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The 5 Best Power Wheelchair For Traveling

One of the greatest innovations for the disabled in recent history has been the wheelchair, and it was taken a step further with the power wheelchair – a tool that can provide the disabled with a much wider range of movement than ever before, even if they still require the assistance of someone who has full control of their own body. Non-handicapped people no longer need to push their friends and family along thanks to these power chairs, and with that being the case, most individuals with a physical disability will own one. Even if it is not affordable, most companies will offer financing to make sure these chairs are available to disabled individuals with limited income. Now with that being the case, there is, of course, one major downside that so many people overlook until the time actually comes: traveling. The chair is great for short-range, but it will never keep up with a car, or a plane, and it certainly doesn’t fit well in a suitcase. In addition to that, such chairs can be extremely heavy, and not something you want to manage on your own. The inability to handle a chair like this easily can put quite the damper on the family vacations, and even make simple trips, like grocery runs, unbearably difficult. There are however some companies that have taken this into account, and those that have gone out of their way to make sure their chairs are not only functional but easy to disassemble into several pieces for an easy and pleasurable experience. We have compiled a list of the five most popular chairs, all of which disassemble in one way or another, making your life easier.

Pride Go Chair power wheelchair. (Credit: Mobility Scooters Direct)

Pride Go Chair power wheelchair. (Credit: Mobility Scooters Direct)

Pride Mobility Go Chair Power Electric Wheelchair

When you think of powered wheelchairs, the Mobility line is generally what comes to mind. In this case, we are discussing the electric wheelchair called the Go Chair power by Pride Mobility which is a long-lasting, sturdy chair. It is extremely comfortable, and the best part is that it is able to break down into FOUR easy pieces. It will fit into most trunks or truck beds which makes traveling a breeze. Even with two motors, it is highly transportable. Your job is certainly going to be a lot easier, especially with something this innovative. You owe it to yourself to take a look at this powerful wheelchair and to see what it can do for you.




travel power wheelchairs

Heartway PF4 Rumba SF Electric Power Wheelchair

(UPDATE – This unit is discontinued) — This chair has all the high-end features you could want including:

  • 4600 RPM, 450W Motor
  • Self Generating Brakes
  • Anti-Tip Casters
  • Injection Molded Plastic

All in all, this is a chair that spells independence for the user and sits on an all-metal frame. Though it is a bit expensive(less so with financing), it is perfect for anyone on the go as it dissembles easily for transport, reassembling at your destination with minimal effort. It also features high agility and a tight turn radius. This is a great way to take the mobility on the road with you, whether this is your primary or secondary wheelchair.

Heartway USA Puzzle P15 Folding Power Wheelchair

As with the others mentioned, this one features anti-tip technology to keep the rider perfect safe along with a high powered motor. This chair, unlike the first several mentioned, looks a bit more like a conventional wheelchair and is a bit lighter. This also makes it a bit easier to store in a vehicle making it a great primary or secondary wheelchair, whichever you find to be the most useful. Some of the noteworthy features  of the USA Puzzle P15 Power chair include:

  • 4700 RPM 180W Motor
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Disassemble

Heartway is an outstanding provider of wheelchairs, and with this model, you cannot go wrong.



jazzy elite es power wheelchair

Pride Jazzy Elite ES

This unit is especially designed to be portable, though, in contrast with the others mentioned, it takes portability a step further by being able to fit directly into the trunk of a car. The unit is capable of breaking into four different sections with the front and rear disconnecting from one another. The unit itself can be used indoors or outdoors which makes it perfect for all sorts of family outings, including vacations or trips to the local(or not so local) amusement park. Finally, the 300 LB weight limit ensures that this chair will be perfect for virtually anyone. To learn more about the Pride Jazzy Elite ES, visit the product page on our online store. Alternatively, you can go to our Jazzy power chair page to see all of the Jazzy power wheelchairs that we sell.





Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair

Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair

The Cirrus is an electric folding wheelchair that is very easy to fold up and has a high weight capacity rating. This is what we like to call a low profile wheelchair, and it does a great job of looking more like a traditional chair than a motorized monstrosity. It easily folds, which means loading and unloading into a car is easier than ever. One thing to note about this chair is that while it is lightweight(using a lithium battery) it still features a travel range of 15 miles. While other wheelchairs on this list may come apart in several steps the Cirrus plus power wheelchair by drive folds in one easy step, making it perfect for those in a hurry, and even more so for those who do not have much room to spare in their vehicles. If you want to get in and out as quickly as possible, then this is one chair that you simply do not want to miss.

There are several great options here, so make sure you take a look at each and every one of them, determining which of these fits your lifestyle best. A power chair is most certainly not a light decision to make, and it is an investment that will affect your life, or the life of the one you purchase it for, for many years to come. Above all, make sure you can handle taking it on the go, or wherever life happens to lead you.