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ScootaTrailer - Mobility Scooter & Power Wheelchair Trailer

MANUFACTURER NOTE - These Scoota Trailers are custom-made to order and all sales are final. We cannot accept returns or cancellations after payment is submitted due to the manufacturer's policies.

Transporting your power wheelchair or mobility scooter with a trailer has never been easier. Forget about lifting heavy mobility scooters or power wheelchairs. If you have a bad back, knees, hip, or simply do not have the strength to manipulate weight then the ScootaTrailer could be the perfect solution for you. Simply load your mobility device on the scooter. You can even travel at highway speeds!

ScootaTrailer is a fourth-generation custom trailer company. Their beginnings began in 2003 when a woman came to them with a problem she was unable to solve. She had an electric wheelchair and had no way to haul it around. After successfully solving her transportation issue, ScootaTrailer was born. 2003 was a long time ago and since then several upgrades have been made to continuously perfect the product. When you purchase a ScootaTrailer, you are buying an American made product from North Carolina. Now thousands of users have proven that the ScootaTrailer is the ultimate solution that is not vehicle specific!

Scoota Trailer - What are the Advantages?

What does not vehicle specific mean? When you purchase a mobility scooter lift or power wheelchair lift, it is typically specific to the vehicle. What happens if you trade that vehicle in for a different vehicle? For instance, if you have a 2015 Ford Explorer but then downsize to a 2017 Toyota Camry, you cannot use the same exact lift from the Ford Explorer. Even if you plan it perfectly where it would be compatible, you'll have to pay labor to remove the old lift, and then pay for more labor to reinstall the mobility scooter or power wheelchair lift! This cost ends up being in the thousands.

Another clear advantage is that you are not changing the dimensions of your vehicle. With a power wheelchair platform lift or mobility scooter platform lift, you are extending the length of your vehicle. In many instances, it will not allow you to park in your garage. When you have a ScootaTrailer, you can simply disconnect the trailer and leave it parked outside or in another space in your garage if you wish. It is not permanently affixed to your vehicle. This also means you do not need to tow the ScootaTrailer when you are not intending on using your mobility scooter at the destination you are going to.

The largest advantage is simple. Nearly any single vehicle can tow a Scoota Trailer! That is right, where this mobility scooter trailer really shines is in the versatility department. Being able to be towed on a small Toyota Corolla or other cars enables many to travel with their mobility scooter or power wheelchair when previously they could not. This has given many the independence they need without forcing them to purchase or utilize another vehicle for the purpose of transporting their mobility device.

ScootaTrailer - Standard Features

Below are the standard features you can expect to receive when purchasing a mobility scooter trailer manufactured by ScootaTrailer.

  • Spare tire kit (tire & wheel, side mount carrier)
  • Enamel paint with baked on powder coat​
  • Load ramp is spray rubber coated
  • Load Ramp is gas shock assisted for easy up and down positioning
  • Trailer floor has traction grip tape
  • Trailer coupler lock (helps prevent theft)
  • Four tie-downs with tie down locations in 10 places
  • Front swivel jack & caster wheel
  • Rear LED signal lights & license light
  • LED handheld battery operated light with magnet for night loading
  • Brushed, smooth aluminum fenders, bolted on for easy removal
  • High speed ST 145/R12 radial, 1,230 lbs. @ 65 p.s.i., Load Range D, 8 ply rating, White powder coat 4 lug wheels. each
  • Torflex rubber ride suspension to allow for a smooth ride
  • Easy to move Trailer when disconnected from the vehicle

  • Aluminum top
  • Rubberized bed liner

ScootaTrailer - FAQs

Can my car, truck, SUV, or van tow a ScootaTrailer? Yes! Any vehicle that has a trailer hitch can tow one. You do not need to worry about class hitches like you do with platform lifts or other types of vehicle lifts.

Is the ScootaTrailer safe? - Absolutely. It has been in use since 2003 and continues to get fantastic reviews. This is because of its independent suspension as well as a low center of gravity. This enables the ScootaTrailer to be very stable at all speeds, even on the highway. Some people complain about trailer sway but with the low center of gravity and independent suspension, swaying in minimized.

