The Best Power Wheelchairs for Theme Parks

Quality time, with friends and family is what life is all-about. For your next theme park vacation, consider the best power wheelchairs for theme parks. These power chairs include the following:

We stand by these excellent scooters that enable our loyal customers with the capability to explore and partake in the enjoyment of a theme park, with family and friends, without the common drawbacks that come with inferior scooters.

Electric Wheelchairs for Traveling within a Theme Park

Devising a list of the best power wheelchairs for theme parks is no easy task. We recently published an article on the best mobility scooters for theme parks, where we providing the following:

When devising a list of the best mobility scooters for theme parks, it is important to consider the layout of the most popular venues, such as Walt Disney World Theme Parks and Universal Studios. These theme parks offer scooters, or electric conveyance vehicles, which can be rented for exorbitant prices.

Disney World, for instance, offers two options to rent a scooter, depending upon the park. For both the Walt Disney World Theme Parks and Walt Disney World Water Parks and Disney Springs, cheap mobility scooters start at $50-a-day. The former requires a refundable $20-deposit, while the latter requires a $100-deposit. We recommend bringing one of our affordable mobility scooters with you to save money that could be spent on alternative options during the trip, such as the popular Blue Man Group performances.

Renting a power wheelchair — or a quality mobility scooter for that matter — is outrageously expensive in a theme park, as the quote so elegantly illustrates.

Pride Jazzy Air Power ChairBecome a rebel and consider the Pride Mobility Jazzy Air, which is one of the best power wheelchairs for 2017 and among the best power chairs in our inventory. The Pride Mobility Jazzy Air is a state-of-the-art power chair with tremendous upside. The quality power wheelchair is a unique option that has received increased popularity in recent months for its ability to elevate to a safe seating and standing position.

The ability to stand and sit on command is a game-changer for many of our customers. This is often the most difficult part of transit with a power chair for driver who have debilitating ailments or who are simply obese. In addition, our power chairs, such as the Pride Mobility Jazzy Air is so comfortable that customers also do not want to leave their seats!

The Pride Mobility Jazzy Air comes equipped with a high-back captain seat, which is affectionately known as one of the most comfortable seating arrangements on the market today. The high-back captain seat provides the perfect balance of firmness and comfort, while holding the driver securely when making rapid breaks or turns.

The Pride Mobility Jazzy Air comes with U1 35AH standard – 40 AH upgrade batteries, which allows the long distance power wheelchair to travel up to 18.4-miles per complete charge. The power chair travels quickly, with a maximum speed of 4 mph. The weight capacity of the Pride Mobility Jazzy Air is a generous 300 lbs.

The affordable power wheelchair is currently listed for $3,959 — on a discount of nearly 10 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

A second excellent power wheelchair for theme parks is the Alante Sport Power Wheelchair. The Alante Sport Power Wheelchair is a stylish power chair that is highly maneuverable. This is important in a theme park where there are thousands of people constantly walking. This quality power wheelchair can make sharp turns, moving around people in the way, while traveling at a speed that is good for the entire party.

The Alante Sport Power Wheelchair has U1 batteries that helps the long distance power wheelchair travel 16.5-miles per complete charge. The power chair moves quickly from one ride to another, having a maximum speed of 3.5 mph. The weight capacity on the sporty power chair is 300 lbs.

Alante Sport Power WheelchairCustomers who purchase the Alante Sport Power Wheelchair often personalize the power chair to their needs and preferences. For instance, a customer who uses a cane to walk will find tremendous value with having a cane holder (+$85) included with their mobility powered device. Another common addition for a more general audience is a weatherproof cover (+$80). In the theme park, should it begin to rain, the weatherproof cover will provide protecting; along with protection from the sun on a sunny day, when the group has to wait in long lines.

One of the best features about the Alante Sport Power Wheelchair is included, requiring no additional expenditures. Like the Pride Mobility Jazzy Air, the Alante Sport Power Wheelchair includes a reclining, high-back captain seat. This is an ideal seating arrangement in a theme park. While customers who have ailments or suffer from obesity will be able to skip lines, traveling from one ride to another can be a lengthy process and the high-back captain seat will keep the driver in the best mood and comfort.

The Alante Sport Power Wheelchair is an excellent investment that will last years from the date of purchase. The affordable power wheelchair is currently on an over 50 percent discount from the MSRP, as it is listed for $2,499. Customers can obtain this cheap power wheelchair with simple financing, which starts at $220 a month for 12-months at a 10 percent APR.

Purchase the Best Electric Wheelchairs for Theme Parks

We encourage our customers to take advantage of the excellent deals that are currently on the power wheelchairs — Pride Mobility Jazzy Air and Alante Sport Power Wheelchair — recommended in this article. These power chairs provide impeccable performance on a consistent basis. Should customers have additional questions, we recommend reaching out to a skilled member from our team.

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