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Wheelchair Ramp Buying Guide

Our wheelchair ramp buying guide will add clarity to an often-complicated process. Is a short ramp or a long ramp better? How do these ramps function in bad weather? These are both questions that customers should wonder about.

This guide will make the procurement of a wheelchair ramp, whether it be for a mobility scooter or an electric wheelchair, simple. This wheelchair ramp buying guide will recommend five different ramp options, with a specific product that is excellent from each of these categories.

The categories include single-fold ramps, multi-fold ramps, threshold ramps, van ramps and solid ramps. Each category of ramp serves a niche purpose that will make entry and exiting more accessible, whether it be from home or within an office. For the latter, this means complying with complicated Americans with Disability Act rules.

What is the Correct Ramp Length?

Determining the proper length of a ramp depends upon the space of the location. Where space is tight, a low ramp is recommended; conversely, where there is excess space, a long ramp may be a better investment for the health of the user.

Short ramps result in a steep grade. This means the incline will be steeper. A steeper slope can be a mobility hazard, especially when the weather is poor.

On the other hand, a lengthier ramp will decrease the steepness of the slope. This makes the ramp safer to use in dismal weather conditions, for instance. But the extra space may not apply to the area of the location to have a longer ramp.

What Are the Best Ramps?

Depending upon the need, determines the best ramp for the residential or commercial space.

Single fold ramps, are ideal for people who need to occasionally travel with his or her ramp to help navigate through impediments. These impediments can be curbs, thresholds and more.

Single fold ramps have a 600 lbs. weight capacity. They comes in five distinct sizes. It is an outdoor lift ideally for travel mobility scooters.

The affordable ramp lift is currently listed for $180 yet is on a nearly 20 percent discount from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. The cheap ramp lift can be purchased using simple financing options, which start at $16 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

Multi-fold ramps are a second option. These are lengthier products, like the Bariatric Multifold Ramp.

Bariatric Multifold Ramp“A single fold ramp may fall short if you have a small staircase to the entrance of your home,” our website provides, “which would prevent you from entering into your home while using your mobility scooter or power wheelchair.”

Should this apply to your unique situation, then we recommend a multi-fold ramp because the driver can enter or exit the residence without having to dismount from his or her mobility scooter or quality power wheelchair.

The Bariatric Multifold Ramp weighs a mere 58 lbs.

As of the publication of this article, the affordable ramp lift is on a 20 percent discount from the MSRP, listed for $625. The Bariatric Multifold Ramp can also be purchased for $55 a month using our simple financing options.

A third consideration is the threshold ramp. The threshold ramp is the best option if the driver will need to maneuver around a short rise to enter a residential or commercial environment.

EZ-ACCESS 2.5" Rubber Threshold RampAn example of a threshold ramp is the EZ-ACCESS 2.5″ Rubber Threshold Ramp. This threshold ramp is 48” in width and has a 2.5” rise. It can support up to 850 lbs. of weight.

The EZ-ACCESS 2.5″ Rubber Threshold Ramp is on a slight, nearly 5 percent discount from the MSRP as the product is listed for $180. Simple financing options on the cheap threshold ramp start at $16.

The Van ramp, such as the PVI Folding Rear Door Ramp, is a fourth ramp option listed from our nationwide store. The van ramp is ideal for people who travel with their mobility scooter or power wheelchair in the van.

The van ramp simplifies the unloading process, being simple to use and effective at its purpose. The PVI Folding Rear Door Ramp can load the mobility scooter or power wheelchair in either the back or the side of the ramp.

When not in use, the PVI Folding Rear Door Ramp can be folded and stored without taking up too much space. The product is either 7 feet or 8 feet in length, with a 27” width and a 40” folded width.

Purchase the PVI Folding Rear Door Ramp for $855, which reflects a nearly 10 percent discount from the MSRP. Alternatively, the van ramp can be purchased using simple financing options, which start at $76 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

Lastly, we recommend the solid ramp. A sold ramp is a sturdy option that can support up to 800 lbs. These products, such as the PVI Solid Ramp With Grip Tape, have anti-slip coating to increase the grip for a mobility scooter or power wheelchair.

PVI Solid Ramp With Grip TapeThe PVI Solid Ramp With Grip Tape comes in 3 ft, 4 ft and 5ft lengths. The weight of the 3 ft. is 15 lbs., 20 lbs. for the 4 ft. length and 30 lbs. for the 5 ft. length.

Manufactured by Prairie View Ramps, this product can be used for residential and commercial buildings.

The PVI Solid Ramp With Grip Tape costs $210.95 — a discount of nearly 15 percent from the MSRP. Simple financing options for the quality solid ramp start at $19 a month.

Wheelchair Ramp Buying Guide Questions?

If you have questions about our wheelchair buying guide, our team of skilled technicians here at Mobility Scooters Direct are ready to help. To speak with a member of our team, please call (877) 721-7748.

Our hours of operation are from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening EST during weekdays. On weekends, we are open from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon EST.