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Solax Mobility

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Solax Mobility is the manufacturer of one of our all-time best selling items which are the Solax Transformer (pictured below). This is an automatic folding scooter that has done a fantastic job at remaining the leader of folding mobility scooters. When traveling frequently, it is a folding mobility scooter that can help you easily reduce the dimensions of the scooter at the click of a button. 

solax transformer folding scooter


 Others have tried to make it better, but many have failed. They also have manually folding products as well if that is what you are looking for. Usually, you can expect to get a better deal on folding mobility scooters that are manual when compared to automatic folding scooters. 

solax mobility triaxe sport

Even a scooter that has a fantastic top speed is made by Solax Mobility which is the Triaxe Sport (pictured above). This scooter has a great travel range in addition to being able to get you to your destination in no time. If those specs are a bit too much for you, you can always opt for the Tour. Curious about other mobility scooters? Click here to view every mobility scooter we sell. 

Which is primarily known for its folding mobility scooter the Mobie which is a very reliable scooter used for traveling purposes. If you're looking for a lightweight and reliable folding mobility scooter you should certainly consider checking out our Solax Mobility Scooter products page.