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What Types of Power Wheelchairs Are There?

For the person wondering, ‘what types of power wheelchairs are there?’ you are not alone.

Power wheelchairs come in different shapes, sizes and specialties. There are four main categories of electric wheelchairs, which are:
>> Travel Power Wheelchairs;
>> Full Size Power Wheelchairs;
>> Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs; and
>> Folding Power Wheelchairs.
These styles of electric wheelchairs are perfect for different types of people.

Travel power wheelchairs are lightweight. They are designed to provide durability and convenience.

Full-size power wheelchairs, otherwise called, “XL power wheelchairs,” are larger than average wheelchairs. The products have higher weight capacities and are generally more durable than smaller models.

Heavy duty power wheelchairs are extra strong products built to last. For the immobile, weight will not be a factor with these heavy duty electric wheelchairs.

Folding power wheelchairs are lightweight and easy to transport from one place to another, such as in a vehicle, even if the person is by themselves.

Power Wheelchairs 101: Travel Electric Wheelchairs

Cristina M., a verified buyer, purchased the Pride Jazzy Passport Power Wheelchair for her husband after Veterans Association would not give him one.

“Got the chair for my husband so our family could do more things together,” Cristina said, in her five-star power wheelchair review. “Best decision ever.”

The Jazzy power wheelchair is a travel power wheelchair perfect for everyday travel and special trips. Regardless of where the owner takes the Jazzy Passport, he or she will be impressed by how easy it is to take the product where the person needs to go.

The Jazzy electric wheelchair weighs 60 lbs., which includes the seven-pound lithium battery pack. The battery pack complies with airport safety, being Federal Aviation Administration and Transportation Security Administration compliant.

The driver can remove the battery from the Jazzy electronic wheelchair and place it in his or her baggage while the product will be placed in the bottom of the plane, easily stowed away.

Another characteristic that defines this travel power wheelchair is the tight 25.25” turning radius. Other performance measures include an over 9-mile travel range, a maximum speed of nearly 10 miles per hour with a 2X 1800W brushed motor and a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Power Wheelchairs 101: Full Size Electric Wheelchairs

The Alante Sport Power Wheelchair is more than a mode of transportation. For people who have limited mobility, this full size electric wheelchair is a comfortable alternative to walking from one place to another, whether that means to lunch with a client or to pick up envelopes and packages from the mailbox.

The Alante Sport is a reliable product. It is built from some of the best parts on the market. The driver of this full size electronic wheelchair can use the Alante Sport on a day-to-day basis, without having to worry about impediments ceasing the product from working.

Alante Sport Power Wheelchair

The Alante Sport comes equipped with a captain seat. The seat size can be 18” width by 18” diameter or 20” width by 18” diameter. Regardless of the selection, the driver will find him or herself extremely comfortable with the seating arrangement, even if the person rides the Alante Sport for multiple hours.

The Alante Sport reaches maximum speeds of 3.5 mph. The long distance electric wheelchair, with U1 12V 35AH batteries, can cover over 16 miles per total charge. The weight capacity is 300 lbs.

Power Wheelchairs 101: Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs

The Jazzy 1450 power wheelchair is built to last. The product has a strong exterior, manufactured from high-quality parts, which makes the Jazzy electric wheelchair a great investment.

The Jazzy 1450 is designed to handle off-road driving with expertise. Therefore, if a sidewalk suddenly ends, forcing the driver to a grassy plain with an abundance of rocks, no problem. He or she can confidently travel to where the person needs to go.

Jazzy 1450 Power Wheelchair

The product has a 3” ground clearance and a 6-degree incline rating. Other performance abilities include a 4.5 mph maximum speed, 12 miles per complete charge with two 12V deep cycle group 24 70AH batteries, and a massive 600 lbs. weight capacity.

The Jazzy 1450 is indeed the perfect scooter for the obese. Beyond the impressive weight capacity, if you are morbidly obese, wait until you learn about the seat sizes.

The seat on the Pride Mobility power wheelchair comes in several options. The sizes start at 20” width. It proceeds by 2” until it reaches a 32” width option. A special order can be made to accommodate beyond a 32” width seat.

Power Wheelchairs 101: Folding Electric Wheelchairs

The Geo Cruiser Elite EX Folding Power Wheelchair is an exceptional product sold from our nationwide power wheelchair store. A folding power wheelchair easily can be stored in the trunk of a car, due to their lightweight. The 4 wheel power wheelchair weighs 59 lbs.

The folding power wheelchair can attribute part of its lightweight design to its compact features. The Geo Cruiser Elite EX has a smaller seat, ideally for a smaller person who needs a power wheelchair for the disabled. The product is also more condensed than competing categories.

Geo Cruiser Elite EX Folding Power Wheelchair

The Geo Cruiser Elite EX is a perfect power wheelchair for theme parks. The driver can cruise around the park for multiple hours with children or grandchildren, enjoying the experience without a worry on the mind.

The Geo Cruiser Elite EX has a maximum speed of 5 mph having two 250w brushless motors, a travel range of 15 miles with 24V batteries and a weight capacity of 330 lbs.

What is the Best Store for Power Wheelchairs?

Our nationwide store is the best source for quality power wheelchairs, regardless of the category needed by the customer. Our team has decades of experience and can empower its customers with the best products for their lifestyles.

To learn more, call us today at (877) 721-7748.

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