5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mobility Scooters

Is this your first time shopping for a mobility scooter and you’re unsure of the options available? In this article I will talk about the many specifications of modern day mobility scooters that first time buyers and users alike may not know about. As far as someone familiar with most modern age handicap scooters, this article may refer to details or options you may have already been familiar with. Again as stated before this article is to help shed light on the many details and options first time and new users are unfamiliar with. If you’re browsing through a large selection of reliable mobility scooters and you’re unsure of the differences this article is for you!

The Different Types of Mobility Scooters

When it comes to mobility scooters, there are many different reasons users will choose certain models. There are 4 basic categories of mobility scooters to help break down the large selection available online. Below I have created a chart with the 4 basic types of mobility scooters.

Travel Mobility Scooter

Travel Size Handicap Scooters

Travel Size mobility scooters are designed for easy storage. Usually intended for people who weigh between 250-300 lbs, When broken down these models are much lighter and easier to store but noramlly in total can weigh anywhere around 80 and 150 lbs. These models are great if you’re constantly on the go driving.



Foldable Senior Scooters

Foldable style models are known to be the lightest mobility scooters available online. Great for taking out and about or going on vacation, Folding mobility scooters do not require a disassembly like your noraml travel size scooter. All you have to do is simply fold the mobility scooter down and put it away making it very easy to store away while not in use and you’re traveling.


Full Sifull_size_mobility_scooter_ze Handicap Electric Scooters

Full Size models are built for those that look for a little more power then a travel or folding mobility scooter, Full Size models normally have more than one seat size or option available for users preference. They are better to use when outdoors and the reason being is the size. Using a Full Size handiicap mobility scooter you will see it may be difficult getting around tight spaces due to your elderly scooters body frame and size



Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters For Seniors

Heavy Duty models are designed  and intended for the those durable and long lasting rides. They are usually capable of lasting a lot longer then most other models adding a bit of a push or torque to the motor and they’re normally also capable of riding on most rough or more rugged terrains due to there climb grade, speed, and solid or flat free tires.


5 Tips for Mobility Scooters Consumers

Now as far as specifications you may not be familiar with, the 4 categories mentioned above each have unique mobility scooters under there umbrella. For one, Travel Size handicap scooters are generally very light, compact and easy to travel with. What some may not realize is that Travel mobility scooters can usually disassemble or break down into smaller parts, allowing users to pick up smaller and lighter pieces to easily store and transport when traveling and also eliminating the need for a lift to be installed on your vehicle. Second factor you may not know, Foldable mobility scooters are very similar to travel and some consider them to be travel handicap scooters in their own right. Rather than disassembling your mobility scooter when it’s time to store it away, All you have to do is simply fold the mobility scooter and slide it in your closet or trunk for example but that’s kind of expected with it being called a foldable scooter. One thing that makes folding scooters unique is the fact that a majority of them run on lithium powered batteries. Lithium powered batteries give the light and dynamic body and motor of a foldable mobility scooter an extra push you wouldn’t expect out of such a light product. The third thing you may not know has something to do with Full Size Mobility Scooters. Available to the public are full size scooters which are somewhat similar to modern day golf carts, Some are even regulated to be used on golf courses and come with GT (Golf Treading) tires, So if there are any golfers out there that just so happen to be reading this, you may find a great deal on a mobility scooter in comparison to a golf cart. Another interesting thing you may not know, certain full size and heavy duty mobility scooters have power seats which allow users to elevate up and down and also move to certain degrees when getting on or off of the mobility scooter. To give you an example of the elevated seat, If you’re trying to grab something from a cabinet that is up high in the kitchen you can use the power seat to boost up just high enough to reach the cabinet door. To give an example for users that would have trouble getting out of there seat on their own, this chair will turn at a 90 or 45 degree angle to help make it easier to get on or off your mobility scooter. A fifth factor you may not be aware of is that Heavy duty mobility scooters is that some are packed with plenty of long lasting power and torque allowing these particular mobility scooters to go anywhere from 15 to 40 mph while lasting as long as 40 miles of travel range on a full charge showing incredible performance for what is considered only a mobility scooter.

Find This Information Useful?

With the information I have provided above I hope you get to see how useful or powerful mobility scooters can be. Even though not everyone needs or wants to use them, some of the facts presented above may be able to help someone who wants or needs a mobility scooter in the future. This is a great way for beginners to learn and determine what kind of elderly mobility scooter would be best suitable for them and the manner that they will be using it.