These Cheap Power Wheelchairs Save Customers Thousands

SAVE MONEY TODAYThese cheap power wheelchairs will save customers thousands!

Mobility Scooters Direct is a leader in the field of mobility assistance devices. We have a unique relationship with all the top manufacturers of power wheelchairs, therefore we guarantee the lowest prices on our selection, along with excellent factory warranties. It is not surprising that we have many loyal customers who are highly satisfied with their previous purchases.

We value our customers — each is unique and deserves our full, ample attention. Often times, our customers are on a budget that requires frugality. This article will recommend the following three heavy duty power wheelchairs:

These each have excellent power wheelchairs reviews and we encourage you to learn more about these options.

Affordable Power Wheelchairs from Mobility Scooters Direct

Long Distance Power Wheelchair: BOSS 4.5 Power WheelchairThe BOSS 4.5 Power Wheelchair has affectionately been compared to a couch due to its immense comfort when drivers take the power chair from one place to another. The quality power wheelchair comes equipped with an overstuffed captain seat. The captain seat is one of the most comfortable seating arrangement for mobility assisted devices. It provides the perfect balance of plush comfort and firmness.

Customers often add additional accessories when purchasing this cheap power wheelchair to better personalize the power chair to their specific needs and preferences. For drivers who have issues with their respiratory system, we offer an efficient oxygen tank holder (+$105). Another valued addition is an amputee support DBL (+$350) that is highly supportive, especially for military veterans.

The BOSS 4.5 Power Wheelchair, which can come in a candy apple red or a sleek ocean blue travels at a respectable maximum speed of 5 mph, with a turning radius of 24.40″. The long distance power wheelchair has a battery range of 25-miles per complete charge. The weight capacity for this cheap power wheelchair is a generous 450 lbs., which is ideal for customers who are obese.

Mobility Scooters Direct customers will save nearly $3,000 from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), as the cheap power wheelchair is listed for $4,375. For customers who are interested in simple financing, the BOSS 4.5 Power Wheelchair starts at $385 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent APR.

Shoprider 6Runner 14 Power WheelchairA recent addition to our inventory and the second recommended cheap power wheelchair is our Shoprider 6Runner 14 Power Wheelchair. This quality power wheelchair was manufactured by Shoprider, who is a leader in the industry for almost 30 years! For customers who purchase this power wheelchair, it quickly comes apparent that they made an excellent selection as this is a highly durable, reliable power chair.

One of the perks of the Shoprider 6Runner 14 Power Wheelchair is that it can travel on a variety of different terrains, in a multitude of weather conditions. For instance, when traveling to the store from a residence, the route may require traveling over a grassy plain. The driver need not to fear having a rock or another potential hazard from damaging the reliable power chair.

Another potential route can be one in which requires traveling up a steep hill. The Shoprider 6Runner 14 Power Wheelchair easily propels forward, even when additional variables come into the picture, like bad rainy weather. The quality power wheelchair will stay secure when gliding forward of that hill without compromising the safety of the driver.

An accessory that we recommend including with the purchase of the Shoprider 6Runner 14 Power Wheelchair is a weatherproof cover (+$120). Such as in the previous example, where rainy weather was thrown into the equation, having a weatherproof cover will shield the driver from the elements, avoiding becoming soaked, cold and miserable. Previous customers have found significant value from that purchase.

This heavy duty power wheelchair has promising performance. The power chair has a maximum speed of 3 mph. The travel range for the Shoprider 6Runner 14 Power Wheelchair is a healthy 17-mile per complete charge. The weight capacity for the power chair is ideal for customers who suffer from obesity, being an immense 450 lbs.

While the affordable power wheelchair has an MSRP of $6,595, our customers can expect a discount nearly $4,000. Alternatively, our customers can also purchase the Shoprider 6Runner 14 Power Wheelchair with simple financing options, which start at $229 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent APR.

Image EC Power WheelchairFinally, consider the Image EC Power Wheelchair. Coming a powerful red color or an elusive blue tone, this quality power wheelchair uses mid wheel drive and a strong front suspension system to deliver a smooth ride each and every time. The power chair was built for excellent performance, designed to preform spectacularly.

We recommend purchasing the Image EC Power Wheelchair with additional accessories. The rear basket is free, which is perfect for frugal customers who need to store important items while they travel from one place to another. A second addition is geared toward a niche audience, those who have a forgetful memory. We recommend adding a safety flag (+$30), which makes the power chair simple to recognize.

The maximum speed that the Image EC Power Wheelchair can travel is 4 mph. The travel range is 12.5-miles per complete charge. This is a strong one-two combination, as the power chair can travel lengthy distances at a reasonable fast speed. The turning radius is 27.5″. The weight capacity for the heavy duty power wheelchair is 300 lbs.

Customers can purchase the Image EC Power Wheelchair today for a mere $3,499. This is a savings of nearly $3,000 from the MSRP — ideal for our customers who are on a budget and are looking to save thousands. We offer the cheap power wheelchair for easy financing, which starts at $308 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent APR.

Purchase a Cheap Power Wheelchair

The quality power wheelchairs recommended in this article are each available for purchase today from Mobility Scooters Direct. For additional information on the power wheelchairs mentioned in this article, feel free to call our skilled customer service representatives at (877) 721-7748. We will be looking forward to your correspondence.