The Best Golden Technologies Power Wheelchairs for Seniors

It is important that Mom and Dad are happy. The best Golden Technologies power wheelchairs for seniors will make them thank the lord for the day you were born.

As seniors age, it is no surprise that they will lose coordination, have decreased strength and minimal endurance. This trifecta can be troubling to witness.

For the people who sacrificed so much for you, it is imperative to reward them with the gift of seamless mobility. Our quality power wheelchairs are the perfect present — regardless of the occasion.

This article will recommend four of the best electric wheelchairs, such as the LiteRider ENVY Power Wheelchair, the Alante Sport Power Wheelchair and the Compass Sport Power Wheelchair. These 4 wheel power chairs are excellent investments to the health and prosperity of the recipient, especially when that recipient is your parents.

Battery Powered Wheelchairs for Seniors

Awarded five-stars in his power wheelchair review, Blake L. loves how simple it is to operate his LiteRider ENVY.

“[The] LiteRider performs well,” said Blake.

Like Blake, your parents can have a battery-powered wheelchair that consistently performs well from our nationwide power wheelchair store. The LiteRider ENVY is a travel power wheelchair that will become the best friend of any senior, due to its simplicity and power.


With a motor that separates from the frame, the power wheelchair for traveling reaches a maximum speed of nearly 4 mph. This long distance electric wheelchair is equipped with 18AH batteries and can cover over 15 miles per complete charge.

The weight capacity of the 4 wheel electric chair holds 300 lbs. while the driver travels with comfortability on a stadium seat.

Our customers can purchase the LiteRider ENVY at a slight discount. The affordable power wheelchair is listed for $1,449, which reflects a savings of nearly 30 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Alternatively, the cheap electric wheelchair can be purchased using our simple financing options. This financial method starts at $128 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

A second excellent choice that doctors recommend for seniors is the Alante Sport. The 4 wheel electric wheelchair from Golden Technologies comes equipped with a captain seat, which is commonly referred to as the most comfortable seating arrangement on the market.

Luxury Power Wheelchairs: The Doctor and Insurance

Customers who travel in a captain seat have mile after mile of relaxing travel. The seating arrangement offers excellent support for the lower back while keeping the body secure when taking sharp turns and traveling over bumpy sidewalks.

The Alante Sport, using front wheel drive with in-line motors, reaches maximum speeds of nearly 4 mph. This long distance electric wheelchair can cover almost 17 miles per complete charge. The electronic wheelchair supports customers under the 300 lbs. weight capacity.

Listed for $2,499 as of the publication of this article, customers will save over 50 percent from the MSRP, with a final listing price of $2,499. For simple financing options, the Alante Sport starts at $220 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

The power wheelchair from Golden Technologies comes in a sleek red color. This awesome looking power wheelchair will add confidence to the driver as he or she travels to a destination.

Another fantastic investment in the health and wellness of parents who need assistance in their mobility is the Compass Sport. This durable full size power wheelchair features accessories that previous customers cherish.

Leg rest will keep the driver in luxury when traveling from one place to another. The reclining back captain seat offers a relaxing experience regardless of the distance covered.

The Compass Sport has a transaxle motor and reaches maximum speeds over 4 mph. The spacious power wheelchair is equipped with U1 batteries and covers a travel range of 15 miles per total charge. The weight capacity of the Compass Sport is 300 lbs.

Purchase this sleek power wheelchair on a significant 35 percent discount from the MSRP. After factoring the savings by purchasing the affordable electric wheelchair from Mobility Scooters Direct, our customers will pay $3,399.

On the other hand, our customers can purchase the cheap power wheelchair using simple financing options, which start at $299 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

To enhance the riding experience on the Compass Sport, we recommend including additional accessories to personalize the 4 wheel power wheelchair to the needs of the senior citizen. The battery powered wheelchair can come equipped with a large rear basket, $55, which provides a secure location to hold valuables as the driver goes from one place to another. The basket is sturdy and can handle objects that are heavy, such as a variety of groceries from the local supermarket.

Another fantastic addition to the Compass Sport is the weatherproof cover. The weatherproof cover, $99, will protect drivers from poor weather conditions, such as when they go to the grocery store. As they leave the store, the purchases will remain protected from the elements and the driver will be thankful that he or she is not being drenched with rain.

Purchase a Quality Power Wheelchair for Mom or Dad

Recommending three of the best power wheelchairs, this article provided an overview of products that seniors, such as parents, will love. Customer service is paramount to the values of our nationwide electric wheelchair store. We encourage questions and we recommend speaking with a skilled technician from our team to answer the tough questions.

To speak with a skilled technician, please call (877) 721-7748 during our hours of operation, which are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST during the weekdays and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST on the weekends. During all other times, we recommend visiting our blog. Our blog provides a wealth of useful information.

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