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How to Select the Right Vehicle Lift

If you’re looking online for a vehicle lift but find yourself unsure of how to select the right vehicle lift model, we made an article to help buyers shop online hassle-free. There is a lot of different vehicles lifts to choose from but because of there differences in size and weight, not all vehicle lifts are compatible with all vehicles on the market. If you’re unsure of the purpose of a vehicle lift or how they can be beneficial this article will also help shed light and give you more insight behind the purpose of a vehicle lift and how they are very reliable for there users. If you’re presently unsure of the purpose of vehicle lifts, you will see by the end of this article exactly why there hitched on the back of a majority of mobility product owners vehicles.

What is a Vehicle Lift

Now to those unfamiliar with what a vehicle lift is or its benefits these lifts may seem like an odd contraption to put on the back or inside the trunk of your vehicle. Mobility product users on the other hand see these machines as tools to help them go a further distance than expected or even allow users to get around without the help of an assistant. If you’re wondering how it is very how_to_select_the_right_lift_chairsimple. Mobility product owners can only travel so far before needing a charge once more, they also may not be able to travel across certain terrains a motor vehicle would have no problem doing. If you have a motor vehicle with a vehicle lift you can easily place the mobility product onto the lift, lift it into a safely stored position and begin driving to your destination, once there you can have your vehicle lift bring your mobility scooter or power wheelchair down from its safely stored position and begin to use it at your destination. In most cases you will see this is very easy to do the task when traveling with your mobility product and it does not require a second hand for assistance in most all cases. With only a very few limited options to choose from when using your vehicle lift, most users will find that most any vehicle lift is very easy and hassle-free to use. The only part of owning a vehicle lift that can be a hassle is the installation, in which case we do recommend that you find a certified tech available in your area. If you happen to be local to South Florida we do have someone available for repairs and tech service so don’t hesitate to contact someone at Mobility Scooters Direct if you need help. If you’re located elsewhere our manufacturers usually have a recommendation or people they can provide for installations and service.

Selecting the Right Vehicle Lift

how to select the right vehicle lift

When selecting the right vehicle lift or finding the most reliable vehicle lift model, there are always a few things to look for and verify first. To determine how to select the right vehicle lift the first things you want to verify are the year, make and model of the vehicle you intend to have the lift installed on. The second step is verifying what kind of mobility scooter or power chair you will be using on this lift. You will want to verify the make and model of the mobility product to determine how much it weighs and the dimensions that will be on the lift ramp. Verifying the size and weight is very important if you install your vehicle lift onto your motor vehicle and the mobility product intended to lift weighs more than what the maximum weight capacity can support your mobility product will not only damage your hitch but also damage your vehicle lift itself. It is very important to verify that information before buying a vehicle lift, you will save yourself a lot of time and money.

When learning how to select the right vehicle lift, make sure you deal with a company that deals directly with the manufacturer this way you ensure that your product has a warranty. It’s better to be safe than sorry, just in case any damages require repairs you have the warranty to fall back on. Some sources may try to sell you used equipment that is no longer under warranty so always make sure you deal with an authorized dealer of multiple vehicle lift brands like Mobility Scooters Direct. You can always contact us to find out what vehicle lifts are compatible with your vehicle so don’t wait if you’re interested in purchasing a vehicle lift!

Ready to Shop

Now that you have been given the information provided in this article do you see the benefits of having a vehicle lift or feel you’re ready to select the right vehicle lift for your own personal use? Our top selling lift systems include the Pride Backpacker Vehicle Lift and the AL 301 XL HD by Harmar. You can always contact us if you have any questions or need any help finding out any further information we will be glad to help you find the right compatible models for your vehicle! I hope you found this useful in making the decision to purchase a vehicle lift. Thank you for reading!