – no assistance necessary. 

What To Expect When You Order a Medical Recliner Chair

Most of the lift chairs that you find on our website require minimal assembly and are packaged carefully to avoid damage during transit. Below you will find a video demo showing a Vivalift Lift Chair being unboxed and set up in less than 5 minutes. They're very easy to assemble and offer many convenient features such as an extending leg rests and power elevating headrest. In addition to the excellent manufacturer warranty, the lift chairs we offer also include a 1-year in-home service contract that can be upgraded to a 2 and 3-year contract. 

Here is another unboxing video that actually shows you the entire unboxing and assembly video with a more detailed walkthrough. In the video below we are unboxing and assembling a Pride Lift Chair known as the PLR-965

The Four Different Types of Lift Chairs

There are four basic options when looking for comfortable lift chairs for senior citizens, the two position, three position, infinite position, and zero-gravity lift chairs. As a general rule of thumb, the more movements a lift chair has, the most costly it will be. For instance, an infinite position lift chair for sale has much more movements than a 2 position lift chair.

lift chairs for lower back pain

Below we will highlight the major differences of each of the four different types of lift chairs:

2-Position Lift Chairs - Two position lift chairs are the most cost-effective lift chair money can buy. It is an ideal solution for someone who does not need the lift chair to completely recline. 2-Position lift chairs can recline but only by a few inches at best. This minimal recline is enough to satisfy most people who just wish to relax and do a crossword puzzle, watch TV, read the newspaper, read a book, etc. Many people think the two positions is either full recline or upright. This is not the case as you can adjust the position to your liking in between full recline or upright positions.

3-Position Lift Chairs - Three position lift chairs are slightly more costly than the 2 position lift chair. The core difference between the 3-position vs the 2-position would be the ability to recline further back than the 2 positions. Where the 2 position was perfect for crossroad puzzles, reading, watching tv, etc; the 3-position adds sleeping to the list. Now it will have a slight incline but it is suitable for napping for many people. In other words, it does not recline to flat however it will recline to a comfortable napping position. Something to keep in mind is that the back and the leg rest will always move with one another as there aren't separate motors for each part.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs - Infinite position lift chairs are higher in cost than both the 3-position and the 2-position lift chair. The core difference with the infinite position vs 3-position would be the dual motor design. The back of the lift chair has its own motor and so does the leg rest. This allows each portion of the lift chair to move independently of one another. This allows for a near-flat recline. This allows the chair extremely comfortable for sleeping. Because of the separate motors, you can control each back and leg rest independently.

Zero Gravity Lift Chairs - These lift chairs are the top of line model. Think of these lift chairs as the Cadillac of them all. The core difference between the infinite position lift chairs vs zero gravity lift chairs is that the chair will raise the seat and the leg rest to let you rest in a Zero Gravity Position. The chair will position your body in such a way that your lower extremities such as your feet will be above your heart. This allows you to realize some great benefits such as improved circulation and reduced pressure on your spine.

Hopefully, our summary of the four different types of lift chairs have helped you understand the main differences between each type of lift chair. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call so one of our friendly representatives can answer the questions you have.

The Best Lift Chair Brands

lift chairs for sale

At, we pride ourselves on only carrying brands that are only from the top lift chair manufacturers. These manufacturers stand by their products and typically offer fantastic warranties and support.

Pride Lift Chairs - Pride Mobility is the most popular manufacturer we list on our website. They continue to dominate the number one spot due to fantastic pricing, an extremely high-quality product, and great service. When you combine those three attributes to any business, it will do extremely well. Feel free to browse the product offering that we list on our website. We even offer the Vivalift which is a newer offering from Pride Mobility!

Golden Lift Chairs - Golden Technologies is a fantastic alternative to the Pride lift chairs. The differences mainly lie in the brand name as both manufacturers offer economic chairs as well as premium lift chairs. Be sure if you are comparing these two companies you are comparing the correct model. Our staff would be more than happy to guide you in comparing Pride lift chairs vs Golden lift chairs.

At the moment we only list these two manufacturers as they have proven to offer exceptional products and we have never received a complaint about a Pride lift chair nor Golden lift chair.

How to Select the Right Lift Chair for You

There is no question that finding the right lift chair for sale can be a bit confusing; however, when you consider your needs it will be helpful. For example, you should consider the weight and height of the person using the chair, as well as how often they will be using it. Another important decision is if the chair is going to be used for casual proposes such as reading or relaxing or for extended use. Below is a reference for lift chair sizes and their recommended user heights.

best medical recliner chairs

Before purchasing your medical recliner, be sure to check all of the size dimensions. This is important to ensure that the chair fits in the home and also to ensure that the user fits in the chair comfortably. There are many dimensions to consider before purchase including the full recline length, overall length, width, and height. Additionally, you may also want to check the seat depth and width to ensure that the user is going to be comfortable. Below is an illustration showing all of the dimensions that are important to consider before purchase.

medical recliner size dimensions

No-Cost Lift Chair Warranty on All New Lift Chairs

All of our new products come with a limited 3-year warranty which will protect your purchase against any defect in material or workmanship found by an authorized Pride Provider. Golden Technologies also offers a limited 3-year warranty as well. This surely helps give our customers the peace of mind knowing their investment into their lift chair is protected.

Sometimes we are asked about used lift chairs. While we sometimes have lightly used lift chairs, we typically recommend buying new or open-box. This is because we've heard stories of used lift chairs failing and needing repair shortly after purchase. The last thing we would want to do is sell a lift chair to a customer only to have it fail shortly thereafter.

If you can get an open-box lift chair at a similar price to a used lift chair, you are getting a fantastic deal! However, this may impact the warranty so please ask about how an open-box item impacts the lift chair warranty. Feel free to initiate a chat or give us a call to check our inventory on used or open-box items to save big!

Mobility Scooters Direct offers the largest selection of power lift chairs for seniors, which means that you can find just what you need for a price you can afford. When searching for the best lift chairs, find the right size, type and style of the chair right here. If you are looking for fast shipping, exceptional service, and the lowest prices online, then Mobility Scooters Direct is the best place to buy a lift chair! Be sure to check out our lift chair buyers guide on our blog if this is the first time buying one.

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