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Carlos Loves His New Revo 2.0 Scooter

Carlos, who is a avid fisherman, loves his new scooter. He also loved his experience with our sales and customer service department so much that he left us positive reviews on Google & Facebook. He added some fishing pole holders to his scooter's rear basket which was pretty neat. We are so happy for you Carlos, thank you for the business and for allowing us to share this great video of your new scooter all rigged up for fishing! Don't hesitate to call us if you need anything with your new scooter. we're here for you.

Mobility Scooters Direct Helps Julio When In Need

Mobility Scooters Direct can proudly provide you an excellent rebound when recovering from an injury or condition that inhibits leg mobility. Mobility Scooters Direct provided Julio with the amazing Mobie folding mobility Scooter. Julio was suffering from a high ankle sprain. Julio was unable to get around efficiently. Let's face it, the older we get, the longer the recovery time will be for such an injury. Julio was now able to get around. He was able to get around as most of his job consists of driving and walking. Julio can simply and easily fold his Solax Mobility, Mobie, folding mobility scooter and lift it into the back seat of his truck. Mobility Scooters Direct provided Julio the best price on the internet with White-Glove delivery service to make it more convenient. Mobility Scooters Direct thanks Julio for being a cool customer. Julio did not want to get just a basic scooter. He wanted something that would make heads spin. Lucky for us, he is a walking billboard. Julio has recommended many others to do business with us because of our knowledge and customer service.

Mobility Scooters Direct Made Kimberly One Happy Customer

Mobility Scooters Direct really came through for Kimberly. Kimberly was having trouble with an old scooter she had, had for years. When the control module on her scooter malfunctioned, it was not worth the money to repair. We gave Kimberly an excellent deal on a Brand NEW Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveler SC40E. We were out to her home in just a few hours to hand-deliver and instruct Kimberly on her new electric conveyance vehicle. Kimberly had a minimal downtime from being able to use her mobility scooter. Not only did Kimberly get the best price as promised, but she also received a one year in-home warranty. Kimberly has nothing to worry about for one solid year for parts and labor. Our fast turnaround times guarantee you to be up and running in no time at all.

Mobility Scooters Direct Sold and Installed Marvins Scooter Lift

Mobility Scooters Direct gave Marvin one of the many great customers a professional installation and sale of his new Harmar AL-160 Profile Scooter lift for his Lexus RX-300 SUV. Marvin, unfortunately, suffered from conditions that did not allow him to get in and out vehicles easily, let alone travel with his scooter. With his new Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveller, Marvin is now able to easily ride to the door. He can then support himself to get into his higher SUV. With help from his wife, she is able to take the mobility scooter to his mobility scooter lift and secure it with the touch of a button. Marvin's all-new electric mobility scooter lift now provides him more independence and he continues to on the go every day. Thank you, Marvin, for being such an inspirational customer!

Mobility Scooters Direct Provides Happy Customers Everyday

Thank you Margaret for giving us such nice thoughts about your mobility scooter lift by Harmar. When you called us you explained that all of the local competitors did not know how to do the installation on your vehicle. We fit your Scion XB with a Harmar AL-160 Best Selling Lift to carry your Pride Mobility Go-Go mobility scooter. When it comes to getting the right job done always choose Mobility Scooters Direct for the best knowledge, best price, best service, and best customer service the industry could ask for. From the time you called, we had you hitch,  and lift installed in less than 5 days. Mobility Scooters Direct was able to give Margaret more independence so she can travel shop and go sightseeing without the assistance of others. As always, we thank all of our great customers for the valued feedback you give us! When it comes to power mobility solutions, we are the number one go-to company in the USA.

Mobility Scooters Direct Helps Lewis Quickly

When Lewis called Mobility Scooters Direct for service on his power wheelchair, he was overwhelmed with the knowledge and professionalism our trained technicians provided him. Once we were on-site to see that the problem was, we immediately called for a quote on a new joystick he desperately needed. Mobility Scooters Direct ordered the part and within only a couple of days, we were back at his home to fix his Shoprider Streamer that was urgently needed service. Mobility Scooters Direct provided Lewis with quality customer service, and excellent technicians to get the job done right. Lewis has since referred us, several new customers, because of the way he was treated and how quickly the job got done. Thank you Lewis for being apart of the Mobility Scooters Direct family. With your business and your testimonials others get to see first hand at what we can accomplish and how fast.

Mobility Scooters Direct Delivered & Installed Janet's Stair Lift System


Mobility Scooters Direct saved Janet hundreds of dollars by calling us for installation of a stairlift in her home. We arrived to do an assessment within 48 hours and got the job done in a week's time. Her stairlift helps carry her to the top of one landing, followed by another small lift. On any given day Janet can easily go up and down her stairs at the push of a button. Janet feels safe knowing her reliable equipment never fails. With Mobility Scooters Direct taking care of Janet's issue by installing her stair lift for her home, she can use the stairs at any given time she would like. Her battery back up unit ensures that she will never have her stairlift power failure. Mobility Scooters Direct would like to thank you Janet for being such a great and enthusiastic customer!

