Do you work with Medicare or any other insurances?

No, we do not. However, we do offer PayPal in which you can finance and pay low monthly payments. Medicare and other insurance companies make it hard for you to obtain a mobility scooter or power wheelchair. The process can take up to six months before approval. In order to obtain a power wheelchair through Medicare, you will not be able to ambulate (walk or move around), even with assistance i.e walker, rollator, cane. In most cases, you can not walk period to get outside of a single room.

It must be determined by your doctor that you cannot ambulate (walk or move around) even with an assistive device. In most cases, you will not be considered for a mobility scooter unless you cannot walk to get from room to room in your own home. More information about using insurance to buy a power wheelchair or mobility scooter can be found on our blog post.

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