Common Uses of Mobility Scooters

Are you or your loved one coming to an age where it’s time to consider a mobility scooter? Have a problem walking or standing for long periods of time? A mobility scooter may be something you want to consider in the near future if this is the case for you.

If you’re unfamiliar with how mobility scooters work or what they’re commonly used for, I will go over some common uses of mobility scooters to help educate you on how a handicap scooter can possibly be beneficial to you. You can also check out our Mobility Scooter Buyer’s Guide post which is also helpful for those that may not be familiar with handicap scooters and what the common options are. It’s a great post that answers a common question: “how to buy a mobility scooter that is right for me?”. Below, in no particular order, I’ve listed what I feel are 3 of the most common uses of mobility scooters

Common Uses for Mobility Scooters


Shopping – Now the most obvious benefit of having a mobility scooter is that it can be used while out shopping, but that should come as no surprise to you as you’ve probably seen people out and about shopping at the mail with their scooter or power wheelchair (aka electric wheelchair). Lighter models known as travel mobility scooters can easily be disassembled and stored in the bak of your trunk before leaving to go out and shop. These lightweight scooters tend to be very good when maneuvering around tight spaces or crowds. Most also come with some sort of basket and can usually sustain anywhere between 200 and 300 lbs as a maximum weight capacity. Most importantly, if you’re someone who takes their time when shopping, these scooters tend to travel a far distance when fully charged. When it’s all said and done you can simply disassemble or fold your mobility scooter in the trunk and have it stored away with the belongings you may have just bought.

The Mobie Folding Mobility Scooter by SolaxVacationing – Looking for a getaway but walking around for long periods of time is an issue? Just like shopping, taking a travel mobility scooter out on vacation is not very difficult! There are certain folding mobility scooters that are a little lighter than most mobility scooters you would have to disassemble. All you have to do is simply fold the scooter and place it in your bag, suitcase or even your trunk. These foldable mobility scooters tend to get around crowds very easy to bring this to a place like Disney is ideal for someone with a walking injury or disability. As previously mentioned travel scooters are mostly designed with excellent travel distance. If fully charged you should be able to stay in the amusement park all day long without worrying about your elderly travel scooters batteries dying.


Cobra_GT4_Mobility_ScooterDriving – Now most people will use mobility scooters simply because they have issues walking or standing for a long amount of time. So what about using mobility scooters as a form of enjoyment or transportation? The good thing about full size and or heavy duty mobility scooters is the fact they can sustain a lot more weight and power than a travel or folding mobility scooter. Full-size and Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooters usually handle anywhere between 300 and 600 lbs and for certain models, there is a wagon attachment that is available that allows users to load extra belongings such as groceries at the store. Most heavy duty handicap scooters are designed with solid, flat-free, or foam filled tires which help make great use when using your handicap mobility scooter on a rocky or more rugged style of terrain. These scooters tend to be more durable and last a lot longer as well so if you want to take a long ride to the park and then out to dinner you can do so without any worry of your mobility scooter dying prior. When looking for time for yourself you can always rely on your durable mobility scooter to get you off to wherever you’d like to go.

Have a Better Understanding?

Now that you know a little bit more about mobility scooters and their common uses hopefully you can make a better, more educated purchase. With this information, you should not have much of an issue looking for the right types of scooters to suit your specific needs. There are a lot of reputable mobility scooter brands out there to choose from hopefully this information helps you find what you’re looking for, thank you for reading!