Mobility Scooters Direct Delivered & Serviced Mary's Power Wheelchair

While on vacation to the beautiful Hollywood Beach, FL boardwalk, Mary experienced trouble with her power wheelchair. When she called Mobility Scooters Direct, we responded to her timeshare within only a few hours. Once we arrived our professional technicians quickly diagnosed the issue. We then repaired her battery powered wheelchair in under an hour. Mary was very grateful for our promptness and professionalism when it came to repairing her power wheelchair. Mary and her husband were able to enjoy the rest of their vacation by taking walks down the boardwalk. Mary was so happy she wanted to let everyone on the internet know how much Mobility Scooters Direct caters to their customers in every possible way. As a valued customer of Mobility Scooters Direct, Mary can have her power wheelchair serviced anywhere in the United States.

Mobility Scooters Direct Serviced and Repaired Dr. Harold's Mobility Scooter

When retired cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Harold was experiencing problems with his mobility scooter he called Mobility Scooters Direct. Dr. Harold quickly realized that Mobility Scooters Direct provided the best service in the industry. We had responded to Dr. Harold's home within 24 hours of the initial call. When we arrived at his home his scooter was very sick and needed to be fixed. Our professionally trained technicians went above the call of duty and repaired his scooter within only a couple of hours. Dr. Harold was having slight difficulty walking long distances, that is why he bought a mobility scooter. A mobility scooter gave Dr. Harold more independence and with our help, we had him on the go again. Dr. Harold was very pleased with our professional service and recommended Mobility Scooters Direct to everyone who needs service or is in need of a mobiity scooter or power wheelchair.

Mobility Scooters Direct Delivered Ivan an Electric Scooter Lift

Ivan is a valued customer of ours that needed a repair on his mobility scooter lift on his Honda Odyssey. While he was in his native province in Canada, Ivan could not find anyone to repair his mobility scooter lift. When he came back to the United States, he quickly called Mobility Scooters Direct. When Ivan came to our store he was seeking a repair for the belt that was broken on his lift. Our qualified technicians quickly located the parts for his scooter lift and replaced it very quickly. Ivan said everything was perfect and he couldn't have been more pleased. Now that Ivan has his mobility scooter lift working again, he can effortlessly place his Pride Go Go Elite Traveler scooter in the back of his minivan. Ivan said he would recommend everyone he knows to us as he knows they will be in good hands.

Mobility Scooters Direct Delivered & Installed Mr. Pearson's Mobility Scooter and Truck Lift

George had originally bought his Pride Go Go Sport from Mobility Scooters Direct. As the year went on he realized it was beginning to be troublesome to transport his mobility scooter. George has recently purchased a new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and needed a lift for his scooter. As the great loyal customer that he is, he called Mobility Scooters Direct for the best pricing in the industry. We went over all of his options for the lift and ended up purchasing the Harmar AL160 Lift, with swing-away attachment for his truck. The swing away attachment allows Mr. Pearson to gain access to his tailgate. It was only a few days following his order, that we came out to the comfort of his own home, to have his lift installed, at his convenience. Mr. Pearson was again very pleased with Mobility Scooters Direct's dedicated serviced to our returning and new customers. George can now easily transport his mobility scooter whenever he is on the go. Thank you George for your business!

Mobility Scooters Direct Repaired Mr. Goldsteins Mobility Scooter

Mr. Goldstein, a retired psychical therapist, is a valued customer that spends six months in New York and six months in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When Mr. Goldstein returned to his second home here in Florida, he encountered his mobility scooter was not working at all. That is when he called Mobility Scooters Direct to have his battery-powered scooter evaluated for repair. Luckily for him, our great technicians quickly addressed the problem with his batteries. Mr. Goldstein had not charged his scooter for six months and the batteries ultimately discharged. We replaced the batteries at a fraction of the price of our competitors and he was completely satisfied with our commendable work. Mr. Goldstein can now enjoy his time in the beautiful weather, by riding through his community and on the go anywhere! 

Mobility Scooters Direct Serviced & Repaired Doctor August Power Wheelchair

As a new customer Dr. August couldn't have been any more pleased with our customer service and our experienced technicians. August was having difficulty finding someone to repair his power wheelchair. It was when he called Mobility Scooters Direct to have his powerchair diagnosed. On our first visit to his home, we quickly diagnosed one of his electric motors had failed. We were then prompted to replace the motor that shipped the same day. After just two days we completed the repair of his merits power wheelchair. Dr. August said our service was great and he would not use anyone else. He also recommends Mobility Scooters Direct to anyone. Dr. August can now enjoy his retirement with freedom and independence in gorgeous Miami Beach.

Mobility Scooters Direct Gives Back to the Community

Junior is a special customer of ours. When we first launched our website, we announced of our quarterly mobility scooter giveaway. Junior took the time to complete the instructions in order to be considered for the mobility scooter giveaway. We received a letter from Junior and we were completely touched. Junior was our first giveaway winner. He is so grateful that we give back to the community. As we are all in business, and we have to profit in order to stay in business, we also believe in giving back to the community. Now that Junior has his new Pride Mobility Go Go Sport mobility scooter, he can get around his community and maintain an active lifestyle. Since our giveaway with Junior, we have retained many more customers because of our knowledge and thrive to help our customers any which way we can. Thank you Junior for joining the Mobility Scooters Direct family and your lifetime business.