Pride Jazzy Zero Turn New Product Review 2017

Introducing the Pride Jazzy Zero Turn Scooter

Let me start off by saying how incredible the all new Pride Mobility Jazzy Zero Turn scooter is. Pride Jazzy Zero Turn Mobility ScooterThis past week, we got a sneak peak of this all new innovative technology provided by Pride Mobility. The Jazzy Zero Turn scooter is possibly one of the best designs in this industry when it comes to a stable four wheel mobility scooter. The Pride Jazzy Zero Turn was a finalist in the 2017 MedTrade Innovative Award on October 24, 2017. The Jazzy Zero Turn is scheduled to be released to the market on October 30, 2017. This fantastic model is projected to be a top selling mobility scooter throughout the world.What is so great about the Pride Jazzy Zero Turn mobility scooter is the fact that this machine is 4-wheel and it provides the turning radius of a 3-wheel machine with astounding measurement of 38”. The all new configured Jazzy Zero Turn has patent pending technology which will change the mobility industry in a positive way.The Pride Jazzy Zero Turn mobility scooter has so many features laid in to such a strong, rigid, and yet stylish look in a single mobility scooter. Read on to see why it is why Mobility Scooters Direct is boasting about this all new product just released.

Pride Jazzy Zero Turn Has the Best Turning Radius for a 4- Wheel Mobility Scooter

While the incredible 38” inch turning radius, it does not hinder on stability. The frame and body seem to replicate one of its predecessors called the Go-Go LX which gives you an incredible amount of floor space for your feet. The Jazzy Scooter also has a complete front and rear suspension for a smooth ride and increased performance. The The Zero turn has a unique front end tiller which allows the tiller to be turned more than any other scooter on the market. The Zero Turn technology features dual motors , smart controller and electronics, which allow the scooter to turn on its own axis, being the rear wheels. The Jazzy Zero Turn turns from the opposing electric motors. When the motors work in reverse polarity, it allows the mobility scooter to turn better than any 4-wheel mobility scooter in its class.

If your were traveling at the maximum speed of 4 MPH and decided to turn the scooter suddenly all of the way left, or to the right, the smart controller senses this, and immediately slows the motors to a lower and safe RPM for a safe and stable turn. While the center of gravity is in place on flat even grounds, the Jazzy Zero Turn provides optimal stability and reliability.

Some of the additional features that belong to the all new Pride Jazzy Zero Turn mobility scooter include a complete lighting package. The LED headlamp mounted to the front tiller provides bright light to see ahead of your during the dark hours of the day. The Jazzy Zero Turn also has illuminated two bright LED strips on the front fenders for increased visibility. On the back end of the Pride Zero Turn is two bright red LED strips on the back fenders, and reflective decorative tape so you are seen more easily to automobile drivers on the road.

Pride Jazzy Zero Turn Rear LightingPride Jazzy Zero Turn Lighting Package

Many Perks About the Newest Jazzy Scooter on the Market

We all know we have to keep our handheld devices (phones & tablets) charged as they are our lifeline. The Pride Jazzy Zero turn mobility scooter also had an innovative and easy to access USB port to charge those devices. A great accessory for the Jazzy Zero Turn is the Pride Mobility cell phone holder, which mounts to the delta tiller. The delta tiller allows anyone left handed or right handed to operate the scooter without any expensive customization done to the mobility scooter. Charging the Pride Jazzy Zero Turn is also convenient with a charging port located conveniently near the hand control. There is no need to bend over and try to find the hand to reach charging port. This Jazzy scooter keeps you connected which can also be a safety perk.

The Pride Jazzy Zero turn also features a 17” x 17” molded foam seat, with strong, but light plastic material to keep the seat at a weight of 23 pounds. Increased storage has been met with new design with the under seat storage container that comes with the Jazzy Zero Turn standard. It has two sides for you to place your items safely while using your Pride Jazzy Zero Turn mobility scooter. A rear basket accessory is available to increase even more storage, on top of the standard front removable basket. Many other accessories are also available with the Jazzy Zero Turn which include, walker holders, cane holders, oxygen tank holders, cup holder, armrest bag, safety flag and more.

Pride Mobility Jazzy Zero Turn Scooter with Feather Touch Disassembly for Easy Travel

Like most Pride Mobility Scooters, the Jazzy Zero Turn has patented “Feather Touch Disassembly” which makes it one of the easiest mobility scooters to assemble and disassemble. The Pride Jazzy Zero Turn comes apart in five separate pieces for manageable transportation. The non spillable, deep cycle, FAA & TSA compliant lead acid batteries allow you to this Jazzy Zero Turn on airplanes. The 5 parts that the scooter breaks down to is, the font basket, the seat, the battery pack, and the frame splits into two sections. The heaviest part, the rear section, weighs only 48 pounds. Without the battery pack the Jazzy Zero Turn Scooter weighs only 117 pounds assembled. The battery pack which can be charged separate from the scooter only weighs 31.5 pounds.

The Pride Mobility Jazzy Zero Turn has really made a splash in the industry with its design and technology. The engineers at Pride Mobility have really hit the nail on the head with this product. There was a lot of thought through the design to keep a stable 4 wheel mobility scooter with the best turning radius in it’s travel mobility scooter category.

What We Think About the Pride Jazzy Zero Turn Mobility Scooter

Personally we at Mobility Scooters Direct feel that the Pride Jazzy Zero Turn is without a double the best bang for your buck. Most people are searching for a mobility scooter that is transportable, easy to use, but at the same time the most stable with the best turning radius. You get all of that here with the Pride Jazzy Zero turn and more. Enjoy the smooth stylish ride up to 10 miles per change and a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Like any of the Jazzy electric wheelchairs, this Jazzy Scooter is meant to be used by a large amount of users in search for a mobility scooter. This product deserves an A+ grade overall.