The Best Mobility Scooters for Traveling Under $3,000

The best mobility scooters for traveling under $3,000 can be found at our nationwide store. These affordable mobility scooters provide impressive performance when traveling from one place to another. The reliable options have lead to many satisfied customers, which is evident in our mobility scooter reviews.

This article recommends three options that will last for years beyond the date of purchase, such as the Solax Transformer Automatic Folding Scooter, the EW-74 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter and the AFIKIM Afiscooter Breeze C Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel. These cheap mobility scooters have excellent mobility scooter reviews, as well as being some of the best disability scooters in the industry.

“An investment in my future to give me the freedom to go and see things all over the world”

The Transformer is inexpensively priced. The affordable mobility scooter starts at $2,195, which reflects a discount of over 25 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. The disability scooter is also available for simple financing options, which start at $193 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

Solax Transformer Automatic Folding ScooterSherry Tipton gave the Transformer a five-star mobility scooter review. She purchased the quality mobility scooter with intentions to take it on a cruise ship and explore the mainland of the destinations.

“Because of the scooter,” said Tipton, “I was able to make it to every single destination of each daily tour. [This included] the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Palace of Versailles, Claude Monet’s garden and home, Normandy Beaches, Napoleon’s Chateau, and most of the way up to the ruins of a castle built by Richard I at the top of a very steep hill.

However, the disability scooter from Solax Mobility was not cheap, Tipton points out.

“I look at it as an investment in my future to give me the freedom to go and see things all over the world that never would have been possible otherwise,” said Tipton.

This mobility scooter that is under a $3,000 price tag is well worth the expenditure, being built for convenience and performance. At the push of a button, the Transformer can fold and be stored in the trunk of a car, for instance. Then, once retrieved from the trunk after reaching the location, the Transformer can unfold and provide incredible performance — also at the push of a button.

The Transformer is equipped with a 24V 120-watt motor and reaches maximum speeds of nearly 4 mph. The folding mobility scooter has lithium-ion 24V batteries and can cover nearly 14 miles per total charge.

The weight capacity of the Transformer is 300 lbs. while the scooter for handicapped people weighs 53 lbs.

The EW-74 is another excellent investment in the mobility of the owner. Priced at $2,999 as of the publication of this article, the EW-74 is on a 15 percent discount from the MSRP. Simple financing on the affordable mobility scooter starts at $264 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

There is a reason the EW-74 is one of the best mobility scooters for traveling. The performance of the heavy duty mobility scooter will save significant time for the driver when traveling while ensuring security and safety on the trip.

The EW-74 has a powerful 1700-watt transaxle differential brushless motor, empowering the driver with the ability to reach maximum speeds of 14 mph. This long distance mobility scooter has 48-volt 20 AH SLA sealed batteries and can cover 45 miles per complete charge. The weight capacity on the EW-74 is 400 lbs.

The EW-74 comes equipped with an array of convenient features. The captain style chair is among the most comfortable options on the market. The seat supports the lower back while minimizing periodic bumps on the way to the intended destination.

There are two USB ports to charge a cellular device while traveling on the awesome looking mobility scooter. The EW-74 is equipped with LED lighting and turn signals, along with having a digital display dash that clearly shows the internal operations of the device.

The Afiscooter Breeze C is priced under $3,000, a budget-friendly option for the physically impaired. List for $2,990, the affordable mobility scooter is a 20 percent discount from the MSRP. Simple financing options on the 4 wheel mobility scooter start at $263 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

Mike Price has had his Afiscooter Breeze C for over a year and he is delighted with his expenditure. Awarding the disability scooter five-stars in his mobility scooter review, Price is appreciative of the independence the Afiscooter Breeze C has given him.

“I take it out each evening for about an hour for fresh air,” said Price. “It gives me an opportunity to see neighbors. I love my new scooter.”

The mobility scooter from manufacturer Afikim provides strong performance. With rear-wheel drive, the Afiscooter Breeze C reaches maximum speeds of over 9 mph. The long distance mobility scooter has a travel range of 25 miles per complete charge. The weight capacity on the Afiscooter Breeze C is 330 lbs.

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