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Buzzaround "Carry-On" Folding Mobility Scooter

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Virtual Reality Test Drive - 360° Video

Take a virtual test drive with our virtual reality videos that are filmed using a 360-degree camera. If you're on a cell phone, when you start playing the video below you can tilt your phone in any direction to change the viewpoint of the camera. If you're on a desktop or laptop, you can click and drag the screen on the video below to change the angle of the camera in any direction! If you're unable to take a trip to one of our showrooms, this is the closest thing to doing a real test drive. We hope you enjoy it!

The Buzzaround Carry On Mobility Scooter

This is one of the newest scooters made by one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry - Golden Technologies. In 2020 Golden Technologies entered into the folding mobility scooter market with its very own Carry On mobility scooter. This unit comes with a 1-year in-home service contract and an excellent product warranty provided by the Manufacturer. It's designed to provide several years of hassle-free use, like the rest of the models that belong to the Buzzaround Mobility Scooter series. 

GB 120 Scooter Review Videos

Below you will find an unboxing video and a review video which we highly recommend watching prior to ordering this product. 

The GB120 has an array of features designed to assist the operator or increase safety. The Carry-On Scooter has an LED lighting system that comes standard. This lighting system is bright and will assist you when utilizing the folding carry-on mobility scooter in dim or dark conditions. Being able to see where you are going is critically important. While on the topic of dim conditions, this fold-flat handicap scooter also has reflectors on the side of it, helping you to become more visible.

Why We Recommend This Model

What makes this scooter unique (aside from the fact that it is only 12" tall when folded and the fact that it has a 4" ground clearance) is the fact that it has a toggle switch for the automatic brakes. The toggle switch for the brakes makes it very easy to go from "free-wheel" mode to "drive mode". Like most mobility scooters, the automatic braking system is a safety feature that prevents the user from losing control on an incline when the battery runs out. This type of braking system is known as electro-magnetic braking

Many folding mobility scooters have limited adjustability. Operators of the Carry On disability scooter will be happy to learn that there is an infinite adjustable tiller that comes standard. Being able to customize the height of the tiller is a fantastic innovation from the team at Golden Technologies because each person is a different height and may have a longer or shorter torso.

Most mobility scooters that fold do not have the best of tires. That is a common complaint among some users of folding mobility scooters. It is important to note that you will enjoy tires that actually have a decent amount of tread without having to pay additional for an upgrade. Traction is very important because you'll want to feel confident when you are using your mobility scooter. A healthy amount of traction is also great for ride quality. It will help absorb bumps in the road or sidewalk. If you are looking for a more sturdy and scooter with tires that have more traction, head over to our large selection of mobility scooters.

Golden Technologies Buzzaround Carry On Electric Scooter Highlights

One highlight of the Carry On electric scooter would be the patent that was applied for. Whenever innovation reaches its maximum the manufacturer must do its very best to prevent other companies from trying to take their technology away.

Without question, the largest highlight of this product would be its total weight. It weighs only 44lbs! This makes it one of the lightest folding mobility scooters you can get your hands on from a reputable manufacturer. You might think it can only handle 200lbs at such a lightweight but it is rated to hold users up to 300lbs! Even the ground clearance is good coming at 4 inches.

The last honorable mention would be how the Carry On mobility scooter folds. It folds flat, unlike any other scooter giving it one of the smallest footprints you can imagine once it is folded. Having an ultra-lightweight mobility scooter that folds makes this a prime candidate for the person who enjoys traveling often and needs a very lightweight scooter.

If you are interested in a mobility scooter that folds automatically, click here.

Golden Buzzaround CarryOn GB120

The Buzzaround CarryOn is going to provide you everything you need when it comes to a travel and folding mobility scooter. The CarryOn is great for everyday travelers and retirees looking for a little bit more mobility on those long treks. 

User Manual & Product Brochure Downloads

Below you will find links to view, print, or download resources provided by the manufacturer. These resources include a copy of the CarryOn user manual and product brochure which are available in print-ready format. 

To download a copy of the product brochure, click here.

To download a copy of the user manual, click here

To download a copy of the service manual and illustrated parts breakdown, click here. 

More Information
Manufacturer Golden Technologies
Weight Capacity 300 Lbs
Total Weight 65.5 Lbs
Weight of Product 65.5 Lbs
Weight w/Batteries 65.5 Lbs
Heaviest Piece 47.5 Lbs
Maximum Speed 3.6 MPH
Travel Range 7.8 Miles or 18 Miles With Upgraded Batteries
Battery Type Lithium
Battery Weight 15 AH 6 lbs 6.5 AH 3.8 lbs
Battery Charger Included XLR connector
Battery Charger Smart Charger - Off and On Board
Turning Radius 48.75"
Ground Clearance 4.00"
Overall Length 38"
Overall Width 19.5"
Overall Height 34.5"
Grade Climbable
Seat to ground height 22.75" (19.5 From Deck to Seat)
Seat Depths 13.75"
Seat Width 15"
Flip-Back Armrests No
Seat Type Flip-Down Stadium
Seat Options Removable & Fold-Down Back
Seat Rotation No
Suspension No
Adjustable Tiller Feature Yes
Electronics Speed Control & Battery Meter
Power Elevating Seat No
USB Charging Port Yes
Lights Equipped Yes Included
Tire Type Solid Low Profile with Anti-Tip Wheels
Wheels: Rear 7"
Wheels: Front 6"
Throttle Type Ambidextrous Lever System
Drive Modes FWD & REVERSE
Alarm System None
Key Fob NO
Brake Electro Magnetic
Horn Yes
Basket Included Optional
Shipping Dimensions 51" L x 23" W x 13" H
Battery Warranty 1-Year Limited
Electronics Warranty 2 Year Limited
Motor Warranty 2 Year Limited
Structural Warranty Lifetime Limited
MSRP - Minimum Advertised Price $2,699.99

