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The Vehicle Lift Buyers Guide

Have you been considering a lift for your vehicle but having trouble finding the right model? Is it the first time you’re shopping for a vehicle lift? Or are you just tired of disassembling your mobility scooter or power chair to store away and transport? There is a lot of different vehicle lifts available so choosing the right one can be difficult but this Vehicle Lift Buyers Guide will help give you the proper information to narrow down and find the most compatible vehicle lift available online.

Types of Vehicle Lifts

There are quite a few different types of vehicle lifts that are available online to the public, however, depending on the type of mobility scooter, power wheelchair, or vehicle you own will help you determine which vehicle lift is best suitable for your needs and use. There is a wide variety of mobility scooter lifts and power wheelchair lifts to choose from so I will help you break down into groups that lifts are suitable for what needs and use.

Outside Lifts


Outside lifts are very popular amongst vehicle lifts and are considered to be the most seen vehicle lifts available on the market. Some wonder if constant rain or weather can cause wear and tear. The answer is yes if you are not properly taking care of your lift. If constantly outdoors you will want to get a cover for your lift. Rain can only affect your vehicle lift if it gets into any electrical components. Capable of taking both mobility scooters and power wheelchairs, Outside lifts are usually equipped with some sort of platform which makes great for most mobility scooters or power chairs. But always make sure to check the size and weight of your mobility product to make sure it aligns with the details of your outdoor vehicle lift before purchasing. We carry many platform lifts like the AL300 Fusion lift which you can view on our web store.

Inside Lifts


Inside lifts are another popular style of reliable vehicle lifts available online. These lifts are usually mounted into the trunks of sedans and usually they are capable of holding around 100 to 200 lbs. Instead of using a platform to lift, Inside lifts usually run using a cable to lift mobility scooters or power chairs into the trunk of vehicles. These lift usually disassemble or come apart into small pieces once you’re done using them. They are usually lighter than Outside lifts due to this fact. A great benefit to inside lifts is the fact that they remain indoors and avoid wear and tear from bad weather when not in use. All in all inside lifts are very reliable and easy to maintain and they are available online.

Hybrid Lifts


Hybrid Lifts are very unique vehicle lifts that are usually very reliable for a number of reasons. These particular vehicle lifts are normally mounted from inside a van, SUV or hybrid vehicle and are capable of coming from inside the vehicle to outside all the way down the floor for easy departure from the vehicle. These lifts are similar to inside lifts in the sense that they avoid wear and tear by staying out of bad weather scenarios. Unlike Inside Lifts, Hybrid Lifts come with some sort of durable platform that is capable of holding anywhere from 200 to 400 lbs. Best of all, they are very light normally weighing around 100 lbs, so they don’t hold down a vehicle’s performance. If interested in looking at a great selection of hybrid lifts they are available online shipped directly from the manufacturer. We carry many lifts like the Pride BackPacker lift which you can view on our web store.

Micro Lifts


Micro Lifts are considered the travel size or compact size style vehicle lifts. Very convenient and light for easy installation and use, Micro Lifts usually weigh under 100 lbs and have the capability to hold anywhere from 100 to 500 lbs. Styles range from platforms to cable lifts giving you quite a variety of vehicle lifts that are available and can be used for sedans, SUVs, trucks, and vans. If interested in a Micro Lift make sure that it is compatible with your vehicle prior to purchasing! These electric powered micro vehicle lifts are some of the best you can choose from online.

Truck Lifts


Truck Lifts are some of very unique lifts that are capable of lifting mobility scooters anywhere between 100 and 500 lbs. These lifts are mounted in the back of your truck and use a handle of some sort to lift your mobility scooter, power wheelchair or manual wheelchair into the back of your truck. Truck Lifts are also capable of lifting these mobility scooters or power chairs into a truck by rotating the arm of the lift once your product has been lifted up. Before purchasing a truck lift make sure the particular model you want is compatible with your pick up truck.

Do You Know What Vehicle Lift You’re Going to Buy

With the information I have provided above you should now know what kind of vehicle lifts are possibly compatible with your vehicle, mobility scooter and/or power wheelchair. Using this basic vehicle lift buyers guide I hope you’re able to find the best vehicle lift or narrow down the selection with much ease.