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The Best Lift Systems for Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Sean Hagerty has a condition that made him purchase a heavy-duty mobility scooter. Hagerty found that he needs a vehicle lift to transport his disability scooter when the distance is too far to roll there.

Hagerty chose the AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift.

“Harmar quality is fantastic — just as I was told,” Hagerty said, referring to the manufacturer of the AL301 XL HD vehicle lift in his five-star lift system review. “This is a great lift. I couldn’t recommend it more strongly.”

Vehicle lifts have become more popular in recent years as Americans increased their purchases of mobility scooters. These products help place the disability scooters securely into a vehicle.

While we recommend AL301 XL HD vehicle lift, this article will also highlight the Pride Commander 450 Mobility Device Vehicle Lift and the AL435T Tailgater 3-Axis Truck Lift. Both products are among the most popular sold from Mobility Scooters Direct.

AL301 XL HD Vehicle Lift is the Best Among Experts

The AL301 XL HD vehicle lift is designed by Harmar primarily for heavy-duty mobility scooters. The lift system can accommodate products with weights of up to 400 pounds. It is considered one of the biggest and most powerful outdoor lifts on the market.

The AL301 XL HD lift system has a hitch height between 5 inches and 18 inches, which is powered by a battery. The hitch size is primarily Class III.

AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle LiftThe platform length is between 39 inches and 53 inches while the width is 36 inches. The deck is made from robust aluminum.

Despite the immense weight capacity strength, the AL301 XL HD vehicle lift weighs 102 pounds. It is simple to install, but we also offer installation for customers in some places within the country.

One of the main reasons we are proud to offer this product — besides being among the best lift systems on the market — is that it was made in the United States. We love supporting efficient workers within our country.

Pride Commander 450 Mobility Device Vehicle Lift is Robust and Effective Product for Pickup Trucks

Pride is known for manufacturing some of the best products on the market. The Pride Commander 450 lift system is among those, as it is sturdy and easy to use.

The product is immensely strong, with impressive lifting power that can be controlled with an up or down button and an in or out button with a remote.

Pride Commander 450 Mobility Device Vehicle LiftThe Pride Commander 450 lift system has a 2-axis and 3-axis format.

The 2-axis version has been redesigned. It is viewed highly by experts and customers, as it is one of the top powered boom style lifts. It is designed primarily for pickup trucks.

However, customers who seek more functionality may prefer the 3-axis configuration. It provides an additional axis of power, which will be a telescoping boom.

The boom adjustment range is between 26 inches and 38 inches.

The product works for several types of vehicles, including full-size vans, minivans, crossover, and SUV.

One of the strengths of the Pride Commander 450 vehicle lift is it is impervious to rust. For customers that live near the coast, it is immensely. The product is powder-coated, which extends the amount of time the Pride Commander 450 lift system can fight damages.

The weatherproof design shields the vehicle lift from additional elements, such as dryness, humidity, rain, hail, snow, and excessive heat.

AL435T Tailgater 3-Axis Truck Lift Designed by Harmar

The AL435T Tailgater 3-Axis Truck Lift is a strong product designed by the manufacturer, Harmar. It is among the best choices when a person has a pickup truck.

Many first time customers have been surprised that the lift system isn’t as complicated to use as one might fear.

AL435T Tailgater 3-axis truck lift. Photo via Mobility Scooters Direct.Dennis W. has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known as COPD. COPD is a chronic inflammatory lung disease, which causes obstructed airflow from the lungs. As one would imagine, Dennis, 74-years-old, has trouble walking for short distances as he will lose his breath.

When asked about the strength of the AL435T Tailgater 3-Axis truck lift, Dennis said, “ease of use.”

The product can lift mobility scooters up to 400 pounds while it weighs 81 pounds. Nearly any type of pickup truck will be accommodated by the AL435T Tailgater 3-Axis vehicle lift.

The AL435T Tailgater 3-Axis truck lift is run by battery.

It has an adjustable boom height of 34 inches to 42 inches. The range is from 24.5 inches to 36.5 inches.

The base leg adjustments go 180 degrees total, with 45-degree minimum leg bar spread.

Lift Systems Accommodate Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

These mobility scooter lifts work with a variety of our products. However, they are specialized for heavy-duty mobility scooters. One of the products the customers often pair the lift systems with is the Drive Medical Panther Heavy Duty Scooter.

The Panther disability scooter weighs 264 pounds.

Drive Medical Panther Heavy Duty ScooterPeople who own the Panther mobilty scooter will often travel to places without needing a lift system. The product has an 8 miles per hour maximum speed powered by an 800-watt x 4500 RPM motor. The long distance mobility scooter, which is equipped with sealed lead acid 12V 50AH batteries, can cover up to 25 miles per total charge.

With those features, the owner of the quality disability scooter can simply travel to the grocery store, for instance, without needing to take his or her vehicle. It’s the independence like that, which has made so many of our customers value their products purchased from Mobility Scooters Direct.

But, when the customer needs to drive to Disney World with his or her children, then we recommend having one of our robust lift systems to securely load the mobility scooter into the vehicle for safe storage.

Where Can I Buy a Lift System?

Mobility Scooters Direct sells the best vehicle lifts on the market.

To learn more about the products mentioned in this article or to discover additional products, we recommend reaching out to a skilled technician from our nationwide store. To speak with a technician, please call (877) 721-7748. Otherwise, customers can engage in a live chat on our website with a member of our team.

“Mobility Scooters Direct offers top quality customer service, ” our website provides, “dedicated to the needs of every customer.”