Power Wheelchairs to Travel Around Town

A mobility solutions company sells the best power wheelchairs to travel around town, completing errands and fun activities with friends and family.

These electric wheelchairs for the disabled marry strong performance with useful features to ensure the best traveling experience. These battery powered wheelchairs provide everything you need during the work weekend, then excel on the weekends when the driver is looking to have a good time with other people.

Mobility Scooters Direct recommends the BOSS 4.5 Power Wheelchair, the Merits Health P181 Foldable Power Wheelchair and the Pride Mobility Jazzy Air. These are excellent investments in the health of the driver.

Battery Powered Wheelchairs That Exceed Expectations

The Boss 4.5 is both an indoor and outdoor electronic wheelchair. With a turning radius of less than 25”, the power wheelchair for traveling can maneuver around tight spaces, such as around the office furniture or into storefronts around town.

Long Distance Power Wheelchair: BOSS 4.5 Power WheelchairThe 14” pneumatic wheels on the electric wheelchair are durable and reliable, whether the driver travels on a paved sidewalk or a rough outdoor trail. When seated on the Boss 4.5, the wheels contribute to the comfortability.

The Boss 4.5 is equipped with a blush, captain seat that is relaxing to sit on for mile after mile of travel. When traveling around town on the weekend, the driver will have the stamina, as less comfortable seating arrangements make those type of trips impossible.

There is a cheap power wheelchair add-on, “admirals 50-degree reclining,” which provides more comfort on the power wheelchair for traveling. Previous customers have raved about this additional item.

The Boss 4.5 has strong performance.

The 4 wheel power wheelchair can cover a lengthy range of distance at a quick speed. With mid-wheel drive, the Boss 4.5 has a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour.

The travel range provides all-day travel. The long distance power wheelchair for the disabled is equipped with group 24 12V 75AH batteries, capable of covering 25 miles per total charge.

The weight capacity supports more massive customers, being 450 lbs.

The Boss 4.5 comes in colors Ocean Blue or Candy Apple Red — both impressive to the eye, offering the best first impressions on other people.

A quality electronic wheelchair that our previous customers have raved about is the Merits Health P181.

P181: The Best Heavy Duty Power WheelchairJeremy awards the folding power wheelchair with five-stars.

“This product is great,” Jeremy said in his power wheelchair review. “My wife got this for me and I absolutely love it. It folds easily and is lightweight. It’s great for all the traveling I do.”

Richard ranks the quality electric wheelchair with a five-star rating.

“We have had this chair for more than two years and we have had no issues with it at all,” Richard said in his electronic wheelchair review. “I would and have recommended it to everyone who has asked.”

The Merits Health P181 is a heavy duty power wheelchair with excellent performance abilities.

It is a reliable product if you are on the move. The folding electric wheelchair has a DC 24V 240-watt motor that reaches maximum speeds of 4 mph. At that speed, it still can make tight turns, having a 23” turning radius.

The Merits Health P181 has 12V 35AH U1 batteries. It has a travel range of 25 miles per complete charge.

The weight capacity on the power wheel chair is 450 lbs.

The Merits Health P181 comes in sleek black color.

A third product that we recommend for customers that love to travel around town on the weekends is the Pride Mobility Jazzy Air.

One of the useful features is to travel in the power wheelchair with raise seat. “I love the ability,” Lynn said in her 5 star electronic wheelchair review, “to drive while raised.” The feature makes having conversations easier with friends and family when on the move.
The Jazzy power wheelchair can move at a 3.5 mph maximum speed when lifted or a 4-mph maximum speed when in a non-elevated position.

The long distance power wheelchair is equipped with U1 12V 35AH batteries, capable of covering nearly 19 miles per total charge. The battery life is more than enough to do errands around town and leisurely meet up with those close to the driver.

The Jazzy wheelchair supports a 300 lbs. weight capacity.

One of the best features of the Jazzy Air is that it has a high back captain seat. The luxurious seating arrangement comes in a variety of sizes to best support the driver when traveling, whether it be for less than 60 minutes or multiple hours on the move.

The tires on the Jazzy wheel chair are durable. It has solid flat free 10” and 6” tires. These are perfect for bumpy roads, as they will be impervious to simple debris along the way that most competing power wheelchairs would become compromised.

Pride Mobility Jazzy AirThe Jazzy electric wheelchair with a seat that rises comes in a variety of eye-catching colors. These include, but are not limited to Onyx Black, Sapphire Blue, Amber Orange, Citrine Yellow or Gold.

The Best Power Wheelchairs for Weekend Travel

Mobility Scooters Direct has an expansive inventory. We have selected the best power wheelchairs through meticulous research and by understanding the needs of our customer base.

These best electric wheelchairs include the Boss 4.5, the Merits Health P181 and the Jazzy Air from Pride Mobility. Customers can obtain more information on these excellent power chairs by reaching out to our skilled technician.

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