The 4 Best Power Wheelchairs For Traveling

Are you trying to find the best power wheelchair for traveling but unsure of what to look for or what some great models would be? Most may be unsure of what it is to look for when shopping online for the right travel electric wheelchair, so today I have decided I will go over what it is to look for in a travel power chair and also give some great recommendations for travel power chair models.

Buy Reliable Travel Power Wheelchairs

When shopping for an elderly electric wheelchair for traveling, users will always want to consider something that will be very convenient, easy and light to use while out and about. For frequent travelers, one reason to consider a travel power chair may be simply because it will be easy to store if needed and it won’t take up much space while in use (like in an airplane or car). To help one narrow down the large selection of power wheelchairs made for traveling available you will want to look into foldable or travel size electric wheelchairs. Most Travel or Foldable Power Wheelchairs are usually very light and either fold or disassemble, which will make the power chair very easy to store away in a trunk when traveling. Travel Power Wheelchairs are generally compact also making them great on maneuverability so make sure you when shopping online for a this type of product that you’re looking at the turning radius. The lower the measurement the better or sharper the battery powered wheelchair will turn through tight spaces or through crowded areas. Another great factor to look into is the durability of your power chair. Make sure you look for something with a good amount of drive range because no one ever likes to get stuck while out and about traveling.

The 4 Best Power Wheelchairs For Traveling

Here I have listed what I feel are the 4 Best Power Wheelchairs which you can use while traveling. I do hope the list I provide helps! All of the following power wheelchairs come highly recommended.

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair

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The Cirrus Plus Folding Power Chair by Drive Medical is an excellent choice for traveling. The Cirrus Plus by Drive Medical is one of the lightest and foldable power chairs around. Weighing only 146 lbs, The Cirrus Plus simply folds making it very slim when storing away and transporting. Running on U-1 Batteries, The Cirrus lasts up to 15 miles when fully charged and can hold a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, which is just a little over double the weight of this elegant power chair. Driving on 12” foam filled tires The Cirrus Plus has excellent maneuverability making sharp turns at a radius of 30” and is available with over 4 different seat width options and 2 leg rest options. You will see there is plenty of comfort when sitting back and traveling outdoors for a long period of time. All in all the Cirrus Plus is one of the lightest and most reputable foldable power chairs available for traveling purposes.

CTM HS-6200 Power Wheelchair


The HS-6200 by CTM is another great folding power wheelchair I would have to recommend. Weighing only 156 lbs this folding power chair comes equipped with swing away foot rests and a 17” wide seat capable of holding up to 280 lbs as a maximum weight capacity. When folded it is very easy to store away in the back of a trunk or in a closet. Running on rear wheel drive The HS-6200 is stocked with 13” Foam Filled rear wheel tires which help it turn at radius of 38.6 which is very tight around doorways or people and making The CTM HS-6200 Power Wheelchair very durable and most terrains while traveling. Designed to use 12V 35Ah batteries the HS-6200 lasts up 11.9 miles in drive range and goes 5 mph, so overall The HS-6200 is another great folding battery powered chair I would recommend for traveling. The HS-6200

Merits P320 Junior Micro Lite Power Wheelchair

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The P320 Junior Micro Lite designed by Merits Health is a travel power wheelchair in a class of its own. Weighing 122 lbs the P320 disassembles very easily making it even easier to pick up and store while traveling. Running on 7” solid and 9” foam filled tires, The P320 Junior Micro Lite power chair by Merits goes 4.5 mph and is great on maneuverability when traveling. Turning at a radius of 23” The P320 is one of the tightest turning travel electric wheelchairs around. Built with an 18” wide seat, The P320 holds up to 300 lbs in weight capacity and comes with 12V 35Ah batteries which allow this travel power chair to drive as much as 12.5 miles when fully charged. Available in red or blue, The P320 comes with the options of either swing away or elevated footrests and the joystick being installed on either arm, So there is no reason why you will not find plenty of comfort in the travel electric power chair.

LiteRider PTC Portable Power Wheelchair


The LiteRider PTC Portable made by Golden Technologies is a very durabl travel power chair that is considered amongst some of the most popular power chairs around. Very light just like its name The LiteRider PTC Portable only weighs 122 lbs and breaks down into 5 separate pieces making it very easy to store away when going away or traveling. Going as fast as 3.5 mph The LiteRider PTC Portable by Golden Technologies rides on 9” foam filled drive wheels and turns at a radius of 26” making it great for both in and outdoor use., it also comes with an adjustable footplate so you will find plenty of comfort on any ride no matter how long. Lasting up 9.5 miles in travel range on 12V 18Ah batteries The LiteRider PTC Portable is a travel power wheelchair capable of holding up to 275 lbs as a maximum weight capacity so for its size it is able to flex plenty of power!

Ready to Shop?

Now that I have given you some ideas of what it is you want to look for in a travel power chair, are you ready to begin shopping with confidence? If so and you do not choose one of the models above I do hope you consider their specifications and options when you decide on purchasing or looking at other power chairs intended for traveling purposes . I hope the information I have provided is helpful in making your purchase, thank you for reading!