The 3 Best Mobility Scooters for Users with Obesity

Are you or someone you know dealing with obesity and in need of a mobility scooter? If you or a loved one are looking into mobility scooters and you’ re having trouble trying to find what to look for or what model will be the most reliable then look no further. I will not only help give you a few handicap mobility scooters to consider, I will also help give you an understanding of what it is you should be looking for when purchasing a mobility scooter for someone who is overweight.

How to shop for mobility scooters that handle obesity

When shopping online there are a few factors to determine in order to see if the handicap mobility scooter you’re considering is capable of supporting someone with an obese body size. Not just any mobility scooter is capable of handling a user with obesity, the most important of all factors to consider is the user’s weight and the mobility scooters weight capacity. If you or the user weigh more than what the weight capacity is than that scooter will not work. Most heavy duty and some full size mobility scooters are capable of performing with larger amounts of weight scaling anywhere between 350 and 500 lbs! Another major factor to consider is the seat size. User with obesity usually cannot stand or walk for long periods of time, so comfortability is a must. Some obese users will have to rely on the use of a heavy duty mobility scooter for a much larger size seat or even the possibility of a dual seat depending on the size, however there are a few full size mobility scooters with options for wider seats going anywhere between 22” and 32” of width. Another very important factor to consider is the travel range. You want to make sure there is plenty of reliability in your mobility scooter, if you or your loved one has a problem walking due to obesity than you will want to make sure you choose a model that is capable of traveling at least 15 miles when fully charged. It will give you me assurance knowing you don’t have to worry about breaking down while on the go. Also consider a full size or heavy duty model that has some type of durable tire such as a solid or flat-free material and also plus look for a model that is equipped with anti-tipping wheels for extra safety and security.

3 of the best mobility scooters for users dealing with obesity

Listed below in no particular are the 3 best mobility scooters for those who deal with disabilities or obesity.

The Maxima by Pride Mobility

The Pride Maxima is an excellent heavy duty handicap mobility scooter designed by Pride Mobility. One of the most reliable mobility scooters for a user dealing with obesity, The Maxima is capable of holding a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs and comes with a few 22” wide seat options to choose from. Someone with obesity will find plenty of comfort using The Maxima. Going up 5.25 mph it is very quick and capable of lasting a maximum of 15.4 miles of travel range. Driving on 10” foam filled tires The Maxima by Pride Mobility is by far one the most reliable handicap mobility scooters for overweight users to use in or outdoors and it is available online today!

The Cobra GT4 by Drive Medical

The Cobra GT4 is one of the most durable heavy duty senior mobility scooters made by Drive Medical. Designed with options for either a 20” or 22” wide vinyl high-back captains seat and is capable of sustaining a weight capacity of 450 lbs for those with an above average body weight.  The Cobra GT4 was redesigned for a more unique look including bright LED lighting and “blade” styled alloy rims and running on 13.5 flat free tires, users will see firsthand that this is a mobility scooter capable of handling many different terrains whether rugged or smooth. Best of all, this beauty can be shown off without worry of breaking down. Drive Medical’s Cobra GT4 mobility scooter goes 10 mph and lasts up to 35 miles when fully charged. One of Drive Medical’s best mobility scooters, The Cobra GT4 makes a great choice for users dealing with obesity.

The Breeze S4 by AFIKIM


The Breeze S4 also known as the Afiscooter S4 is one of the most popular models made by AFIKIM. The S4 is a mobility scooter that any user dealing with obesity would enjoy.  Holding up to 450 lbs as a maximum weight capacity, The Afiscooter S4 comes with available options for either a 18” wide single seat or a 32” wide dual seat so there is a large amount of room available for those with a larger than normal body frame. Running as fast as 9.3 mph, The Afiscooter S4 by AFIKIM is capable of running up to 28 miles and can hold a lot longer than your average handicap mobility scooter making it a great choice if you’re looking to take a long ride around town. Available with a range of optional features such as golf tires, a dual seat, an umbrella holder, a weather proof cover, a solid canopy and more. This is one of the most unique and durable mobility scooters available online.

Do you have a better understanding?

Now that I have gone over what specifications and details to look for and you have some of the best models to choose from as options, do you understand and feel a little more comfortable shopping? The mobility scooters I have chosen will definitely be the best picks for users that deal with obesity that are some other great heavy duty mobility scooters available online in case you do not like the options presented. Best of luck in finding what you’re bariatric mobility scooter you’re looking for!