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Automatic Hoist Lifts

Hoist lifts for mobility scooters are great for transporting mobility scooters with your vehicle. These scooter hoist lifts can mount to the cargo space of your truck, van, SUV or cross-over. READ MORE

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Mobility Scooter Automatic Hoist Lifts

Automatic hoist lifts for mobility scooters will allow you to effectively transport your mobility scooter without affixing a permanent mount to the rear of your vehicle. Most automatic hoist lifts are typically installed in the cargo space of a vehicle and can swing out to attach a lifting hook to your scooter which can then be used to lift the unit and swing it back into the cargo space of your vehicle. You can utilize an automatic hoist lifts in some vehicles, but be sure to check for compatibility prior to ordering.

If your vehicle can accept an automatic hoist lift then you will have a few advantages working for you. First, the dimensions of your vehicle will remain unchanged. When you purchase an exterior platform lift for mobility scooters, you will be modifying the overall length of your vehicle. This can prevent you from parking in a garage or other tight areas. Another advantage is that you'll save a good amount of money because there is much less material on the exterior platform lift.

Purchasing an Automatic Hoist Lift for a Mobility Scooter - Consider This

Not all mobility scooters are created equal. With some heavy-duty mobility scooters weighing in excess of 300lbs, the size of the mobility scooter may prevent it from being able to get loaded into your vehicle.

Just like there are certain space issues with some vehicles, you'll also want to consider the power of the automatic hoist for mobility scooters. Some hybrid hoist lifts are not meant to lift some of the larger mobility scooters. If the motor is not strong enough it is possible that it could fail. However, nearly every single hoist will have a maximum weight limit listed. Be sure not to exceed the weight recommended by the manufacturer in addition to always following the instructions found in the user manual of the product you purchase. For your convenience, we routinely offer the user manual and product brochure so you can review them prior to purchasing the product.

Information You Will Need to Check Compatibility

As you can see, the points you'll need to consider strongly revolve around mobility scooter hoist lift compatibility. By having as much information noted below as possible, our staff will be able to guide you appropriately based upon your wants and needs.

  • Your Vehicle Make (i.e.Nissan, Chevy, Ford, Lincoln, etc)
  • Your Vehicle Model (i.e. Rogue, Tahoe, Explorer, Navigator, etc)
  • Your Vehicle's Year
  • Your Vehicle's Tounge Weight
  • Your Vehicle's Hitch Height & Hitch Diameter
  • Your Mobility Scooter Brand (i.e. Drive Medical, Pride Mobility, Merits Health)
  • Your Mobility Scooter Model (i.e. Go-Go, Victory, Buzzaround, etc)

Getting the best prices on inside-outside hybrid lifts for mobility scooters is now easier than ever. By going manufacturer direct via Mobility Scooters Direct, you are doing a great job at getting the lowest prices on authentic products. We've slashed our overhead costs to offer you more savings. Give us a call to see if we have any coupon codes or seasonal deals for your automatic hoist lifts.