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2019 Pride Mobility to Release New Mobility Scooters ZT10 & Wrangler

zt10 scooter for salewrangler scooter for sale

In October 2018, at the MedTrade convention, Pride Mobility showcased what is expected to come in quarters two and three of 2019. As we are rolling right on into this timeframe, it is expected that Pride Mobility will release the all-new and improved Wrangler heavy-duty, all-terrain mobility scooter.

Additionally, Pride Mobility has spruced up its scooter line up by producing the 10-inch Zero Turn, which will go by ZT10. Fortunately, I was one of the lucky spectators who got to see the ZT10 scooter. Not only did I get to view the ZT10, but I also had a chance to get on it and test the limits of the ZT-10 concept model. Below you will find an educated and honest review of these two new additions to our catalog for this summer season.  

Pride Wrangler Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooter

pride wrangler mobility scooter

First, let’s talk about the newest version of the Pride Wrangler. This was a very popular product in several years ago that was discontinued. The Pride Wrangler is a very large monster-sized scooter that has been redesigned and full of wonderful features.  

Starting from the ground up, my first observation of the Wrangler is the balloon or wide pneumatic tires. This tells me that this scooter should be able to handle just about any terrain (with the exception of sandy beaches). The ground clearance is respectable, and I wish I had the exact specifications, but until then I can only tell you from my experience with mobility scooters.  

Accompanying the large pneumatic tires comes Pride’s signature full suspension, which will ensure a smooth ride through some of the roughest pathways. Atop of all of this is the torque on the motor. The motor must be huge as the Wrangler literally tears up the grass when at full throttle. Additionally, the Wrangler is expected to have a top speed of 11 MPH and supporting users up to 350 pounds.

Moving on up, the floorboard, otherwise known as the deck, is very spacious and contains an easy to clean rubber mat. The design of the battery shroud makes the Wrangler look strikingly similar to the Pride Pursuit XL. I would expect a battery size in this unit to be a minimum of a 75ah battery. The charging system seems to be an offboard as there is a noticeable plug in the front of the battery shroud. I would also expect that there be a convenient charging port located on the tiller.  

pride mobility wrangler heavy duty scooter

The overall design of the new Wrangler is a sporty but yet commanding style that is sure to grab the attention of others. The Wrangler features a full lighting package that includes ultra-bright led front and rear lights. The lighting includes turn signals and safety hazard lights.  One other key feature of the Wrangler is the backup sensor. Since it is such a large unit, a backup sensor would be useful when going in reverse.

The Pride Wrangler tiller is very user-friendly, with a large screen, and easy to use controls. The tiller is also angle adjustable with a significant adjustment. The seat is a sliding and padded (what appears to be a 20” wide seat) captain chair with adjustable armrests, and adjustable headrest.

Overall, I think Pride Mobility has gone above and beyond meeting the standards of those customers who want a performance vehicle that handles most terrains. The only shortcoming of the Wrangler, in my opinion, is the distance per charge of only 18.6 miles per charge.

The turning radius is 94.75”, but again this is clearly an outdoor mobility scooter, and that should not be a key factor of performance. I strongly believe Pride designed this model for performance-based because of the size of the motor, large balloon wheel assembly, and its control system is programmed to have more power to the wheels. The Wrangler is poised to be successful as a heavy duty all-terrain mobility scooter packed with power!

Pride Mobility ZT10 Anticipated A Top Seller

In addition, we have the highly anticipated release of the Pride Mobility ZT10. I figure the ZT would stand for Zero Turn and the 10 signify the resemblance of size to the tires. Either way, this is the new addition to the Pride Victory line of scooters and it is awesome. The ZT10 will only be available in a four-wheel configuration. But guess what? The ZT10 has the best turning radius in its class at 43”.  

While test riding the Pride ZT10, I felt that this scooter was very sturdy. I noticed when going full throttle, if you try to turn the tiller too much quickly, the scooter will slow down to a safe speed before making the turn. The ZT10 comes standard with a regenerative and electromechanical dual braking system.

The controller senses the scooter making a turn, a safety feature improvised by Pride Mobility’s Products with Zero Turn Technology or what is now known as Pride’s patented iturn technology.  Zero Turn technology is an industry model for mobility scooters and I would expect other manufacturers to replicate something similar to Zero Turn technology in the future.

The battery life is exceptional on the Pride ZT10 with a travel range of up to 28 miles for a user that is 200 pounds and 20 miles per charge for those users weighing up to 400 pounds. That’s

right you saw it, the Pride ZT10 has a robust and rigid design supporting users up to 400 pounds. The overall width is 24.25” inches and a modest length at 48”. The ZT10 does come apart like the Victory models, but the heaviest piece is a bit heavy at 75 pounds.

The Pride ZT10 has a maximum speed of 6 MPH and is powered by two U1 batteries which are 12v 35ah in spec. There are three powers with maximum speeds of 4, 5 and 6 mph. The climbing ability of the ZT10 is 3” and with a maximum slope rating of 6 degrees or 10.5 percent, and a ground clearance of 2”.

The Pride Mobility ZT10 comes with a folding, stadium-style seat with adjustable armrests. The seat is 19” from the floor deck and 20” to the ground.  One cool feature I really enjoy is the molded cup holder and the storage compartment molded into the tiller.

The ZT10 comes standard with a full LED lighting package of its own, which features front & rear lights, turn indicators and flashing hazard lights. The front lights are really cool because they are embedded into the front of the scooter shroud. This is a very nice touch. This model is one step above the rest with its digital user interface and easy to use controls. The tiller has an angle adjustable feature and delta handlebars for ambidextrous use.  

pride zt 10 mobility scooter

Overall the Pride Mobility ZT10 is an amazing product. I do not find that there are any design issues with this high-end full-size mobility scooter. I would expect that the Pride ZT10 be a top-selling scooter moving through 2019 and into 2020.

Best Products Manufactured by Pride Mobility in 2019

As the days go by we are waiting on an actual launch date for both of these fantastic new products brought to you by Pride Mobility. Check back to our website regularly and follow us on Facebook. Remember that this is purely my opinion on these two new products that I have had a chance to check out in their development stages. Until Pride Mobility officially launches these two new additions to the family, we will just have to wait and see what these products bring to the table.

Why buy from Pride Mobility you may ask? The real reason why I push Pride Mobility products is my confidence in the product, and their ability to correct any issues with customers products in and out of warranty. Pride Mobility is very efficient overall in its business operations. Pride Mobility is my preferred brand of choice when it comes to mobility scooters.