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A stair lift is something you will rely on each day. This means that you need to find one that is durable and easy to use. Additionally, factors such as the weight of the user, how far the chair has to go up the stairs, and the speed at which it operates are important.

Lift Types

When you begin looking for stairlifts for sale, you will find there are two basic options: curved and straight. The option you need will depend on your staircase’s design. Finding the right stair lift is easy when you have us to help guide you in purchasing the right stair lift.

The straight stair lift is a type that travels in a straight line up your stairs and that is not interrupted by curves, bends, or landings. The stair lift prices for this option are typically lower than the curved varieties since there is less complexity to their design. A curved stairlift will work on any type of stairs, no matter how curvy they may be.

Features and Options

There are several stair chair lifts that offer additional features and options, such as weatherproofing for outdoor steps, or a standing stair lift that is designed for individuals who have issues bending their knees.

The modern stairlifts do not attach to the wall, but rather the actual stair treads, which means they are extremely sturdy and able to be installed in virtually any home or building.

Operation of a Chair Lift for Stairs

The chair lifts operate by moving along a rail that has been fixed to the actual stair risers or the wall for strength and stability. The platform for the chair or mobility scooter sits in a vertical position when it is not being used. This is beneficial since other people will be able to easily use the stairs without having to constantly move around the lift.

When the lift needs to be used, the lift simply has to be powered on with a button, which will swing the platform for the chair down into a horizontal position. This allows the wheelchair or the scooter to simply roll onto the platform. In most cases, there will be a locking mechanism that will keep the chair from rolling off the platform while it is moving. If this is not offered with the platform you are purchasing, you should see if one can be added to ensure optimum safety.

Once the wheelchair or the scooter is securely on the platform, then the user can simply operate the lever to move up and down the stairs. Once you reach the top or bottom, the locking mechanism will release automatically allowing the chair to simply roll off.

Consider the type of functionality you require to find the stair lifts for sale that will meet your needs. There are several different options available, at various price points, so be sure to consider them all and ask any questions to get the stairlift that’s right for you.