Buzzaround LT 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

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Golden Buzzaround LT 3 Mobility Scooter for Sale

This Golden Buzzaround LT 3 wheel mobility scooter for sale (Model: GB107D) is manufactured by Golden Technologies who is one of the most popular manufacturers of mobility scooters. They offer very reputable mobility scooters and power wheelchairs with industry-leading specifications and fantastic warranties. So if buying a lightweight travel scooter that is backed by a well-known company is a requirement, continue reading to learn more about this product.

Golden Technologies prides itself on the Buzzaround LT 3 travel scooter being the smallest, most lightweight, and most portable Buzzaround scooter created to date. So for the road warrior, those who love flying around the country, visiting local parks, going to the mall, this might be the perfect scooter. You might think that Golden engineers started removing a bunch of features and making the scooter smaller. However, this is not the case. Foot room has actually improved compared to previous versions of the Golden Buzzaround mobility scooter.

Style is not compromised. There are many colors that are available, some of which are upgrades. Standard colors are Red & Blue. However, if you want to stand out you have a few more options. The Buzzaround LT 3 wheel mobility scooter can be disassembled and comes in Camo, Silver, Pink, & Yellow. Curious as to the upgrade costs? Feel free to add one of the color upgrades to the cart! Be sure to call us though, there might be an open-box unit available!

Buzz Around Lite Mobility Scooter Features

The features of the latest GB107D Buzzaround LT 3 mobility scooter are not just a few minor upgrades compared to other units.

  • Ground Clearance: 3in
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Max Speed: 4MPH
  • Travel Range: 8 Miles
  • Model #: GB107D

Are these features lacking? If so, you will be glad to know that we offer a wide variety of options for the most demanding customers. To view our other 3-wheel and 4-wheel mobility scooters, check out our travel mobility scooters page.

Why Choose This Buzzaround LT 3 Wheel Scooter?

The ideal user of the Buzzaround LT 3 will be one who enjoys traveling yet doesn't want to sacrifice creature comforts such as foot room. The user may also want to take advantage of advanced options such as the delta tiller which has a charging port. Perfect for your phone, tablet, or other USB chargeable device. Golden backs up their products with a lifetime warranty on the frame, two-year warranty on drive-train and electronics, and one year warranty on the battery. This equates to a company who wants you to feel confident that if something were to go wrong, they will stand behind their product.

The chances of finding a local mobility scooter store which carries a Buzzaround LT 3 are minimal. There are hundreds of different kinds of mobility scooters and power wheelchairs available. Any store would have a very difficult time being able to cover the cost of all that inventory on top of rent, salaries, etc. It is, for this reason, we offer the Buzzaround LT 3 Wheel mobility scooter for sale online. Mobility Scooters Direct is able to offer this product at MAP which stands for the minimum advertised price which is set by the manufacturer. That means we are unable to display any lower pricing or we could get into trouble with the manufacturer. That means by definition, we have the lowest prices online!

Downloadable Buzzaround LT 3 Users Manual Safety Sheet

Click here to download or print the user manual for the GB107 Buzzaround scooter.

Click here to view or print the GB107 scooter's brochure by Golden Technologies.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Mobility Scooters Direct honors a manufacturer’s warranty on Golden Technologies for one year. The warranty for Golden Technologies generally covers any mobility scooter for a Lifetime Limited Warranty and as an Authorized Golden Technologies’ Provider our goal is to help fulfill any warranty on parts for 1 year from the date of purchase. The consumer must have the warranty registration card filled out and sent to Golden Technologies.

For the entire life of the scooter if the frame of the scooter is damaged found to be defective, Golden Technologies will repair or replace at their option to have the product repaired. Customer must provide pictures and have an authorized dealer in to report a warranty inquiry. The parts include the steel frame, tiller frame, seat post, frame welds, and front fork assembly.

Two Year Limited Warranty

For the period of two years from the date of purchase, if defective materials or workmanship Golden Technologies will repair or replace at their option, any new or reconditioned components as follows, the transaxle, motor brake assembly (electrical function only), electronic controller, dash assembly, wire harnesses, battery chargers, and potentiometer assemblies.

Note: While charging the batteries, it is normal for the battery charger to heat up. The charger is not defective.

One Year Limited Warranty

For the period of one year from the date of purchase, if defective parts are confirmed Golden Technologies will warranty bearing, bushings, rubber components, plastic components (excludes body), seat swivel mechanism, and arm rests.

Warranty Exclusions

Golden Technologies does not provide warranty on any of the items that may require replacements due to normal wear and tear of day to day usage, tires and tubes, abs plastic shrouds, armrest pads, motor brushes, brake pads, bulbs, fuses, and upholstery.

The warranty also excludes the following, loss or theft of items or unit, damages caused by battery fluid or leakage, abuse, misuse, accident or negligence. It also does not cover improper operation, maintenance or storage. It also does not cover commercial use or other than normal, exceeding the weight capacity of the unit. They do not cover repairs by an unauthorized person once the unit has been tampered with, or circumstances beyond the control of Golden Technologies.

Warranty Service

Warranty work must be performed at an authorized Golden Technologies provider. A third party who does not deal direct with Golden is not authorized to perform work on any Golden Technologies products. All work is warrantied at Golden Technologies discretion. Please read your manual to read the full warranty on your specific product.

Product Details

Product Details

UPC# 612520408626
Manufacturer Golden Technologies
Maximum Speed 4 MPH
Travel Range Up To 8 Miles
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Weight of Product 98 lbs
Battery Type 12V 12AH (pair)
Battery Charger XLR 2 Amp
Battery Size 12 AH or 18 AH upgrade
Battery Weight 18 lbs
Brake Electro-Magnetic
Color Red
Curb Climbing 1 inch
Flip-Back Armrests Yes (and removable)
Grade Climbable 6 degrees
Ground Clearance 3.00"
Heaviest Piece 33 lbs
Overall Height 37" - 39"
Overall Length 40.5"
Overall Width 21.5"
Seat Rotation Yes
Seat Type Folding Seat
Seat Width 17"
Seat to ground height 21" - 23" adjustable
Suspension No
Total Weight 98 lbs
Turning Radius 37"
Wheels: Front 8"
Wheels: Rear 8"

Buzzaround LT 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter. FREE Shipping Travel Range: 8 Miles Max. Speed: 4MPH Weight Capacity: 300lbs

  • Price: $959.00 - In stock
  • Brand: Golden Technologies
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