The Pride Victory 9 Elderly Scooter Has “Excellent Performance”

The Pride Victory 9 elderly scooter has “excellent performance,” according to a leading review site.

Mobility Scooters Direct sells this disability scooter.

It comes as no surprise to our team that the Victory 9 has such a favorable view among customers of the product. This has been evident in mobility scooter reviews and by word-of-mouth.

This article will highlight the Pride mobility scooter. It is well worth the investment and is currently sold at a discount from our nationwide disability scooter store.

An Affordable Disability Scooter That Will Increase Your Independence

TopTenReviews recently wrote an article about the Pride Victory 9 mobility scooter. In its mobility scooter review, the site claims the product has excellent performance and offers a comfortable ride.

Individual customers of the 4 wheel scooter for the handicapped also awarded the product a favorable rating. It is apparent in disability scooter reviews.

Roger Ames gave the Victory 9 a five-star review. He said the quality disability scooter is the perfect solution to his wife’s challenging mobility constraints.

“It can handle hills,” Ames said, who lives in Maine, “and rougher terrain when needed.”

Victory 9

The Victory 9 is a fantastic elderly scooter for the outdoors. The product is well made and can handle the challenges of this terrain.

With an incline rating of eight degrees, along with solid anti-tip wheels, the Victory 9 can ride over grassy areas with expertise.

It has solid, flat-free tires, which require minimal maintenance. The Victory 9 has over a 2” ground clearance.

When traveling in the evening, whether the terrain is off road and hilly or a beaten down sidewalk, the Victory 9 has a long lasting, high intensity LED headlight that will illuminate its surroundings. Unobstructed vision provides a safer, more enjoyable travel experience.

When going on an evening excursion or a midday errand, for instance, the driver will be in comfort for mile after mile of travel, as the quality mobility scooter is equipped with a stadium seat.

The stadium seat is deep-cushioned. It also has an eight-position rotation for easy rotation. Like the seat, the tiller and the armrest are modifiable to the desired position of the driver.

The Victory 9 is a good scooter for the handicapped. It can support slim customers to obese customers, having a 300 lbs. weight capacity.

The mobility scooter for traveling has strong performance. The product uses rear-wheel drive to take the person where he or she needs to go. It reaches a maximum speed over 5 miles per hour.

This long distance elderly scooter is equipped with 12-volt deep cycle batteries that weigh 24.5 lbs. each. The batteries take between eight to 14 hours to reach their maximum charge.

The Victory 9 can cover up to 13 miles per complete charge.

The 4 wheel mobility scooter can make reasonable turns. It has a 51.5” turning radius. Traveling within a home and maneuvering around furniture is generally good with this product.

Pride Victory 9 Elderly Scooter

Another advantage of the Victory 9 is that it is relatively simple to disassemble. Our elderly customers may want their adult children to help with this process.

The Victory 9 has a total weight of 131 lbs. without the battery. But once the heaviest piece is taken apart from the product, the scooter for the disabled weighs a mere 59 lbs.

The lightweight makes the Victory 9 simple to transport in the back of a truck, for instance. Pride recommends the BackPacker for our customers that are looking for a lift system for this quality disability scooter. Customers, with this lift system, will not have to disassemble the elderly scooter—it simply loads on the back of the SUV or minivan at the push of a button.

Our customers can purchase the Victory 9 for $1,649, saving 30 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This price point makes the Victory 9 an affordable mobility scooter.


However, this cheap mobility scooter can also be purchased using our simple financing options. Our website has an article, “How to Finance a Mobility Scooter,” which provides a detailed explanation of the term simple financing.

“If you’re on somewhat of a budget but would like to get a mobility scooter that may be a little more expensive than anticipated,” the article states, “financing is definitely a great idea to consider.”

Mobility Scooters Direct has financing programs for six months, nine months, 12 months and sometimes 24 months. The Victory 9 can be purchased using simple financing options that start at $145 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

The 4 wheel mobility scooter has two color options to choose from before making the purchase. One color is Candy Apple Red while the other is Viper Blue. Both are sleek on this awesome looking disability scooter.

Purchase the Pride Victory 9 Mobility Scooter 4 Wheel, Today!

The Victory 9 is one of the best disability scooters. For elderly drivers of the 4 wheel mobility scooter, they will see an increase in their independence, making them capable of doing activities that they once thought were not possible.

Pride Victory 9 Disability Scooter

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