5 Best Power Wheelchairs for Senior Citizens

Are you a senior interested in a power chair or feel that it is time to start thinking about taking advantage and using one?  If you have issues walking or standing for long periods of time and you feel you’re getting to that age where it’s time to consider an electric wheelchair then have stumbled upon just the right article. Today I will help you find the best suitable power chair for you or your loved one. There are various brands of power wheelchairs available online to help you narrow down the large selection available on the internet I will list below in no particular order, 7 of what I feel are the best electric wheel chairs for seniors to use.

Pride Go-Chair Power Wheelchair


The Pride Go-Chair by Pride Mobility, is a very compact yet reliable electric wheel chair. Designed with an 18” stadium seat, the Go-chair comes with flip back armrests and an adjustable footplate helping provide plenty of comfort and security for users. Weighing 102 lbs is easy to disassemble for storage and transport in case you would like to bring it on the road. Holding a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs, The Go-Chair by Pride Mobility can go 3.5 mph and last up to 8 miles in travel range making it a very elegant and easy going ride for any elderly users. Riding on solid tires The Go-Chair is very durable and can ride through most terrains both in and outdoors with ease.

Pronto M51 Power Wheelchair


The Pronto M51 by Invacare is a quality full size power wheelchair built for reliability. This power chair come’s stock with 17” high-back reclining captain’s seat, height adjustable flip-back armrests and options for a footplate, and elevated or swing away leg rests, so if comfortability is a major factor to keep you from standing and walking, The Pronto M51 is the right power chair for you. Weighing 198 lbs The Pronto M51 was built with a SureStep Suspension so it has plenty of power getting up hill or on rugged terrains sustain a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs while going 4.3 mph. Lasting as long as 12 miles when fully charged this durable full size power wheelchair can travel great both in and outdoors. With its Mid wheel drive you will see it is very easy to turn through tight spaces or doorways, it has one of the lowest turning radius available in the industry turning at 19.5”.

LiteRider PTC Portable Power Wheelchair

lite rider electric_wheelchair

The LiteRider PTC Portable handicap power chair by Golden Technologies is in a class of its own. Built with a light weight frame the LiteRider PTC Portable only weighs 116 lbs and is very easy to breakdown and disassemble for storage. Holding up to 275 lbs in a 17” stadium style seat, The LiteRider PTC Portable runs on foam filled tires durable for most terrains and can go 3.5 miles and travel as far as 9.5 miles making it great to take out for a nice ride to the park or around the city. Great for indoor use you will find turning through doorways or around crowded hallways easy as The LiteRider PTC Portable by Golden Technologies was built with a rear wheel drive allowing it turn at a radius of 26” which is great for those who would normally have trouble getting around places or people.

Wildcat 450 Power Wheelchair


The Wildcat 450 by Drive Medical is an excellent choice for seniors that may be a little over the average weight. Holding up to 450 lbs in a 24” wide padded seat, users will find plenty of space and comfort to get around. Weighing 173 lbs The Wildcat 450 runs on a 24V x 350W x 3800 rpm motor packing it full of torque and power. Pushing a maximum of 4 mph it is very quick and can last as long as 15 miles so users should have no issues going a whole day of riding when fully charged. Designed with anti-tipping wheels for better balancing, The Wildcat 450 by Drive Medical does have somewhat of a bigger frame so turning indoors in tight spaces at times may be difficult if you’re in a rush or no paying attention. Otherwise the elderly power wheelchair is one of the best you can buy!

CTM HS-1000 Power Wheelchair


The HS-1000 handicap power chair by CTM is another fine choice. Weighing 176 lbs this full size power chair can hold as much as 300 lbs in a 18” Reclining mid back seat with a headrest so there is plenty of comfort to keep users from excess standing or walking. Driving on 10“ Flat Free tires The HS-1000 by CTM is great on turning through hallways and tight spaces turning at a radius of 31” it can go 4 mph and last as long as 15 miles. Overall the best way of putting it, The HS-1000 performs very well in most all terrains and it is overall a well-rounded senior power wheelchair to purchase!

Ready to Shop For an Electric Wheelchair?!

Now that you have a selection to choose from you now have a better idea of what features and specifications to look for when trying to find the best handicap power chair for seniors. Hopefully this information will help you choose the right power chair for your personal needs thank you for reading!