Electro Magnetic Brakes VS Hand Brakes

If you’re looking at buying a mobility scooter or power wheelchair, chances are they are going to have electro-magnetic brakes on them. Most of the mobility scooters and power chairs on the market today use electro magnetic braking. Below is a video demo of how electro magnetic brakes work.

What is electro-magnetic braking? Electro-magnetic braking uses magnets and electricity to brake automatically for you when you release the throttle controller. In other words – if you’re not using the throttle, the brakes will engage automatically.

For example, if you push your throttle handle to move forward or backwards you will notice that it moves but as soon as you let go, the unit brakes on it’s own.

The other type of braking system found on some scooters would be similar to the braking system found on a bicycle. The hand brake system includes a handle typically in front of the handle bar that allows you to manually take control of the braking system. This requires a bit of hand strength and dexterity. It is not recommended for someone who does not have the strength to engage the brakes. Scooters with hand brakes are not recommended for senior citizens or anyone suffering from a disability that limits your muscle strength.

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