Indoor Power Wheelchairs

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Indoor Power Wheelchairs

All power wheelchairs are not created equal and the same applies with indoor power wheelchairs. These power wheelchairs are generally not as rugged, do not have as much power, has smaller batteries, and generally a smaller frame. The use case is totally different than a power wheelchair for outdoor use.

A power wheelchair for indoor use will always have a smaller battery because you are not meant to travel great distances. Some full-size or heavy duty power wheelchairs have batteries that can grant you 15+ miles of distance on a single charge. If power wheelchair manufacturers were to incorporate these large batteries into an indoor power wheelchair a couple things would happen. The price of the unit would go up significantly as power wheelchair batteries are not cheap and it would also increase the weight in a significant fashion. That is unless they used lithium batteries but those are the most expensive on the market.

What Are Important Features of an Indoor Power Chair?

A smaller frame on an indoor power chair is not a negative. In fact, if the power wheelchair is solely for indoor use it can be a positive. Keep in mind, that with indoor use a few things will be of critical importance. Width of the power wheelchair is one of them. Most doors are 30” to 34” depending on where you live. For this reason, it is critical that the maximum width of indoor power chairs are on the smaller side. This is because if an indoor door has a 30” width, and your mobility scooter is 29”, you are only giving yourself a .5” margin on each side. You would have to line up nearly perfect with the door to get through it. That is why it is important to really consider which power wheelchairs are ideal for indoor use.

Another important feature of a power wheelchair for indoor use would be the turning radius. There are multiple instances where you would want to have a tight turning radius. For instance, if you have some tight areas in your living quarters you will not want to run into things or end up getting stuck in your power chair. Indoor usage always varies but only you know the environment that you will be using the power chair in. Apartments, Condos, Townhomes, Villas, Single Family Homes, etc. The list goes on and on.

Ideal Places for Indoor Power Chair Use

There are plenty of places that are ideal for indoor power chair use. If you intend on traveling a lot with your power wheelchair then you should strongly consider a folding power wheelchair or a travel power wheelchair.

Malls - Power wheelchairs for going around indoor malls are great. Some malls are very, very large. One such mall is Sawgrass Mills mall in South Florida. This mall has over 2 million square feet of space! You would definitely need an indoor power wheelchair with a decent sized battery to be able to see the entire mall. Other malls are smaller. Most power wheelchairs can operate for about 8 hours or 10 miles which should have you covered for most malls.

Restaurants - Using an indoor power chair if you frequent dining establishments can be tricky. This is due to the layouts of different restaurants. As you know, some restaurants group tables and chairs so close together there really isn’t a straight path to seating. This can make navigation difficult, so in these instances, it is best to operate a power chair that has a tight turning radius along with a frame that isn’t too wide.

Inside Home - Home is where most people will use their indoor power chairs. Similar to restaurants, if you live in a condo, apartment, or villa; you will need one with a tight turning radius. There are even some single family homes that have lower square footage that would require a similar power wheelchair to apartments.

Casino - Casino’s are usually very friendly to handicap indoor scooters. There are wide aisles and it is generally designed with everyone in mind. So for the most part, there are no special requirements if you intend on using a power wheelchair at a casino.

There are many other indoor places to use a power wheelchair. Just keep in mind the potential layout of where you are considering going along with the type of wheelchair you want to purchase. This should help prevent you from purchasing a power chair that will not be the right kind for your needs.

If you still need assistance, feel free to contact one of our friendly representatives who can advise you on the latest and best indoor power wheelchairs.

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  • CTM HS 1000 Power Wheelchair for Sale

    CTM HS-1000 Power Wheelchair

    Your Price: $1495.00MSRP: $4775.00
  • Cirrus Plus HD Power Wheelchair for Sale

    Cirrus Plus HD Power Wheelchair

    Your Price: $1899.00MSRP: $4809.00
  • merits p3211 power wheel chair for sale

    Merits EZ GO P321 Power Wheelchair

    Your Price: $1574.00MSRP: $3999.00
  • Merits Health P101 Folding Power Wheelchair

    Merits Health P101 Folding Power Wheelchair

    Your Price: $1469.00MSRP: $5499.00
  • Shoprider jimmie travel power wheelchair

    Jimmie Power Wheelchair

    Your Price: $1449.00MSRP: $4995.00
  • Jazzy Sport 2 Power Wheelchair for Sale

    Jazzy Sport 2 Power Wheelchair

    Your Price: $1699.00MSRP: $2499.00
  • Zip'r PC Power Wheelchair for Sale

    Zip'r PC Power Wheelchair

    Your Price: $1699.00MSRP: $5299.00
  • CTM HS 1500 Power Wheelchair for Sale

    CTM HS-1500 Power Wheelchair

    Your Price: $1595.00MSRP: $2500.00
  • CTM HS 2800 Power Wheelchair for Sale

    CTM HS-2800 Power Wheelchair

    Your Price: $1781.00MSRP: $4895.00
  • CTM HS 2850 Power Wheelchair for Sale

    CTM HS-2850 Power Wheelchair

    Your Price: $1781.00MSRP: $4895.00
  • golden literider envy

    LiteRider ENVY Power Wheelchair

    Your Price: $1495.00MSRP: $1999.00
  • Pride Mobility Go-Chair Blue

    Pride Go Chair Power Wheelchair

    Your Price: $1499.00MSRP: $2199.00

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