The Mobility Scooter Buyers Guide

Looking to buy a mobility scooter but unsure of what specifications or details to look for? Not everybody is able walk before they crawl and it is no different with buying a mobility scooter online. With the key factors I go over you will have a reliable mobility scooter buyers guide to help you properly shop online for the right mobility scooter best suitable for your needs. Below I have created a list of details and specifications to look for and follow when shopping for the best suitable handicap mobility scooter.

Details & Specifications

Below I have listed a few details and specifications that you should be looking for when shopping for the most suitable mobility scooter to purchase online.

What Are You Using Your Mobility Scooter For

Types of Mobility Scooters

If you plan on only using your mobility scooter indoors you will want something that is not going to be very large this way you can fit tight doorways or hallways. Travel mobility scooters are usually the best choice for strictly indoor use. Using your mobility scooter both in and outdoors while traveling? If so you will want something light your best choices in this case would be either a travel or folding mobility scooter. Light and easy to use, folding mobility scooters a very durable for travel and storage purposes. If you plan on using your mobility scooter strictly outdoors on a standard terrain then the favorable choice will be a full size mobility scooter. They tend to last longer than travel or folding mobility scooters with some having the capability of going faster. Now if you’re someone who is a heavy set person or you’re looking to ride over rough terrain with ease heavy duty mobility scooters are the way to go. They hold more weight than any other scooters and they also pack more torque and durability.

Height & Weight

Once you have determined what type of mobility scooter you ‘re looking for, You will want to compare affordable mobility scooters based upon your height and weight. Depending on how much you weigh and how tall you are, can and will help narrow down your selection based upon seat height and weight capacity. If you weigh more than the weight capacity can handle do not use that mobility scooter. You can damage or even possibly break it. To get the best performance out of your mobility scooter choose something that will have a weight capacity at least 50 lbs heavier than you. Remember the more weight or the bigger you are the more your mobility scooter will have to perform, draining the batteries in a quicker amount of time.

Three Or Four Wheel Preference


Once you have narrowed down your selection based on your weight and height you can narrow down the selection even more by choosing on preference of stability over maneuverability or maneuverability over stability to find the right and most appealing three or four wheel model. Three wheel models tend to turn a lot easier around tighter spaces making them much better on maneuverability. With four wheel handicap mobility scooters there is more stability and less of a chance of tipping. Overall a four wheel model normally provides a little more support.


Available Options & Accessories


Once you find models that you feel are the best mobility scooters check for available options and accessories. There are plenty of mobility scooters that will have upgrades on seat sizes in case you need something a little wider to sit in. Battery options will allow a longer lasting life and put more power and mileage on the performance side of things. You will see there are many different batteries whether lead acid, deep cycle, or lithium that are available on numerious models. AZ heads up to users who decide to purchase lithium batteries, If you plan to travel on a plane with your mobility scooter you must check to make sure that whatever flight you decide to go on is ok with having lithium batteries brought aboard. There are some flight companies that will not allow lithium batteries on planes. Some mobility scooters come with other options such as buckles and buckle sizes, canopies, and even styles of seats with different adjustments. On the Accessory side of things you have plenty of options available for a majority of mobility scooters. Things such as cup holders, side arm bags, oxygen tank holders, cane or crutch holders are mostly universal, attaching to most all handicap mobility scooters. Some accessories will come with certain mobility scooters. When you find an elderly mobility scooter that you like, check the page for accessories and options and you should be able to find out what is available or compatible for that particular model.

Before You Purchase

Now that you have some key factors to use and look for when shopping make sure you’re shopping with a reliable source online. Make sure your source deals directly with the manufacturer. This way you know you will get a warranty and if for any reason you need any type of technical support your source can either speak with the manufacturer on your behalf or you can speak to them directly for assistance.

Ready To Shop Online

Now that you have read The Mobility Scooter Buyers Guide do you feel like you’re ready to shop?  Hopefully, the mobility scooter buyer’s guide helps you in finding the right choice! Keep in mind that our mobility scooter help forum is monitored by technicians and other product owners, post your question there if you want to get help from the community. As another option, if you have any further questions that come to mind contact your available online source and they should be able to provide any other information to help you shop online for the best suitable handicap mobility scooter.