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Mobility Scooters with the Highest Customer Satisfaction

Merits Health Silverado Extreme Mobility ScooterNote: This blog post was written in 2016 and contains products that are discontinued, make sure to visit our website’s home page to see our most up-to-date selection of mobility products.

Purchasing a mobility scooter is a life-changing event. Before having the device, traveling from one place to another is at its best extremely difficult. Difficulty can be related to having an ailment that prevents you from walking, being obese or having a disability. At Mobility Scooters Direct, we want to make your travel experience both simple and productive. This article provide mobility scooters with the highest customer satisfaction. Our company is like a community, and past customers are open to sharing what they liked about the models and how the mobility scooters help them in their lives, in the hopes of helping others who face similar difficulties. Our company promotes these scrupulous actions for our past customers due to the simple fact that easy mobility is paramount to one’s life, such as having to consume food for energy or drinking water.  The models that will be highlighted in this article are the following: BOSS 6 Series Power WheelchairDrive Medical King Cobra Mobility ScooterDrive Cobra GT4 Mobility Scooter – 4-WheelEV Rider SportRider 20K 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter; and, Merits Health Silverado Extreme Mobility Scooter

Each of these models has an excellent factory warranty on the off chance the mobility scooters malfunction—which is very rare. In addition, they are steeply discounted and guaranteed at the lowest price on the market today.

The BOSS 6 Series Power Wheelchair is truly one of a kind. The model has an MSRP of $7560 but is being sold from our company for $7150—a cool 5 percent discount. This model is geared toward comfortability, having seating options reclining back, high-back seat or captain’s seat, depending upon the personal preference of the buyer. Each of these seating options is raved for their efficiency, ensuring the driver does not feel pain on their butt from lengthy travel.

The product detail that truly allows this model to stand out is that it has between 600 to 675 lb. weight capacity. For obese customers, this is a relief, being that they can confidently travel without having to worry about damaging their mobility scooter. Other product details are that the model has a maximum speed of 4.5 mph; a travel range of 20 miles; and, a turning radius of 27”.

Another model that has a high customer satisfaction rating is the Drive Medical King Cobra Mobility Scooter. This model comes in a hot red color, turning heads with its aesthetics. This model is steeply discounting, costing $5249, with an initial MSRP of $10005—meaning a discount of nearly 50 percent.

This model is speedy, which is of value when traveling from one place to another, especially when time is a factor. The maximum speed on the model is 11 mph; it has a travel range of 35 miles; the weight capacity is 450 lbs.; and, the turning radius is 83”. This model offers several options to ensure it is best customized toward your needs, having accessories that can be added like a weatherproof cover and the option of adding a rear basket.

A third recommended model — based on high customer satisfaction — is the Drive Cobra GT4 Mobility Scooter – 4-Wheel. This model has a stylish appearance, yet is sold for a deep discount. It has an MSRP of $8645, but is being sold at a 55 percent discount, is priced at $3949. Check out the following video about the mobility scooter.

The model has a sport style captain’s seat that can be adjusted for height and maximum driving comfortability. It has all the safety features you would expect from a model of this caliber. Highlighted product details are that the model has a maximum speed of 10 mph; a travel range of 35 miles; a weight capacity of 450 lbs.; and, a turning radius of 82”.

The EV Rider SportRider 20K 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter is a sleek model that closely resembles the frame of a motorcycle. This model is a treat for those who may feel self-conscious about having to drive a mobility scooter because the design truly turns heads and demands respect. The model is a value buy, having an MSRP of $4605, but is being sold for $3905 — a discount of 15 percent.

In addition to its awesome appearance, it is extremely comfortable to drive. The seat has the ability to move forward or back, depending upon preference, and has a 360-degree captain seat that is known as one of the most comfortable seats on the market today. What truly sets this model apart is its maximum speed of 12.3 mph. The driver of the model can quickly travel to one place to another, capable of arriving at an attended destination in a timely fashion. Additionally, the model has a travel range of 25 to 30 miles; a weight capacity of 350 lbs.; and a turning radius of 43”.

Lastly, check out a new model recently added to our inventory, the Merits Health Silverado Extreme Mobility Scooter. It has an MSRP of $6998, yet it is priced from our company at $4749, which is a 30 percent discount. The model comes in a sleek silver color and has the option of adding additional accessories to best compliment the driver’s needs.

What makes the Merits Health Silverado Extreme Mobility Scooter truly stand out is its superb travel range. The model can travel for 55 miles without having an additional charge! To put that in perspective, very few models have this ability, especially at the price the model is offered at. The maximum speed for this model is 7.5 mph; the weight capacity is 450 lbs.; and the turning radius is 82.7”.

To learn more about any of the models recommended in this article, feel free to call our company at (877) 721-7748. Our representatives are well versed in our inventory, and the industry in general. Customer service is paramount to our success and these models are the cream of our crop in terms of customer satisfaction.