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Mobility Scooters for Bad Legs

Life often throws challenges at us. As resourceful human beings, we find a way around those challenges, which can often include challenging disabilities that make life more difficult.

The best mobility scooters for people with bag legs add independence to the lives of our customers. Our nationwide mobility scooter store is proud to offer these products that add so much value to their lives.

This article recommends two quality disability scooters, which are the EWheels EW-72 Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel and the Drive Medical Panther Heavy Duty Scooter. Both are commonly considered the best mobility scooters for the disabled on the market.

Mobility Scooter For People With Bad Knees – EW 72

As adults age, they encounter life challenges that may lead to disabilities. To help navigate the world, we recommend our quality disability scooters that are fantastic investments in their health. These products have sophisticated designs and are becoming increasingly popular as science has recognized the utility of these products.

The EW-72 is an awesome looking mobility scooter that comes in sleek colors red or blue. Yet this quality mobility scooter is much more than a stylish product to get around.



ew-72 mobility scooter

The 4 wheel mobility scooter is equipped with a 700-watt brushless motor. The powerful motor on the scooter for the disabled propels the EW-72 to a 15 miles per hour maximum speed.

Traveling this rapidly from one place to another affords more time to the activities that matter, whether that be having an extra five minutes with family in the morning before work or having more time at lunch with clients.

This long-distance mobility scooter has lead-acid 48V 20AH batteries. The EW-72 can cover 43 miles per complete charge, a feat that few competing products can match. Having a lengthy travel range means less worrying about the battery becoming diminished.

The weight capacity on the EW-72 is 500 lbs., which is perfect for our customers who suffer from morbid obesity, for instance.

A neat feature of the EW-72 is that it has high beams that deliver superior light for recognition on the road in the early morning and evenings. This lighting system is especially useful when the driver needs to travel off the beaten path.

Since EW-72 is capable of traveling on beaten-down pathways, the lighting system illuminates the trail, giving the driver the best vision to avoid objects in the way or to make sharp turns without advance warning.

Katharine Willis purchased the EW-72 three years ago. In her mobility scooter review, Katharine awarded the 4-wheel elderly scooter with a five-star rating.

“I love the scooter,” Katharine wrote, “it’s more than what I expected.”

Mobility Scooter That Makes You Mobile Without Needing to Walk – The Panther

The Panther is a second quality mobility scooter that we recommend for our customers. The disability scooter is perfect for those who are on-the-move, as it is built for performance.

Linda W. is a caregiver for her husband, but since they purchased the Panther disability scooter, he has regained a lot of his independence.

This panther scooter has been a blessing for my husband,” Linda said in her five-star mobility scooter review. “He can’t walk. He can get outside now. He loves it.”

Drive Medical Panther Heavy Duty Scooter

Joris G. has found significant value from the Panther scooter for the disabled. Joris, 85 years old, said he cannot walk very far.

“[I] have arthritis in my right knee,” Joris said, “and lose my balance without using two canes.”

Now, with the Panther, Joris is able to travel without those canes always by his side. Joris loves the product so much, he awarded it five-stars in a disability scooter review.

When people travel in the Drive Medical disability scooter, they feel safe while quickly getting to their destination, for years following the date of purchase.

That impressive performance makes it a strong value purchase. The 4 wheel mobility scooter reaches maximum speeds of 8 mph. It will have the driver quickly reach his or her destination promptly.

The long-distance disability scooter is equipped with sealed lead acid 12V 50Ah batteries and covers up to 25 miles per full charge. Having a lengthy distance makes the Drive Medical mobility scooter great for traveling.

Customers have commonly opined that the Panther is the best mobility scooter for theme parks. The driver can explore the whole day with the family, having more than enough power to avoid a diminished battery.

Another asset that makes the Panther an excellent mobility scooter for traveling is the features built into the handicap scooter. One of these is the luxurious captain seat.

The captain seat strikes the perfect balance between comfort and safety, making sure the driver has the best riding experience. The 20-inch to 22-inch captain seat is height adjustable. It features a fold-down reclining backrest and an adjustable headrest.

The weight capacity on the Panther disability scooter is also excellent for our obese customers, capable of supporting 425 pounds.

Evertee W., who purchased the luxury mobility scooter in August 2018, awarded the Panther with a five-star ranking in its mobility scooter review.

Evertee loves the favorable impression the EW-11 Sport has on other people.

“Beautiful machine,” Nadi wrote. “Looks better than the pictures!

Evertee constantly uses the product. It has become an essential tool for everyday life.

“I bought the Drive Panther,” Nadi said. “I absolutely love it.”

The Nationwide Mobility Scooter Store That Sells Exceptional Products

This article recommended two of the best mobility scooters for the disabled. The products from manufacturer EWheels each have a distinctive sleek appearance while delivering impressive performance.

For more information on these two quality elderly scooters, we recommend reaching out to a skilled technician from our nationwide mobility scooter store.

We offer two straightforward ways to chat with a member of our team. On our website, customers can engage in a Live Chat. Additionally, they can call (877) 721-7748.

Our hours of operations are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST on weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on EST on weekends.

Being disabled is a challenge every day, but our company pride itself on providing solutions to these hard-working Americans. “We treat every customer as if we were the customer ourselves,” our website provides.