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Pride Jazzy Passport Review – A Solid Travel Power Wheelchair

A power wheelchair is a product that increases the independence for its users. New found independence means more time traveling, more time with family and more time doing the things you love. Pride offers a wide array of different Pride Jazzy Wheelchairs for sale. Finding the right one no longer needs to be difficult when you have access to in-depth reviews from real purchasers. Below you will various Pride Jazzy Passport reviews to give you a good idea of what people have to say about this travel power wheelchair.

Cynthia H. has the Pride Jazzy Passport Power Wheelchair, but it was not her first product. She has been using an electric wheelchair for traveling for over 24 years. For this reason, we feel Cynthia is a very good candidate to offer the Pride Jazzy Passport review.

Cynthia, 68 years old, finds the product serves needs for travel and for enjoying time with other people. This is also where Pride indicates that the Pride Jazzy Passport power wheelchair shines. If traveling is a priority, users of this power wheelchair will be impressed.

Pride Jazzy Passport Power Wheelchair

“It is sized perfectly,” said Cynthia in her five-star power wheelchair review. “It comfortable at tables, it’s not too high, even the seat is comfortable.”

Just like Cynthia, customers find significant value from the Jazzy power wheelchair. A lot of the satisfaction centers around its diversity — being a travel power wheelchair that has everyday practicality.

Jazzy Passport Review – Best Power Wheelchair for People on the Move?

The Jazzy Passport electric wheelchair has provided mobility solutions to move around from place to place. Cristina M. purchased the folding power wheelchair for her husband.

“My husband is a veteran but the VA wouldn’t give him a scooter, so we got one on our own,” said Cristina, referring to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, which provides health care services to eligible military veterans. “Best decision ever. This power chair makes it easier for us to do things and not wear him out.”

For Cristina’s husband, the Jazzy Passport power chair was the catalyst for him to enjoy time with his loved ones, without feeling exhausted.

The travel power wheelchair is easy for a person to take to places when traveling. Many customers have commented on how efficient the product is when taking a form of transportation.

When traveling by vehicle, the Jazzy Passport is easy to load into it. The lightweight power wheelchair is 53 pounds, without accounting for a 7-pound battery. This is an advantageous part of the review as some older models utilize lead-acid batteries which weigh significantly more than the lithium-ion batteries.

The slim and compact design of the Jazzy Passport makes it simple to fit the power wheelchair in the back of just about any vehicle on the market today. The product does not take up too much space and it is easy to retrieve from a vehicle upon reaching the destination.

When traveling by plane, it is a simple process to load the folding power wheelchair when at check-in. Upon arriving at the destination, it takes less than one minute to unload the product, situate it for travel, then go.

Jazzy Passport lightweight power wheelchair graphic. (Credit: Drive Medical)

When traveling by train, boat any nearly any other form possible, the process is simple. It is one of the reasons why buyers of the travel electric wheelchair have expressed high satisfaction with the Jazzy Passport.

Guy B. is among those buyers of the Jazzy power wheelchair. He is partially disabled, which requires him to use the travel power wheelchair over three times a day.

“Its maneuverability and ease of handling,” Guy said when asked about the strengths of the Jazzy Passport electric wheelchair.

Both maneuverability and ease of handling have been recognized as a reason customers keep buying the product. It is among the top products purchased in the industry by customers seeking a travel power wheelchair for themselves or another person.

The Jazzy Passport power wheelchair moves at a nearly 4 miles per hour maximum speed, powered by two 180 watt brushed motors.

The long-distance power wheelchair covers nearly 10 miles per total charge as it is equipped with a 24V 18Ah lithium-ion battery. An optional travel battery, a 25.2V 10.4Ah lithium-ion, will provide over 5 additional miles per full charge.

Moving at these speeds and distances, the Jazzy Passport electric wheelchair has a tight 24.25-inch turning radius. Having the ability to make tight turns is a strength, especially within homes, hotels and exploring new areas.

That maneuverability is one of the reasons Patricia M. purchased the product. The Decatur, Georgia woman is disabled from a traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic brain injuries vary from instances physically and psychologically, but some people could see less control with their balance or concentration problems.

Patricia, 35 years old, has mastered the handling and controls of the product, her five-star electric wheelchair review states.

“Compact enough to get into regular size spaces,” said Patricia about the strength of the Jazzy Passport electric wheelchair.

Testing Standards and Warranty for the Jazzy Passport Power Wheelchair

The Pride Mobility product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure safety, durability, and performance.

The products, such as the Jazzy Passport power wheelchair, are Food & Drug Administration approved medical products.

The testing requirements, which the Jazzy Passport has passed, include some of the following:

  • Product Stability & Brakes Effectiveness Tests;
  • Fatigue & Impact Strength Verification Tests;
  • Overall Product Performance Verification;
  • Dimensional Requirement Compliance;
  • Product Durability & Reliability Testing;
  • Chemical and Bio-Contamination Analysis Testing for Toxicity Verification; and
  • UL94VO Flammability Testing for Compliance of Plastic Components.

These are seven of the more than 20 different testing criteria the Jazzy Passport has passed. But, to make sure our customers have the highest satisfaction with their power wheelchair, a strong warranty is included with each purchase.

For the Jazzy Passport power wheelchair, these conditions include a 5-year limited warranty on the frame; a 13-month limited warranty on electronics; plus, a 13-month limited warranty on drive motors.

Buy the Best Travel Power Wheelchair, Today!

Having a power wheelchair, such as the Jazzy Passport, has changed the lives of many. These people are able to have better relationships with their family, travel to new places and be able to handle the simple tasks their ailment may prevent them from.

For more information about the Pride Mobility power wheelchair, we recommend reaching out to a technician from Mobility Scooters Direct. Our team loves to help customers — new and previous — help them do the things they cherish in life.

To speak with a technician, please call (877) 721-7748.

A lot of people have found value with our products, such as Pascal C, who purchased the Jazzy Passport for a loved one.

“My dad is very pleased with his new chair,” said Pascal in her five-star power wheelchair review. “It gives him independence with a low profile while allowing safe and easy access to the dining room and other areas of his assisted living community.” As you can see, many who did a Pride Jazzy Passport Review have nothing but fantastic things to say about it. Give us a call if you have any specific questions! Our US-based sales staff will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.