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Outdoor Power Wheelchairs - Heavy Duty?

If you are in the need of mobility outside of the house, then searching for the best outdoor power wheelchair is likely a top priority. There are plenty of power wheelchairs for outdoor use, the best one will likely be determined by features which are important to you.

There are different levels of outdoor use. First, if you intend on just using the power wheelchair on surfaces like sidewalks, parking lots, on asphalt trails in parks, etc; then that is different than using a power chair on thick grass, gravel, etc. So we will try to point out the capabilities of power wheelchair for outdoor use.

With millions of dollars in sales, we can tell you what the masses have decided and have created this page solely dedicated to showcasing what we feel are the best outdoor power wheelchairs. Heavy duty and full-size will be the categories we will be looking at. You can’t really expect a folding power wheelchair to be able to be great at offroading use.

Heavy Duty Outdoor Power Wheelchair vs. Full Size Power Wheelchairs

It is very important to realize that these power wheelchairs are operated via electronics. Therefore, it is critical that you not take the outdoor power wheelchair in rainy conditions as they are not water resistant. For this reason, you should also not take the outdoor power wheelchair in any type of wet terrain. This can cause water to get into sensitive parts and cause damage or part failure.

There are primary differences between heavy-duty outdoor power wheelchairs vs full size outdoor power wheelchairs. Let’s review the pro’s and cons of each.

Heavy Duty Outdoor Power Wheelchairs: Pros & Cons


  • Strong motors.
  • Rugged constructions.
  • Larger tires.
  • Can handle going through grass
  • Generally, greater travel range
  • Generally, greater weight capacity


  • Heavier than Full-Size
  • More costly
  • Larger which is makes it a bit more difficult if you must transport it

Full-Size Outdoor Power Wheelchairs: Pros & Cons


  • Cheaper than heavy duty outdoor power chairs.
  • Lighter weight when compared to heavy duty.
  • Smaller frame makes it easier to transport .
  • Suitable for outdoor use on hard surfaces like asphalt.


  • Does not have the power of heavy duty alternatives.
  • Smaller motors.
  • Usually shorter travel range.
  • Cannot handle as much weight.

As you can see, there are plenty of pros and cons for each type. You should now feel empowered with the information to determine whether a heavy duty outdoor power wheelchair or full-size power wheelchair is right for you. Only you know the kind of planned use that you will be using the outdoor power wheelchair for. There are some great examples of power wheelchairs for outdoor use that we will give you in the following section.

Our 3 Favorite Full-Size Outdoor Power Wheelchairs

Every single power wheelchair manufacturer that we carry have been thoroughly vetted. Many have industry leading warranties on their product. How have we chosen the power wheelchairs found in this list? Simple, by customer feedback and sales. Without further adue, allow us to present to you the best power wheelchairs for outdoor use that are full-size.

Use Case: If you intend on your outdoor powerchair doing light outdoor duty like staying on sidewalks, parking lots, asphalt park trails, etc; these would be sufficient for you. If you were to upgrade to the heavy duty outdoor power wheelchairs, you may be “over buying”.

#3 Golden Technologies Atlante Sport

Why We Like It: The Atlante Sport is manufactured by Golden Technologies and incorporates front wheel drive which the manufacturer states helps traction in slippery, wet, or loose gravel conditions. It also has a very favorable 16.5 miles of travel range. Learn more by clicking here.

#2 Merits P326a Power Wheelchair.

Why We Like It: The Merits P326a is one of the most popular power wheelchairs we sell. It has a very favorable feature to cost ratio. A full size captains seat makes using this wheelchair comfortable. It is mid-drive but does have full suspension which helps with traction and comfortability. Learn more by clicking here.

#1 Pride Jazzy Select 6 Power Wheelchair

Why We Like It: The Pride Jazzy Select 6 offers the best reliability in the industry and its backed up by its warranty. The Jazzy wheelchair line is one of the most successful for a reason. It blends everything that is important to most power wheelchair owners. Comfortability, reliability, and style. Learn more by clicking here.

Are you the kind of person that loves comparing all kinds of different specifications? Then don’t take our word for our favorite 3. We have hundreds of different power wheelchairs to choose from. You can view them all and compare the specs that are important to you by visiting our full-size power wheelchair category.

Our 3 Favorite Heavy Duty Outdoor Power Wheelchairs

#3 Shoprider 6Runner 14

Why We Like It: The Shoprider 6Runner 14 is rated for a 9 degree incline. This is great for hilly or mountainous slopes under the 9 degree incline rating. It has proven to be reliable in any medium gradient. Shoprider has been around for over 30 years now. Learn more by clicking here.

#2 Merits Health P301 Gemini

Why We Like It: The Shoprider P301 Gemini is one of the most stable heavy duty power wheelchairs for outdoor use. This is from its lowered frame. A 20” captain seat will make sure you are comfortable while its powerful motor grants this power wheelchair a 450lb weight capacity. Learn more by clicking here.

#1 Pride Mobility Jazzy 1450

Why We Like It: The Jazzy 1450 is the big dog on the block. It is a front wheel drive unit and capable of a 600lb weight capacity. This also makes it the best bariatric outdoor power wheelchair. It has solid front tires and a strong motor means this can power through nearly any sort of terrain. So if you need the most powerful and reliable power wheelchair, your search should end here. Learn more by clicking here.

Enjoy comparing and contrasting? MobilityScootersDirect.com offers far more than 3 heavy duty power wheelchairs for outdoor use! Head over to our main heavy duty power wheelchair page to view our vast selection.

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We hope this page has given you some clarity as it relates to the best heavy duty outdoor power wheelchair. Best is a relative term which depends on what features are important to you. With so much information about hundreds of power wheelchairs, we wanted to condense all this information to make your buying decision as easy as possible.

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