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We are the only dealer authorized to offer lithium battery upgrades without voiding your warranty. All Afiscooters are tax-free, and most ship for free! Most of the models you see have an optional upgrade for a rain cover or a dual (2-person) seat. READ MORE

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We Are The #1 Volume Dealer For Afikim!


What does that mean? That means that we have the best prices and best support when it comes to filing warranty claims or getting shipments out quickly! That's not all, we also have more parts in stock than any other dealer so when you need a new part or upgrade, we can get them to you faster!


As the #1 volume dealer you'll enjoy the following benefits when shopping through Mobility Direct: 


  1. 3-year repair contract (in-home) to cover any labor for warranty claims. 
  2. Only dealer to offer a high-output motor upgrade that gets your AFiscooter up to 12 MPH! 
  3. We're the only dealer authorized to offer Lithium Battery Upgrades (up to 100 miles per charge!). 
  4. We offer more free accessories than any other dealer when you buy an Afiscooter! 
  5. Best customer support due to the fact that we work so closely with the manufacturer. 

Since we are the number one volume dealer for Afikim, we're basically connected to their USA headquarters in real-time when it comes to getting updates, inventory changes, new product updates, and more. We take great pride in being the top dealer for Afikim globally, and it's our responsibility to ensure that we keep up our reputation for providing an excellent shopping experience. 

The Top Rated Channel on Youtube For Afikim! 

We pride ourselves on being the most active on Youtube when it comes to making product videos for Afikim scooters. We make test-drive videos, unboxing videos, troubleshooting videos, repair videos, off-road testing videos, and more! That is why we are the #1 Youtube Channel for Afikim products. We truly believe that there is no better way to learn about these products other than to test them in person. 


Aside from having great reviews and testimonials, we also have more review videos for Afikim products compared to any other Youtube channel. We have hundreds of videos, possibly thousands, that are all about Afikim scooters! Check out our Youtube channels to watch countless hours of Afikim Scooters being used in various locations like the beach, country farms, hills, and even a 24-hour world-record ride from our showroom in Deerfield Beach all the way to the Afikim Headquarters in Daytona Beach (over 200+ Miles!). Whether you want to see a video of the unboxing process, or some entertainment videos we have it all! Make sure to subscribe to our channels below to stay up to date when we release new videos! 


Mobility Direct Youtube Channel Below 

Mobility Scooter Sales Youtube Channel Below

Afkim Electronic VehiclesMobility Scooters Direct offers you a wide range of electronic mobility scooters to meet your every need. We also have a "lowest price guarantee" that allows you to choose from some of the most reputable brands, such as Afkim Electronic Vehicles. Afikim is known for making some of the most luxurious scooters capable of carrying heavy loads for long periods of time.

For example, the Afiscooter C3 Scooter (available in a 4 wheel variation as well) is capable of supporting up to 400 lbs and can go up to 25 miles (with the standard battery) on a full charge. Afikim electric vehicles are a way of life. The Afiscooter C4 scooter wheel version is going to deliver the same performance but with more stability. The Afiscooter C3 has a sharper turning ability as it only has one wheel in the front being a 3 wheel mobility scooter.

Afikim Afiscooter C Review Video by Mobility Scooters Direct

Afikim Afiscooter S Review Video by Mobility Scooters Direct

Afiscooter C4 At The Grocery Store!

Mobility Scooters Direct offers a wide range of mobility scooters that feature stylish design, the most advanced technology, and most importantly, ease of operation. Afikim designs mobility vehicles with the driver in mind, which means that sturdy construction, adjustable suspension, and orthopedic seating is top priorities that will ensure our customers with the safest, most comfortable daily ride.

Afikim mobility scooters are known for reliability. The Afikim brand has been producing world-class mobility scooters for 35 years, making it the authority on electronic mobility. Afikim’s mission is to create reliable mobility scooters to suit every single need. The company has a dedicated team focused on constantly improving their scooters so that they offer the best possible driving experience coupled with peace of mind. The priority is to design scooters that are easy to operate, offer optimal comfort, and provide years of reliable, low-maintenance service. And yet, the biggest priority is always safety. Afikim scooters have set the standard for safety when it comes to electronic mobility scooters. They offer a built-in safety system that stops the vehicle should the driver lose control for any reason.

Whatever your need, Mobile Scooters Direct will provide a safe and reliable scooter to meet your needs. Here is an overview of the kind of scooters we offer from Afikim.

Indoor & Outdoor Mobility Scooters

Afikim makes scooters that are considered both "outdoor mobility scooters" but they're also great for using indoors. One exception to that statement is the Afikim SE which is an outdoor unit that looks like a motorcycle is not very practical for indoor use. The Afiscooter SE Scooter with a The Afiscooters are great to use as indoor mobility scooters as long as you have ample space between your doors and don't have tight corners or hallways. The Afikim Breeze 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters are a little bigger and don't have the sharpest turning radius so its recommended that you go with a 3 wheel if you plan on using it indoors.

Mobility Scooters With Suspension & Many Features

Afikim makes mobility scooters that are feature-rich and robust. They're certainly are not considered "cheap mobility scooters" that simply get you "from point A to point B". If you want something that is very minimalistic and much more affordable, visit our clearance mobility scooters page. Afikim scooters are basically high-end scooters with all the bells and whistles. They're extremely well-built and run for years without any issue in most cases. Most of the Afikim scooters run on big 12 volt mobility scooter batteries ranging from 50AH to 100AH. These are not going to be lightweight scooters that are designed for traveling on an airplane or a cruise ship. If you want something that is easy to travel with, we recommend visiting our lightweight mobility scooters page. These are big machines that are meant for going on various terrains and can be transported only with a compatible vehicle lift system

Max Maneuverability

The Afikim line is what we consider the Gold Standard of heavy duty mobility scooters. They offer maximum movement for any situation. The Max Maneuverability features impressive longevity, an ergonomic design, a programmable electronic controller, LCD control screen, LED headlight, and a shock-absorbent steel frame, in addition to the features that come standard with all of our Afikim scooters. All Afikim scooters are backed by a 2 Year Limited Warranty and include a 1-year in-home service contract for parts and labor on all 2020 or newer models.

Many customers have purchased an Afikim scooter specifically for going off-road and we've even had some customers leave reviews in video format for us to see just how awesome these scooters are. One of our customers was riding the Afiscooter 3 wheel on her ranch going up and down hills and jagged terrain that the scooter handled almost effortlessly. If you want something that is considered an off-road mobility scooter, you should certainly consider an Afikim. 

All-Weather Scooters

This Afikim mobility scooter is suitable for all-weather riding if you get the canopy cover. This means that you will never get caught in a time or place that you cannot use your scooter. Our scooters are strong enough to manage rough terrain and bad weather. This doesn't mean you can ride your scooter in the rain, but if it looks like it's going to rain, you have the speed to get under cover quickly. Because the Afiscooters have high ground clearance and large tires, this makes it possible to ride over the grass as long as it's not soaking wet. Some customers claim to have made it home in a light sprinkle but we don't recommend using electric mobility scooters in the rain.

Afikim customers praise our products for the independence and reliability we offer. From farm work to grocery shopping, to freedom from pain, to a jaunt about town, the Afikim scooter will improve your quality of life. There are