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  • Triaxe Cruze Travel Red Left Beauty
    Model: T3055 | SOLAX/ENHANCE
    - Max. Speed: Up to 6 MPH
    - Travel Range: Up to 18 Miles
    - Weight Capacity: 350 LBS
    - Heaviest Piece: 58 LBS
    - Transport/Storage: Folds Up
    - FREE Shipping & Tax-Free!
    Our Price$2,435.00
    MSRP: $3,043.00
    You Save: $608.00
  • Solax Transformer 2
    Model: S3026 | SOLAX/ENHANCE
    - Max. Speed: Up to 3.7 MPH
    - Travel Range: Up to 13.5 Miles
    - Battery: 24V 10AH Lithium
    - Weight of Product: 55 LBS
    - Transport/Storage: Folds Up
    - FREE Shipping & Tax-Free!
    Our Price$2,775.00
    MSRP: $3,468.00
    You Save: $693.00
    Special Offer
  • Triaxe Sport Travel Mobility Scooter
    Model: T3045 | SOLAX/ENHANCE
    - Max. Speed: Up to 12 MPH
    - Travel Range: Up to 35 Miles
    - Weight Capacity: 350 LBS
    - Heaviest Piece: 44 LBS
    - Transport/Storage: Folds Up
    - FREE Shipping & Tax-Free!
    Our Price$2,435.00
    MSRP: $2,599.00
    You Save: $164.00
    Special Offer

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Solax mobility scootersMobility restrictions can be a painful, life-altering challenge. Many who want to see life but feel restricted with mobility, search for options least invasive. Wheelchairs, though structurally sound and able, have a stigma attached to them. They are also, in many cases, restrictive as far as full flexibility. This is when the Solax mobility scooters can be the solution you have been looking for.

Solax Mobility offers two fantastic options for anyone searching for a foldable, mobile scooter. With a sleek, compact design, Solax scooters provide customers with the chance to experience independence once again. Through strict industry certification and compliance, Solax products are tested to ensure safety and customer satisfaction.

Options in Solax Mobility Scooters for Sale

Whether it’s the Zippy Foldable Scooter or the Mobie Foldable Scooter, Solax mobility scooters give peace of mind to its customers. Unfolding and folding are accomplished in under a minute, which gives quick, easy access to those ready to see the world.

With a weight of only 50 pounds, the Mobie Foldable is ideal for those with lifting limitations. Easy to store, it is just as simple to set up. This compact scooter can be transported on trains, airplanes, boats, or cars. The handle of the Mobie Foldable is entirely adjustable, allowing for perfect angle and height situations. The manufacturers took into consideration the value of flawless performance as well as comfort.

Situated on the base is a spare battery pack, which allows the driver an extra 13.5 miles of drive time. When it’s time to put away the Solax foldable mobility scooters, simply fold them up, pull out the adjustable handle, and pull them behind like luggage.

Additional Wholesale Solax Mobility Scooters Prices to Consider

The other scooter available through Solax Mobility is the Zippy Foldable Scooter. Light and compact, Zippy is just as easy to fold and unfold as the Mobie. Weighing only 54 pounds, it is a bit heavier, but still easy to maneuver and store. Like the Mobie, the Zippy is convenient for travel and is recommended by many airlines. It easily fits into most trunks and is easily transported by cars, trains, boats, and planes.

The Zippy sits atop two front wheels, four inches apart, making it easy to navigate. With two anti-tip rear wheels, this Solax mobility scooter is one of the most stable in its class. Keeping with the safety standards, the Zippy is a front-runner for security and durability. The lower frame of the Zippy is retractable, allowing it to fold into itself half of its length. Once folded, the seat and handle fold, making it an easily movable unit. This offers a simpler alternative for those on the go.

Scooters provide benefits to persons who struggle with mobility issues throughout the world. Giving back to those who have lost the freedom of movement, mobility scooters have become popular among the elderly and disabled. Choosing the right power chair is an important decision for anyone considering the costs.

Solax Mobility is changing lives, one scooter at a time, giving back freedom to those who otherwise would not have it. With our manufacturer's direct pricing and lowest price guarantee for all the Solax Mobility scooters we offer, you can feel confident in the product that you are purchasing. Taking care of their design, Solax ensures quality scooters at comparable prices for anyone in need.