Golden Technologies Manufacturer Warranty

Mobility Scooters Direct honors a manufacturer’s warranty on Golden Technologies scooters. The consumer must have the warranty registration form filled out and sent to Golden Technologies to file a claim.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

For the entire life of the scooter if the frame of the scooter is damaged or found to be defective, Golden Technologies will repair or replace it at their option to have the product repaired. The customer must provide pictures and have an authorized dealer in to report a warranty inquiry. The parts include the steel frame, tiller frame, seat post, frame welds, and front fork assembly.

Two Year Limited Warranty

For the period of two years from the date of purchase, if defective materials or workmanship Golden Technologies will repair OR replace at their option, any new or reconditioned components as follows, the transaxle, motor brake assembly (electrical function only), electronic controller, dash assembly, wire harnesses, battery chargers, and potentiometer assemblies.

Note: An increase in operating noise of the transaxle DOES NOT constitute a defect. With normal wear and tear, operating noise is expected to increase. While charging the batteries, it is normal for the battery charger to heat up. The charger is not defective.

One-Year Limited Warranty for Batteries

For the period of one year from the date of purchase, in the event of defective materials or workmanship, Golden Technologies will replace the batteries supplied by Golden Technologies if found to be defective by an authorized Golden Technologies representative.

One Year Limited Warranty

For the period of one year from the date of purchase, if defective parts are confirmed Golden Technologies will warranty bearing, bushings, rubber components, plastic components (excludes body), seat swivel mechanism, and armrests.

Warranty Exclusions

Golden Technologies does not provide warranty on any of the items that may require replacements due to normal wear and tare of day to day usage, tires and tubes, abs plastic shrouds, armrest pads, motor brushes, brake pads, bulbs, fuses, and upholstery.

The warranty also excludes the following, loss or theft of items or unit, damages caused by battery fluid or leakage, abuse, misuse, failure to adhere to instructions from owners manual, accident or negligence. It also does not cover improper operation, maintenance or storage. It also does not cover commercial use or other than normal, exceeding the weight capacity of the unit. They do not cover repairs by an unauthorized person once the unit has been tampered with, or circumstances beyond the control of Golden Technologies.

Warranty Service

Warranty work must be performed at an authorized Golden Technologies provider. A third party who does not deal direct with Golden is not authorized to perform work on any Golden Technologies products. All work is warrantied at Golden Technologies discretion. Please read your manual to read the full warranty on your specific product.





Please note that this is a summary of our return policy, the full return policy can be found here:

Please call or email our customer service department if you have any questions at (877) 460-1646 or [email protected]

Summary of Return Policy:

Mobility Direct offers a 5-day return policy which means that when you receive your product, you have 5 days to ensure it's working as intended. If the product is defective or not working, we will either work with the manufacturer to ensure the unit is either fixed (if possible) or we can have the product returned at no cost to you in most cases. If a product arrives defective, we will act in a timely manner to get the product fixed by a local technician. If that is not possible, we will offer to have the product exchanged or returned for a complete refund.

If your product is working fine without any defects or damage, you may still return the unit within that 5 day return period but you will be required to: 

1. Request a return authorization (RMA) from our customer service department. 

2. Repackage the product in the original packaging.

3. Ship the product back to one of our receiving locations. 

Once we receive the product and inspect it for damage you will be refunded the amount of the product minus a restocking fee of up to 20%. If the product is damaged, the costs to replace parts and repair the unit will also be deducted from the total refund amount. 

How to Handle Your Product Delivery

Please follow the steps below BEFORE SIGNING for and ACCEPTING Delivery:


If there are NO visible holes, rips, dents, or tears to any of the packaging, then please sign and accept your delivery without making exceptions.


If there are visible holes, rips, dents, or tears to any of the packaging, please notate the extent of the damage in the exceptions area of the delivery slip, and accept your delivery. Contact our customer service department at (877) 460-1646 if the product is found to be damaged after unpacking. Please note the delivery driver is NOT obligated to wait for you to unpack the scooter to inspect before you accept the delivery.


If there IS an extreme amount of obvious damage to the packaging of your scooter, please refuse the delivery as “Damaged in Transit”, then both you and the Delivery Driver must sign the BOL. Immediately notify our customer service department at (877) 460-1646 if a shipment is refused due to extreme damage.


If there was NO visible damage to the packaging, but the product is damaged, immediately call our customer service department at(877) 460-1646 to report the damage. Concealed damage claims are limited to 72 hours after delivery in order for us to file a damage claim and provide you with the fastest solution.

It is important you know that our manufacturing partners are putting each product through a 35 point inspection two separate times before shipping. Although the package may not appear damaged, this does not mean it was not mishandled during transit.