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What Are The Best Mobility Scooter Brands?

Note: This blog post was written in 2016 and contains products that are discontinued, make sure to visit our website’s home page to see our most up-to-date selection of mobility products.

For many, choosing a mobility scooter can be a difficult decision to make because there are so many models out there. Instead of trying to figure out which one of the thousands of mobility scooters for sale online is the best one for you, why not try learning a little bit about each mobility scooter manufacturer. There are far too many models out there for the average person to try to become familiar with when looking to buy mobility scooters online or in a store so I wanted to write a blog post that talks about each manufacturer and what makes them unique.

There are several manufacturers of Mobility scooters out there, but I would say that there are 5 which can be considered the most popular mobility scooters brands out there which are:

-Pride Mobility
-Drive Medical
-Golden Technologies
-Solax Mobility

In this blog post, I’ll go over each of these top mobility scooter brands so that you can become a bit more educated on the products you’re considering. I’ll also be sure to write a follow-up blog post that talks about the best brands to consider when looking for a reliable power wheelchair brand or manufacturer so stay tuned by following us on Facebook to hear about all of our blog posts and company updates!

Most Reliable Mobility Scooter Brands:

While reviewing the top 5 brands, I’ll go over the company history, reputation, size and warranty information. Let’s go ahead and get started.
best mobility scooters 4-pride-mobility

Pride Mobility Scooters

They are the most quality scooters on the market and carry the most popular scooter line known as the Gogo scooter line. They have technicians throughout the USA, its the number one selling mobility scooter line in the industry– Specifically, the Go-Go sport 4 wheel, Victory 10 and Elite Traveler. Pride Mobility Corp is massive, they have over 5 distribution points and well over 1000 employees. They’re internationally known and their warranties are honored without any hassle whenever a customer is under coverage. Pride Mobility Corporation was established in the early 1980s and has maintained a sterling reputation because of its stylish and durable products. There are few other manufacturing companies that provide the type of help Pride does with their find a service provider directory either.

To view all of the mobility scooters offered by pride, you can visit our Pride Mobility Scooters Page.


Drive Medical Mobility Scooters

Drive Medical is a company that manufactures all kinds of DME and HME products from handicap scooters all the way to lift chairs and they are one of the fastest-growing distributors of these products because of their product’s demand and popularity across the board. The company distributes medical equipment internationally to the USA, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. They have 8 corporate facilities internationally with over 500 employees worldwide. The company was formed in January 2000 and originally known as “Medical Depot Inc”. The company is run by the best professionals in the industry with a strong passion for improving the quality of life for individuals that they provide products to. They’re a great company with great products and excellent warranties. The most popular mobility scooters made by Drive Medical are the Zoome Flex scooter, the Phoenix HD 3 and the Venura DLX Mobility Scooter which you can view on our website to see more details about them.

To view all of the Drive Mobility Scooters available on the web, with full details about them, visit our Drive Mobility Scooters page.

Golden Technologies

Golden Technologies Mobility Scooters

Golden Technologies is another one of the most high-quality scooter manufacturers on the market. Built and manufactured in the USA, Golden Technologies has one of the most innovative mobility scooter lines in the industry– A few great examples of this would be The Patriot, The Avenger, or The Buzzaround XL. Golden Technologies is based out of Pennsylvania with a few different sub-distribution points. They’re known worldwide and their warranties are honored without any hassle whenever a customer is under coverage. Golden Technologies was established in the mid-1980s and has maintained an undeniably pristine reputation because of its stylish and durable products. There are few other manufacturing companies that provide the type of help Golden Technology provides with their find a service provider directory either.

To view all of the mobility scooters that Golden Technologies has to offer, you can visit our Golden Technologies Mobility Scooters Page.

afikim mobility scooters

Afikim Mobility Scooters

Afikim is known for its heavy-duty scooters with a unique design that is not like the rest of the mobility scooter’s lines out there. If you check out their products like the Afikim S4 or the SE Mobility Scooter by Afikim you’ll quickly see that they have a very modern look and design. Primarily, these mobility scooters are among the fastest on the market that is classified as mobility scooters. The company Afikim is based out of Israel and has been around since 1978 known as the leader in electric vehicles for mobility.  Their products are very durable and reliable, the company is internationally known and has locations in the US as well as abroad in other countries. Their warranties are very fair but getting replacement parts is sometimes can take a while.

To see all of the mobility scooters made by pride so you can choose the one you like best, check out our Afikim mobility scooter page.


Solax Mobility Scooters

When it comes to folding mobility scooters that are compact and lightweight, Solax is the top gun. This company has a knack for manufacturing folding mobility scooters that can fit in very small places like an airport overhead or the trunk of a car. The mobility scooters made by Solax often come in a variety of neat colors and have a great manufacturer warranty that comes with them. Their most popular product is hands down the Transformer Scooter which is the newer model that came after the Solax Mobie mobility scooter and is known as the most popular folding mobility scooter on the market. Solax is rumored to have been working on several new models that are compact and foldable this year 2015, look out for an update soon on our blog or store to view their latest products. If you visit the Mobie products page on our store, you can learn all about the specifications and warranties offered by Solax.

Choosing The Best Mobility Scooter That’s Right For You

At the end of the day, each manufacturer produces great products but you need to know what your needs are as a product owner. If you need something to use outdoors and want some speed, Afikim might be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re planning on doing a lot of traveling, maybe a Solax or Pride folding mobility scooter is best for you because they’re lightweight and compact. Make sure to read the user manual, product brochure and specifications of each mobility scooter that you consider before making your purchase because most quality mobility scooters are not cheap. We hope this post was useful to you, happy shopping!