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Mobility Scooters Direct Store in South Florida Has a Grand Opening!

If you’re local to South Florida, we have some great news! Mobility Scooters Direct has recently opened up another location which happens to be the biggest mobility scooter store in Pompano Beach FL. That’s right, now you can visit our showroom location shop from the widest selection of mobility products in South Florida. In the showroom, you’ll find various types of products ranging from handicap scooters, power wheelchairs, lift chairs, walkers & rollators, vehicle lifts and much more. Unlike other local stores, we won’t increase our pricing just to cover the overhead costs of running a store – our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest in town.

mobility scooter store near me

Aside from having the best prices, MSD will also offer in-store repairs, diagnostic services, and mobility scooter rentals! That means that if your scooter stops working one day for whatever reason, you can bring it to the store and have a technician provide a diagnostic service. We can even provide you with a rental mobility scooter in South Florida while you wait for your scooter to be fixed. The technicians that we staff are very knowledgeable and able to help identify mobility scooter issues quickly. We also offer quick and affordable battery replacement services as well as battery sales. Simply put, if you’re in South Florida, Mobility Scooters Direct can be your one-stop-shop for sales, repairs and more!

Shop From The Biggest Selection of Disability Scooters in South Florida

The new store location is right off of Powerline Road between Sample & Southwest 10th (close to Quiet Waters Park). The map below shows the actual location, simply drive to the back of the warehouse plaza and look for unit 4666.

When you arrive at the store, you’ll enter through the double doors into a demo living room area that is full of demo products to test in a home environment. The Jazzy Air 2 can be used in the kitchen area to reach high wall cabinets. The lift chairs by the tv can also be tested to see the benefits that a lift chair can provide. There’s also a Go-Go scooter in the demo living room that can be tested both indoors and out.

mobility scooters pompano beach fl

After passing through the demo living room area, you will enter into the showroom which is completely filled with the latest and greatest scooter models. You’ll see plenty of Gogo Scooters, Buzzaround Scooters and many other well-known models made by reliable manufacturers. Mobility Scooters Direct has one of the cleanest and professional showrooms in Florida. The floor is painted with epoxy and decorative flakes, the bright CFL light bulbs illuminate all of the products brilliantly. The layout of the showroom is very well thought-out, with a big open space in the middle allowing customers to test drive scooters with ample space. They even have a safe area for battery charging and repairs which is closed off to the rest of the showroom.

mobility scooters south florida

Used Mobility Scooters For Sale Too!

Aside from being able to get over 300 different mobility scooters delivered brand new within 3 to 5 business days, MSD also stocks many models in the showroom that are new AND USED! This means that if you’re on a tight budget, you can get the scooter you’ve always wanted at a significantly reduced price by purchasing it used. At any given time, MSD carries dozens of high quality used mobility scooters for sale. MSD makes sure to put each used scooter through a quality assurance check before selling it so that you can rest assured knowing it is going to work as intended before purchase. We also offer affordable repair contracts for 1-year or 2-year terms which covers the repair and labor costs (not parts).

mobility scooter discount

In addition to carrying used Gogo Scooters, we also have various open-box models that were purchased simply to obtain pictures and videos of the products. After taking pictures and recording an unboxing video of newer products that we order, we often put them on the floor as “open box specials”. Open-box mobility scooter deals are great for those customers that are looking for a good deal on a mobility scooter locally. Visit the MSD showroom in person to see what open box models may be available.

Repairs & Diagnostic Services Offered

The most common issue that arises when you own a scooter for more than 2 years is the battery dies. Unfortunately, mobility scooter battery maintenance is something that many customers lack, batteries only last about 2 years when you treat them properly. In Florida, the warm weather sometimes gets to your battery before the 2-year mark due to the heat. When you wake up one day and realize your mobility scooter battery is dead, you can rest assured knowing that we have you covered. Whether you need a new battery or a new charger, we can help!

mobility scooter maintenance tips

Aside from offering battery replacement services, MSD also offers a general repair service that begins with a diagnosis. In most cases, customers bring their scooter or wheelchair to us not knowing what the issue is. By paying for a diagnostic service, a highly experienced mobility technician will be able to investigate the issue, offer a solution and price for replacement parts (if needed). Our technicians are quick and honest, which means we won’t charge you an arm and a leg for something simple. If the technician can solve the issue within the first hour, the diagnostic fee is all that is needed. If more labor is required, the technician will quote it out along with any necessary replacement parts.

The Largest Selection of Power Lift Chair Recliners

If you’re using a mobility scooter or power wheelchair, then you may know what a lift chair is. For those of you who don’t, it’s basically a single-person recliner that helps the user get in and out of the chair with minimal leg strength required. This is possible because lift chairs tilt forward far enough that you basically can walk out of the chair when seated in it. You can also tilt the chair forward to initially sit in the chair without needed to squat at all. This is particularly useful for individuals that have bad legs, knees or back problems. It’s also very useful for post-operation patients that can’t use their abdominals to get in and out of a chair easily. Below is a demo video of a Pride Viva Lift Chair, one of the most popular models of 2019.

At the MSD showroom, we carry almost every type of lift chair made by Pride and Golden Technologies. They’re extremely comfortable and they’re available in many different fabric types. At the showroom, sales representatives will be happy to show you all of the size options, color options and recline features that each lift chair offers. Some lift chairs are able to recline a full 180 degrees (infinite position lift chairs) and have lumbar support adjustment features. Other lift chairs that are less feature-rich come at a much more affordable price point (starting at $629 as of 2/15/2020 – prices subject to change).

Why Wait, Visit Our Store Today!

If you’re someone who relies on mobility products, we encourage you to visit our showroom or at the very least call to request a catalog to be mailed to you. Our print-catalog has a large selection of the products we offer for sale. You can also visit our online shop to view the complete list of products that we offer for sale at the lowest prices guaranteed. Be sure to mention this blog post when you arrive at the store for a chance to save even more! MSD also offers discounts to emergency service and military personnel (active or retired). Simply ask one of our sales representatives about any discounts that we are offering on the product you’re interested in (restrictions apply to certain products).