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Zip'r Mobility Scooters for sale online now at the lowest prices. Zip'r handicap scooters are among the top brands that help provider users with mobility, learn more about the models below by clicking on any image.  Read more
Purchasing Zipr mobility scooters can be a significant investment for many people. Choosing the right scooter is important to ensure maximum product life and maximum comfort, durability and safety. Zipr provides several different styles of mobility scooters to ensure that you get the comfort and usability that fits your lifestyle. You can choose from several different Zipr Scooters including:

Roo: This Zipr mobility scooter holds up to 250 pounds and travels at speeds of up to 3.5 miles per hour. This easy-to-disassemble scooter can be quickly taken apart for travel. The compact scooter is designed for maximum maneuverability and includes a headlight, basket and padded seating. You can choose from a red or blue body.

Traveler: This comfortable Zipr is designed for those who enjoy travelling. This model can be assembled in less than 30 seconds! The scooter can easily be disassembled for transportation and holds up to 250 pounds. The scooter allows for speeds up to 4.25 miles per hour and weight just over 100 pounds when fully assembled. If you need a little extra leg room, you can upgrade to the Xtra version which offers an additional 4 inches of space and a more comfortable seat.

Breeze: For maximum flexibility, this Zipr mobility scooter provides the comfort and space of a full-size scooter but also offers the portability of a smaller scooter. The scooter comes equipped with front and read lights, heavy-duty cushioned seats, armrests and a longer travel range before recharge. This scooter holds up to 300 pounds and can be disassembled for transportation. This scooter may give you the most bang for your Zipr mobility scooter prices.

PC: If you are looking for a style that provides a little more flexibility and ease with getting up and sitting back down, may be a good option for you. This scooter features a six-wheel deign for extra support and arm controls, which leaves open space around your legs and feet for more comfort. This scooter holds up to 300 pounds and can travel about 15 miles before it needs a recharge. This scooter is an ideal choice for indoor use.

Mantis: When you need maximum maneuverability with the option for extra features like a seat elevator, the Mantis should make your list of options. This mid-wheel design offers stability and comfort. This scooter holds up to 300 pounds and allows for the addition of an elevator feature that allows you to raise your seat for better access around your home. This scooter reaches speeds of up to 4.9 miles per hour.

Purchasing a mobility scooter requires some research and commitment. Our direct relationship with the manufactures of mobility scooters allow us to get you the best prices available. Let us help you access the best scooters on the market for an affordable price.

When you choose Zipr mobility scooters for sale, you get the protection of limited warranties on all parts of your scooter and the safety and durability of some of the highest quality scooters on the market.

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