Will my mobility scooter or power wheelchair be secure? - If you purchase an optional top, there is a lock option.

How stable is the ScootaTrailer? - Only a maximum of 75lbs of pressure is ever applied to the vehicle's tow hitch. When combined with even weight distribution, you will have great stability.

Will my scooter or power chair be safe from rain, sun, snow, etc? - Yes! This is where the ScootaTrailer truly shines. f you purchase the optional cover for the mobility scooter it will be fully protected from the elements unlike other options on the market which leave your expensive mobility device exposed to the elements. The powder coat finish is chip & rust-resistant.

How hard is the ScootaTrailer to use? - It is very simple to use. When not in use simply disconnect the trailer. When you need to use the trailer, simply connect it. It is that simple! You might think lining it up will be difficult. However, with the front caster, you can bring the trailer to the vehicle.

Will parking be difficult in reverse? - Why use reverse? Try to find a parking spot without a parking block so you can just pull your vehicle forward to take up two spaces!

ScootaTrailer Product Demonstration Videos

Loading mobility scooter -

Opening the top of the mobility scooter trailer -

Closing the top of the mobility scooter trailer -

Getting the Best Prices on the ScootaTrailer

To get the best prices on the ScootaTrailer for sale online, reach out to a friendly sales associate at Mobility Scooters Direct. We'd be happy to check for seasonal or product-specific coupons for you. Thank you for your interest in the ScootaTrailer power wheelchair & mobility scooter trailer!


(A) Scoota-Trailer Return Policy Inspect your product upon delivery. The consideration for return, as stated in line item number three, does NOT include any damages which may have occurred during shipment of the product. In fact, the moment the product leaves the premises of the manufacturer it immediately becomes the sole property of the purchaser. It is most important that upon delivery, the recipient thoroughly inspect the product to satisfy that it is being received in perfect condition, and without damage. If damage is found, it will be the complete responsibility of the recipient to identify (and to make known), this damage prior to signing the acceptance page for the delivering freight company. The manufacturer accepts NO responsibility for damaged freight. Claims must be dealt directly by the recipient, and with the freight carrier who is delivering the product! The product, known as ScootaTrailer™, is non-returnable***, except in the case of a manufacturing defect, and will be considered for a return for exchange or repair as the manufacturer deems necessary. (See the next line item) The recipient of the product, either merchant or consumer, will have ten (10) days, from and including the day of delivery, to inspect it for any manufacturing defects. If the product is delivered and there are no reports of defects in materials or workmanship by either merchant or consumer within the allowable ten (10) day period, the product will be entirely non-returnable. A return is only allowed so that an exchange can be made. There will be NO return with regard to a refund, and no such refund is either expressed or implied, either written or verbal. If the manufacturer concludes that there is, in fact, a defect, the manufacturer, at its discretion, will repair or have repaired, or replace the product without cost to the merchant or the consumer. If the manufacturer chooses to call for a return rather than having it repaired, there are several steps that must be followed and are required. An invoice "bill of sale" and a document called "certificate of origin" is always mailed by 'priority mail' to the address that was provided to the manufacturer. It is never shipped inside the box or container with the product. This document is the ONLY legal tie to the product. A 'return goods authorization' number can be issued without the manufacturer having received these documents first. However, NO exchange will be issued until these original documents have been received by the manufacturer. What is a 'return goods authorization', or RGA number? It is simply a number given by the manufacturer designated for identification and verification of the product being returned. If a return for exchange is allowed by the manufacturer, an RGA will be required, and must be written boldly on the outside of the package being returned. ANY products that are returned without a valid RGA number indicated on the box will be refused. To acquire an RGA number contact ScootaTrailer, LLC at (336) 764-3323. The merchant or consumer will be responsible that the product is in it's original box and on the original pallet, undamaged and unused. If either party does not have the original box and pallet, or if the packaging is torn or impaired, it may not protect the content. When the product is received an inspection will be done to consider what damages may have occurred because of improper packaging. Any damages that occur to the product and deemed by the manufacturer as a fault of improper packaging, (this does not include the defects claimed within the ten day inspection period), will be charged to the purchaser and those charges will be collected by the manufacturer before a replacement unit will be issued. If new boxing is necessary, one may be purchased at the cost of the box and the pallet plus shipping. Once the product is received by the manufacturer in its new condition, other than the claims made against manufacturer defect(s), the manufacturer, will ship a replacement unit and mail a new 'certificate origin' to replace the one returned, at no cost to the merchant or consumer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (B) Cancellation Policy There will be a $250.00 per unit cancellation charge once the unit(s) is ordered, but has not shipped. Reasons for the charge are listed below. At the moment payment is received for this product, documentation is immediately prepared and processed. 1) A Federal Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is issued. 2) A 'Certificate of Origin' for the VIN is created (per Federal law). 3) An invoice 'bill of sale' is created and printed with name & address, and also includes the seventeen digit VIN that was issued. The information on the invoice matches the information that appears on the 'certificate'. 4) Also created, is a warranty sheet, an order confirmation sheet, a maintenance & use guideline and assembly instruction sheet. And, of course, a shipping 'bill of lading' is also created. *** Re-establishing identity and ownership of a vehicle involves voiding all documentation, as well as creating new invoices and documentation for the cancelled unit(s). This is not only costly, but takes time to complete. Therefore, refunds will require two to three weeks from the day a cancellation confirmation is received.
More Information
Warranty 1 Year
Type of Lift Trailer
Installed Weight 385 lbs
Platform Width 37.5" | Overall 53"
Platform Length 66" | Overall 93"
Lifting Capacity 600 lbs
Manufacturer Scoota-Trailer
Overall Height 52" (with tallest top option)
MSRP - Minimum Advertised Price $4,740.00





