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The Most Popular Travel Destinations for the Disabled

mobility scooter for cruisesThe staff at Mobility Scooters Direct is often asked what is the most popular travel destination for the disabled? After all, just because you have a disability or cannot walk great distances should not mean that you stop traveling altogether. There are many dedicated travel blogs out there which is ran by someone with a disability.

There is one type of travel that goes to many different destinations that are highly sought after. Can you guess what it is? Trains? They might be a great way to get to your destination. However, that will not be the topic for today’s blog post. Similar to trains, there are many different locations you can choose from.

It is…….cruises! That is right! Cruise ships are extremely popular for those that utilize mobility scooters or power wheelchairs to travel day to day. There are many elevators along with ramps that are used to go both inside the ship and outside of the ship.

Popular Travel Destination for the Disabled – The Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the most popular cruise destinations. That is because there are many different itineraries that allow you to experience different cultures, cuisine, and nature. Even if you are on a smaller budget there are many 3 day cruises that won’t break the bank and include food. Not into cruises? You can always fly into one of the many islands in the Caribbean.

Tip: Be sure to look out for deals, there are even many “last-minute cruise specials” that can allow you to book a cruise for extremely cheap.

Looking for a longer stay? Cruises that are at least 7 days long are very popular and visit many destinations. No food expenses are really required as the ship offers food galore. Whether you want fresh omelets, a breakfast buffet, lunch, pizza, or fine dining; many of these cruise ships have it all. Of course, this will be far more costly than the 3-day option. Each destination will have beautiful beaches, great tourist shopping opportunities, and great shore excursions. Be sure to ask the staff which are the most disability-friendly excursions. Each destination has so many different options.

New to cruising, check out this post on cruising with a mobility scooter! One thing you may want to be made aware of if you’ve never been on a cruise is that the lowest-priced rooms are very small. So unless you have a travel mobility scooter or folding mobility scooter then it would be hard to imagine you finding room at night for your mobility device. So if you have the means, certainly consider a larger room. Balconies offer much greater sizes and enough room to store a mobility product.

There are also many different types of activities on-board the ship while you await arrival to the destinations. There is usually live music, comedy shows, Las Vegas style shows, card games, trivia games, and so much more. No matter if you are in the mood to meet new friends, relax, or even play some card games in the casino, how you spend your vacation is totally up to you.

That is why we feel like cruises are some of the best vacations one can take. The Caribbean is a fantastic destination because the climate is beautiful along with the breezes. The picture-perfect vacation is what you can have and all for a not so bad price if you shop around long enough!