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Afikim scooters for sale at a discounted price with quick shipping! All Afikim mobility scooter models are sold directly on our site. Call us, chat with us or click on any image below to learn more about the product. Read more
Mobility Scooters Direct offers you a wide range of electronic mobility scooters to meet your every need.. We also have a lowest price guarantee that allows you to choose from some of the most reputable brands, such as Afkim Electronic Vehicles. Don’t just think of your means of mobility as a “scooter” because with this brand, you’ll more than scoot. Afikim electric vehicles are a way of life.

Mobility Scooters Direct offers a wide range of mobility scooters that feature stylish design, the most advanced technology and most importantly, ease of operation. Afikim designs mobility vehicles with the driver in mind, which means that sturdy construction, adjustable suspension and orthopedic seating is top priorities that will ensure our customers with the safest, most comfortable daily ride.

Afikim mobility scooters are known for reliability. The Afikim brand has been producing world-class mobility scooters for 35 years, making it the authority on electronic mobility. Afikim’s mission is to create reliable mobility scooters to suit every single need. The company has a dedicated team focused on constantly improving their scooters so that they offer the best possible driving experience coupled with peace of mind. The priority is to design scooters that are easy to operate, offer optimal comfort, and provide years of reliable, low maintenance service. And yet, the biggest priority is always safety. Afikim scooters have set the standard for safety when it comes to electronic mobility scooters. They offer a built-in safety system that stops the vehicle should the driver lose control for any reason.

Whatever your need, Mobile Scooters Direct will provide a safe and reliable scooter to meet your needs. Here is an overview of the kind of scooters we offer from Afkim.

Compact Mobility Scooters

These scooters are lightweight and disassemble easily to fit in the trunk of your car. The grocery store will now longer feel like a trek in the mountains now that you have your scooter.

In and Outdoor Scooters

A bit larger than mobility scooters, the In-N-Outdoor line is compact enough to fit into larger vehicles and strong enough outdoor terrain. They are suitable for longer or leisurely rides. They also feature a strong suspension and luxurious, orthopedic chairs.

Mid-Size Mobility Scooters

Similar to the In-N-Outdoor, these scooters offer protection, longevity and a versatile range of use. The mid-size scooters are great for everyday use and come with a variety of fun and convenient options.

Max Maneuverability

This is our gold standard. These scooters are just what they sound like. They offer maximum movement for any situation. The Max Maneuverability features impressive longevity, an ergonomic design, a programmable electronic controller, LCD control screen, LED headlight and a shock-absorbent steel frame, in addition to the features that come standard with all of our Afikim scooters.

All Weather Scooters

This Afikim mobility scooter is suitable for all-weather riding. This means that you will never get caught in a time or place that you cannot use your scooter. Our scooters are strong enough to manage rough terrain and bad weather.

Afikim customers praise our products for the independence and reliability we offer. From farm work, to grocery shopping, to freedom from pain, to a jaunt about town, the Afikim scooter will improve your quality of life. There are

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