If you're dependent on a wheelchair and want to go to the beach you're in the right place. We have partnered with some of the best manufacturers of beach-friendly wheelchairs and offer several models to choose from in our store.

  • Sand Helper Beach Wheelchair
    Model: sandhelper | Sand Helper LLC
    - Max Speed: Up to 4 MPH
    - Travel Range: Up to 8 Miles
    - Weight Capacity: Up to 600 LBS
    - Seat Type: Captain Seat
    - Beach Wheelchair: Yes
    - Tax-Free!
    Our Price$17,999.00
    MSRP: $19,999.00
    You Save: $2,000.00
    Special Offer

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Best Wheelchairs For Beaches

These wheelchairs for beaches are made with the best quality materials and are made TO LAST A LONG TIME. Other competing models are made with PVC and use cheap material that does not last in the harsh saltwater environments. We carry manual and power wheelchairs that are designed to go on beaches with big inflatable tires so that you can get back out on the beach as you have always wanted. These wheelchairs are all manufactured right here in the USA. Please call us, chat with us or connect with us on Facebook to learn more about our products. We have a knowledgeable staff ready to answer any questions that you might have, we do not outsource our sales or customer service as our competitors do.

An Electric Beach Wheelchair that is Made in the USA

Many of our customers not only prefer a beach wheelchair made in the USA, they demand it. That is why we exclusively offer USA-made wheelchairs for the beach. Not any company or person can just wake up one morning and build a beach wheelchair. The last thing you would want to do is get stuck on the sand or have a catastrophic failure. This is why buying a high-quality unit is critical. Even a used beach wheelchair may have problems that you are unaware of. If you do decide that maybe you wish to buy a used beach wheelchair because new ones are to costly, be sure to ask why is it getting sold and is there any sort of warranty that goes along with it. Even though you are buying used, it will still be costly. This is why many people just prefer to buy a new wheelchair for the beach.

Power Wheelchair for Beaches For Sale at Mobility Scooters Direct

For those looking for a beach wheelchair for sale, you have found the right website. You will find many listings of some of the best beach wheelchairs currently available on the market. What makes the best beach wheelchair? The utilization of high-quality parts. A well thought out design. And a unit that is effective at moving on the sand without getting stuck. Wheelchairs made for the beach will have all of these features because they are critical for longevity and user happiness. If the parts are low quality, the salt in the air from the ocean will certainly equate to rust on the frame. If you are a beach lover, be sure to check out this great article which talks about wheelchair accessible beaches throughout the USA!

For those wondering how to get an electric wheelchair on the beach, if you have a beach wheelchair you simply just proceed to the sand area and continue your course. If you have a traditional power wheelchair or standard wheelchair you will not be able to go on the sand as it is not a recommended type of terrain. This is because you can easily get stuck. Further, electric power wheelchairs

not built for the sand may have sand blow in the internal parts causing damage. For this reason, it is best not to attempt to go on the sand in an electric wheelchair unless it is specifically designed to be on the beach like the ones you see on this page.

While the price of a beach wheelchair is typically far more than a traditional wheelchair this is because they are much harder to build and require many custom parts that are not easily found. The team at Mobility Scooters Direct will do its best job at ensuring we provide you with the best possible pricing due to the relationships we have created with the manufacturer of these beach wheelchairs. Also, keep in mind that we are often running promotions where you can utilize a coupon code for beach wheelchairs to save even more money! We look forward to helping you get on the beach soon.