Please note that this is a summary of our return policy, the full return policy can be found here:

Please call or email our customer service department if you have any questions at (877) 460-1646 or [email protected]

Summary of Return Policy:

Mobility Direct offers a 5-day return policy which means that when you receive your product, you have 5 days to ensure it's working as intended. If the product is defective or not working, we will either work with the manufacturer to ensure the unit is either fixed (if possible) or we can have the product returned at no cost to you in most cases. If a product arrives defective, we will act in a timely manner to get the product fixed by a local technician. If that is not possible, we will offer to have the product exchanged or returned for a complete refund.

If your product is working fine without any defects or damage, you may still return the unit within that 5 day return period but you will be required to: 

1. Request a return authorization (RMA) from our customer service department. 

2. Repackage the product in the original packaging.

3. Ship the product back to one of our receiving locations. 

Once we receive the product and inspect it for damage you will be refunded the amount of the product minus a restocking fee of up to 20%. If the product is damaged, the costs to replace parts and repair the unit will also be deducted from the total refund amount. 

How to Handle Your Product Delivery

Please follow the steps below BEFORE SIGNING for and ACCEPTING Delivery:


If there are NO visible holes, rips, dents, or tears to any of the packaging, then please sign and accept your delivery without making exceptions.


If there are visible holes, rips, dents, or tears to any of the packaging, please notate the extent of the damage in the exceptions area of the delivery slip, and accept your delivery. Contact our customer service department at (877) 460-1646 if the product is found to be damaged after unpacking. Please note the delivery driver is NOT obligated to wait for you to unpack the scooter to inspect before you accept the delivery.


If there IS an extreme amount of obvious damage to the packaging of your scooter, please refuse the delivery as “Damaged in Transit”, then both you and the Delivery Driver must sign the BOL. Immediately notify our customer service department at (877) 460-1646 if a shipment is refused due to extreme damage.


If there was NO visible damage to the packaging, but the product is damaged, immediately call our customer service department at(877) 460-1646 to report the damage. Concealed damage claims are limited to 72 hours after delivery in order for us to file a damage claim and provide you with the fastest solution.

It is important you know that our manufacturing partners are putting each product through a 35 point inspection two separate times before shipping. Although the package may not appear damaged, this does not mean it was not mishandled during transit.